The first pagan Christian was a military man

The mendacity of Jehovah's Witnesses is immeasurable. They pass laws allegedly based on biblical principles and send vast numbers of young men to prison and death by causing them to refuse military service and civilian alternative service! At the same time, for years the Watchtower Society allowed the confrontation in Mexico to be bypassed by bribing conscripted men.

The refusal of military and alternative service is a purely sect cult internal arbitrariness of the faithful and intelligent slave. For in Acts 10 it is reported that the first Gentile Christian was a high Roman military. And when he and all his house had received the Holy Spirit, he by no means gave up his service in the Roman army. Neither did he refuse military service, nor did he provoke any other conflict with his authorities.

Imagine this abysmal watchtower lie! While the Bible reports in detail on how Cornelius, the Roman army officer in the Italian Regiment, became the first Gentile Christian to receive the Holy Spirit as the first gentile, the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses completely overlooks the statements of the Bible, drafting guidelines designed solely to torture people in their own ranks and enhance the uniqueness of this "only true religion"!

Question to Jehovah's Witnesses:

Do you not notice how every day you are lied to the worst and forced under absolutely unbiblical laws? Isn't it time to think critically about your bondage to the faithful and intelligent slave?

Governing Body lies that the beams are bending!

The faithful and understanding slave replaces Jesus Christ with new laws.