Feedback: Horrified, shocked, how intolerant and narrow-minded one communicates here

By a women

I am appalled, shocked at how intolerant and narrow-minded people communicate with each other here in the name of faith. When I think about it, it's always been like that. Everyone wants to be right, but as we should know all - by now! - faith is not knowledge.

It's not about being bossy. It is about facts that can be established and which cannot then be denied. The facts are stated here. If you deny the facts in order to establish some kind of peace, you will have to rethink shortly before your beheading by the then ruling class. That is the tragedy that is to be displayed on these pages. Jehovah's Witnesses do not realize the trap they are walking into. [RH]

A good faith helps us to do what is right, but also not always, as we learn again and again from the media - by the way in ALL religions - !

No good or right deeds result from good faith - and nothing else is good faith. The right deeds are only imaginary good. Rather, in the religion of the left and the Greens the destruction of order is consistently sought. Your kind of good faith brought Hitler to power in his day. Your good faith is the typical German follower that made the beginning possible in 1933 and today gives a trained communist named Angela Merkel the power to cause maximum destruction. [RH]

In fact, there are also people who are atheists and also do good because they are just like that.

People who do not know Jesus Christ can only do good works for their own benefit. The Catholic priest who hides Islamic felons does not do this out of God, but only for himself. Good atheists do the same. Everything they do is ultimately for their own benefit. [RH]

There is nothing in this world without its opposites, there would be no evil, we could not be good etc., this has nothing to do with religion. Everything in life has its two sides! This is a law we must accept. It's not about "right" having.

Nice to explain the whole world in one sentence. But as I said earlier, it is not a question of being dogmatic, but of establishing facts. The green Protestant-Catholic-left tolerance, destroying the truth without batting an eyelid, is your dogmatism. You are the one who wants to flatten everything with the big tolerance iron. How many black Muslims sleep in your hallway? How many proceedings have you taken to protect drug dealers from the consequences of the rule of law? How many elders of Jehovah's Witnesses have been persuaded by you that they do not need to report child abuse? How many patients have you helped prevent blood transfusions by following Jehovah's Witnesses' recommendations and guidelines? You are so tolerant! Where are your tolerant acts? [RH]

There is no need to argue about religion and politics. Whoever reads the Bible reads tolerance, respect and esteem, we should learn that. And yes, everyone reads what he wants to read, everyone from his own perspective and the Bible is very old. It was a different language and different times, that does not mean now that the Bible should be revised. Because who would presume to redefine this work! But who wants to live according to it, should be allowed to do so.

Your words could come straight from the mouth of the Führer. "There is no need to argue about religion and politics." That is the opposite of democracy and science. Hitler's worldview is so deep inside of you, that you don't even realize who you've really been taking the piss out of.

In the bible one reads nothing about tolerance, respect and esteem. These terms are inherent in humanism alone and express absolute godlessness. Man makes himself God and imposes on his fellow men the criteria that are only there to accept the religions of death. Tolerance, respect and esteem. Finely pinch your cheeks and lips together and follow your religion. Tolerance, respect and esteem. I can hear the sound of beating the chop.

Whoever walks/lives according to the Bible will by force come to know Jesus Christ and will be introduced by him into all truth. At this point, the oh so kind humane words of a women are at an end. Tolerance lives from the acceptance of the lie. That does not exist with Jesus. [RH]

We can no longer apply the earthly laws from that time either, although there were some that were not so bad at all and even promoted togetherness, others rather not. So here again, right / wrong, good / evil, poor / rich, light / dark, why is this so? How would we live if these opposites did not exist?

We would live like you, who do not tolerate any distinction between truth and lie. [RH]

But in politics and in religion there are not only 2 views or wisdom, these are not opposites, these are laws to live together, to give humanity an order or a direction. All parties want to govern. Power is actually the bad thing about both organizations, but mankind needs leadership, otherwise there would be a hopeless mess, as we see now in Corona times. And every party benefits from the opposition, because it prevents blinkers!

There is but one God. That is the one who calls himself the I Am and the truth. Completely independent of this we can deal with our problems. No one except Merkel calls for action according to a certain insight. And it is to this very woman that you speak the word. The leader of the erratic claims seems to be your goddess. She also tolerates all lies and will gladly make up more lies. [RH]

Whether someone really does it right, we only know at the end of our days and maybe not even then, if we are not open and willing to learn.

But this is true and that is what Jesus tells us all: You will die in your sins if you do not believe that I am. You may try it. But I fear that your infinite tolerance will prevent you from doing so. [RH]

That should be to learn from each other, but not to patronize each other! Everybody must be able to find their way around within their, I'll call it "party" (politics or religion - it doesn't matter) and define themselves with it, in order to live contentedly.

Peace, joy, pancakes - baked from whatever. That is of course the solution par excellence. Jehovah's Witnesses! Carry on! Far too few people have bled to death and far too few children have been abused! [RH]

But more importantly, I think everyone should have the courage to change their path every day if they think they are going the wrong way. And thank God, we don't all go the same way, how crowded and overcrowded it would be and we couldn't tell each other anything about our experiences on our paths, which all lead to the same goal, the end of our days!

And whether it is Christ, God, Jehovah or Allah who receives us or not (we definitely don't know!), until that day we should work every day anew to be a good person!

A Women [May 04, 2020]

Hello a women, just before your beheading by the then rulers or when you end up in Islamic hell like almost all women, you will definitely know. But then you will also realize that you could have already known on 04.05.2020. Have fun on not knowing. Not knowing complacency is the main characteristic of the do-gooder. [RH]


Right before my beheading? Is that a death threat?

A women [May 04, 2020]

Islam has world domination on the agenda. Every country that it takes over is subjected to a certain procedure in which decapitation is used as a measure against infidels. Anyone whose turn it is then, at the latest, will recognize what he did not want to recognize. [RH]


Hello a women,

I have to thank you very much, because you have unintentionally exposed the do-gooder. You have wonderfully portrayed this elusive basic attitude of godless man. Your so pious indignation, your so reasonable insights, your so plausible explanations of life! Oh, how nice that I was once allowed to expose this directly in front of the readers. I owe it all to you.

Be comforted. Nobody's to blame for being good. It's only his fault to be free of Jesus Christ. That is the sin that counts before God.

Rüdiger [May 05, 2020]

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