Heart Jesu-Apostolate – Pope Supreme Blasphemer

Lies of the Catholic Church immeasurable

Under the rule of the Pope, people are lied to by every trick in the book. The pope magically sacrifices Jesus Christ every day anew and demands the same of his priests. They should perform the magical ceremony of the Eucharist as daily as possible. The summoning of the Lord in a self-baked daily rite is one of the greatest attacks that Satan has ever made against God and man. He beats people with blindness by pretending that one can catch Jesus Christ by means of a rite.

The Pope runs the largest fraud company in the world. An evidential outgrowth of this Catholic Satanic hearing is the Heart Jesu-Apostolate. In this Internet offer the longing of carnally minded people for rites and magic is served with the greatest self-evidence. Satan offers here small things for sale, which are "consecrated" and which can be used like the wooden spoon for stirring for salvation.

Everything that destroys the work of Jesus is gathered and concentrated in the Catholic Church. Everything that separates man from Jesus and distracts him to "consecrated" things and rites is neatly structured in the Catholic heresy and can be used by profiteering priests at any time. Everything that keeps man in the flesh is in the Vatican and under the care of that Holy Father. Catholicism rides on the beast of carnality and has the goal of separating as many people as possible from Jesus. For through amulets, plaques, medals, pictures and other things the power of Jesus can never work. Only in faith in him and through simple prayer can this happen. But anyone who engages in rites, magic and consecrated things can no longer find his way to Jesus because God, our Creator and Father, detests everything that the Catholic magic dealers sell.

The Pope – highest blasphemer

chief blasphemer

The pope as the highest representative of an organization that sees itself as the only true church is the chief liar, who shines only through teachings that cannot be found in the Bible. And on some of these free inventions of the Catholic Church the salvation of the people is also supposed to depend. If the word blasphemy had yet to be invented, one would only have to look at Catholicism and the word would immediately come to mind.

The Pope with his will to be a world power has kept the door open for all pagan and unchristian views and practices since the existence of the Catholic Church. From the magic Eucharist to the Pope's naming as "Holy Father" to the letter of indulgence, we find in Catholicism piled up unbiblical, anti-Christian and blasphemous activities. Not that all of this crept into the church almost by accident. No. The Catholic Church has actively built them up or brought them in. The Catholic Church is based on cold lies and calculated machinations.

Das Heart Jesu-Apostolate

One of the most obvious excesses of the Catholic pagan cults is the Heart Jesu-Apostolate. Here things are offered over the Internet that have been bewitched by catholic magicians. They say that these things are consecrated. But can pagan magicians, who crucify Jesus anew every day in the Eucharist and force him into a piece of cardboard, can the priests consecrate things to the Queen of Heaven? No, they can only bewitch.

Then they offer these magic tools on the Internet and promise the following:

  1. Promise: I will bless the houses where the image of my Sacred Heart is placed and venerated.
  2. Promise: I will give them all the graces necessary in their state.
  3. Promise: I will give peace to their families.
  4. Promise: I will comfort them in all their suffering.
  5. Promise: I will be their safe haven in life and especially in death.
  6. Promise: I will accompany their undertakings with abundant blessings.
  7. Promise: The sinners will find in my heart the source and the infinite sea of mercy.
  8. Promise: The tepid souls will become eager.
  9. Promise: The zealous souls will quickly reach great perfection.
  10. Promise: To priests I will give the gift of touching even the hardest hearts.
  11. Promise: The names of all who spread this devotion will be inscribed in my heart and will never be erased from it.
  12. Promise: I promise to all those who will communicate on the first Fridays nine months in a row the grace of a penitential end, so that they will not die in my disgrace or without receiving the holy sacraments.
Heart of Jesus Apostolate
Representation similar – but still far from being as catholic as in the original

Your house needs the blessings promised by the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The unbelievable audacity of the Catholic Church surpasses in blasphemy and seduction to misbelief everything you can find in the world of religions. Even the heresies of the Watchtower Society are still below the lies of the Catholic Church. With the Heart of Jesus apostolate Catholicism shows itself from its most carnal side. Materials are filled with magic and are then supposed to work God's power. If this is not the idolatry par excellence, then the Bible must be rewritten.

For none of this is found in the Bible. All of this is invented and thought up by people. Just as in the 13th century Catholic monks invented the name Jehovah and then used this self-invented name in their translations, so everything that Catholicism proclaims to be sacramental or salvific is man-made. None of this is biblical; everything is human. That is the Catholic Church. – Just like the Watchtower Society.


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