Jehovah's Cannibal Law: Do not drink human blood!

In the publication of the Watchtower Society titled "WHAT IS THIS BIBLE TEACHING really?" on page 131, the extreme Bible misinterpreters of the Watchtower religion represent a schnapps transfusion and thus want to make plausible that no Jehovah's Witness may accept a Blood Transfusion. If Jehovah's cannibals do not drink human blood, they should not accept blood transfusion. Sounds logical and makes sense.

In the Bible there are indeed dietary laws and recommendations to abstain from the blood. But there is never a reference in the Bible to their statements about blood in human blood. All these blood regulations and blood recommendations of the Bible refer exclusively to animal blood. The Bible has no reason to think about drinking human blood because there never was such a cult among the Jews. There was and is no Jew who was or is a cannibal. So there is also no law in the Bible that deals with cannibalism.

But the extreme false interpreters of the Watchtower Society actually distil a cannibal law from the Mosaic dietary laws. They equate animal blood with human blood. In this way, they defame the Bible, the people of Israel, and also the poor Jehovah's Witnesses, who are brought to the most primitive state by the Watchtower Cannibal Law, whose classification as civilization seems questionable. But among Jehovah's cannibals, are there some who drink human blood and eat human flesh? No. Then why does the Watchtower Society need a cannibal law at all?

There's no such thing as gratuitous behavior. All actions have a reason and a motive. The cannibal law of the Watchtower Society can have only one goal, for there is no cannibalism to be prevented. The only possible goal that the Watchtower Society pursues with its cannibal law is to murder people by refusing the saving Blood Transfusion. The Watchtower Society has adopted a cannibal law in order to be able to kill people in a peaceful and impunity-free religious manner.

There is no religion, no religious community, no church, no party, no sect, no group in this world except the Watchtower Society, which has a cannibal law. The blasphemers of the Watchtower-Jehovah religion are the only group of people who have a cannibal law. But it has no cannibals. Would she have cannibals if she didn't have the cannibal law? Are Jehovah's Witnesses really Jehovah's cannibals who bow under the cannibal law? Impossible!

The only conclusion that remains is that the Watchtower religion wanted and achieved the killing by refusing Blood Transfusion. The instrument of Watchtower blood doctrine can only have this one goal: Killing people, killing people, killing people.

Only when a Jehovah's Witness drinks human blood for breakfast or lunch under notarial supervision does the thesis begin to waver that Jehovah's Witnesses only want to kill people with their blood doctrine.

I call out to the Watchtower Bible extra false interpreters: Where is the commandment "Thou shalt not eat thy neighbor!" or "Thou shalt not drink thy neighbor's blood!" or "Thou shalt not barbecue thy neighbor!" or - or - or - or. The fact that a faked religion gets away with its murders for decades with impunity should make all public prosecutors and police departments of the world think.


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