Apostates should be grilled and eaten

Like Islam, so is the Watchtower Religion

The human blood ban turns Jehovah's Witnesses into formal cannibals. The human blood ban of the Watchtower religion implies the release of human flesh. Without the release of human flesh by God (Mosaic dietary rules), a ban on human blood is complete nonsense. However, the Watchtower Society firmly adheres to this blood rule because it causes many Jehovah's Witnesses to die every year. The Watchtower religion commits ongoing serial murder using its blood doctrine.

Islam also recommends the consumption of human flesh, as can be seen in the video above. Of course, the renegades must first be slaughtered. Thus Islam lies exactly on the watchtower line.

Watchtower and Islam: Eating people is okay. You just have to let people bleed out thoroughly.


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