Jehovah's Witnesses Adored Jesus

by Eddy

Interesting: Jehovah's Witnesses used to teach that you have to worship Jesus

In the Watchtower of November 15, 1939, it was written:

Jehovah God commands everyone to worship Christ Jesus, since He is the image of His Father, Jehovah, and always carries out His purpose.

Watchtower, November 15, 1939, p. 339 – English edition

How did Jehovah's Witnesses substantiate this statement? One of them was Hebrews 1:6, which in the New World Translation of 1963 said

But when he introduces his first-born again into the inhabited earth, he says: "And all the angels of God shall worship him."

In the Schlachter Bible, the text is reproduced in a similar way.

Since Russell (Zion's Watch Tower, July 15, 1898, p. 216), Jehovah's Witnesses have worshipped Jesus in addition to God. Even in 1945, under the leadership of Nathan H. Knorr, the Watchtower Society wrote:

Now that Christ has come as king and rules in Zion to bring about a righteous new world, Jehovah makes him infinitely higher than the divine angels or messengers and appropriately commands them to worship him.

The Watchtower, 15 October 1945 (English), p. 313

In 1954 this teaching was changed. In a watchtower from that year, was said:

Should we worship Jesus? Since Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ is not a trinitarian part of God the Father, but an independent person – the Son of God – the answer to the question posed above can consequently only be that Christ, who is now glorified in heaven, must not be granted worship. Our worship must be directed to Jehovah.

With the teaching, the Bible was also changed. Since then, in all editions of the NWT Hebrews 1:6 you read like this:

But when he again introduces his first-born into the inhabited earth, he says: "And all the angels of God shall pay homage to him."

Those who have read this text online on the Watchtower Society website will have noticed the footnote behind this verse. There you will find the following note (however, this footnote can only be found in the 1986 edition, later translations unfortunately do not include it anymore)

In the New World translations after that you will only find this reference.

The Greek verb προσκυνώ [proscino] or also proskyneō can be translated with "worship" as well as with "adore".

The word proskyneō is mentioned 65 times in the New Testament. Among others in Matthew 4:10:

Then Jesus said to him, "Be gone, Satan! For it is written, "You shall worship the Lord your God and serve him alone!"

The word "worship" is reproduced both here and in Hebrews 1:6 with the same word: proskyneō.

In the workbook of October 2018 the Watchtower Society refers to a passage from John 9:38

Jesus heard that they had cast him out, and when he found him, he said: "Do you believe in the Son of Man?" The [man] replied: "And who is he, Lord, that I should believe in him?" "Jesus said to him: "You have seen him, and by the way, he who is talking to you is the one.

John 9:35-38, New World Translation

The workbook refers to the study note of the New World Translation:

The Greek verb proskyneō is translated with "worship" when it refers to the worship of a god. The man born blind and healed, on the other hand, paid homage to Jesus because he recognized him as the representative of God. He did not regard him as a God, but as the foretold Son of Man, the Messiah who had received power from God. His bow to Jesus reminds us of various people from the Hebrew Scriptures who bowed to prophets, kings or other representatives of God.

The proskyneō is translated by Jehovah's Witnesses as "worship" only when it refers to Jehovah's worship. This is too easy. In fact, you must always consider the context. The NWT, on the other hand, always translates proskyneō with the word " pay homage" when it refers to Jesus. If it is about Jehovah worship, "worship" is chosen as the translation.

The translators of the NWT had to decide in the respective places where proskyneō appears whether "worship" or " pay homage" is meant. At first you cannot blame them. However, there are Bible passages where it is clear from the context that proskyneō actually refers to the worship of Jesus.

When Jesus was no longer on earth, his followers prayed directly to him. One of the texts that show that the first Christians at that time also worshipped Jesus can be found in 1 Corinthians 1:2:

... to the assembly of God which is in Corinth, to you who are sanctified in communion with Christ Jesus, to you who are called to be saints, together with all those who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours, everywhere.

The execution of Stephen can also be cited here to show that the first Christians prayed directly to Jesus. Stephen was the first Christian to be murdered for his faith. In the NWT it says:

And they went on stoning Stẹphanus while he pleaded and said: "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."

Acts 7:59, New World Translation

Here the reader may have noticed the footnote. There one finds the following note for the word "flehte" (en: begged) (This footnote is also no longer to be found after 1986):

When Stephen cries out to heaven, it must have been the direct invocation of Jesus Christ. He must have hardly paid homage to Jesus shortly before his death. Interesting here is the verse directly after that, but we will come back to that in a moment.

If the Watchtower Society had translated proskyneō with "worship" at even one single place where it was about Jesus, their whole edifice of lies would have collapsed. As a consequence of the decision to always use " pay homage" with Jesus, various other passages had to be changed in order to maintain the web of lies.

It is also interesting to note the statement from the Watchtower Society mentioned at the beginning that Jesus must not be given worship, as he is not a trinitarian part of God the Father. Russell, however, argued at that time as follows:

The fact that our Lord was worshiped is seen by some as a proof that he was God the Father on earth – hidden in a body of flesh and blood – and was not a real human being. Was he really worshipped or is the translation wrong? Answer. Yes, we believe that our Lord Jesus was really worshiped here on earth and that was right.

Zion's Watch Tower, July 15, 1898 (English), p. 216

While already Russell rejected the Trinity and yet proclaimed the worship of Jesus, the Watchtower Society under Nathan Knorr later tried to refute the worship of Jesus by rejecting the Trinity doctrine.

On its website the Watchtower Society writes:

... if someone would prefer to use a different translation, that is no problem at all./p>

It says on

No. On the contrary, we changed our doctrines of faith as soon as we realized that they did not really fit the Bible. After all, we had already been working intensively with the Holy Scriptures long before our English New World Translation came out in 1950. We have used the most common Bible translations for our Bible studies.

2 Corinthians 4:1-5 Therefore, we do not allow ourselves to be discouraged because we have this ministry according to the mercy we have received, but we reject the shameful secrets; we do not deal with deceit and do not falsify the Word of God; but by revealing the truth, we commend ourselves to every human conscience before the face of God. But if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled in those who perish; in the unbelievers to whom the God of this world's time has blinded their senses so that the bright light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, does not shine on them. For we do not proclaim to ourselves, but to Christ Jesus, that he is Lord, but to ourselves as your servants for the sake of Jesus.

Conformities between Watchtower Society and Merkel system ...

by Rüdiger Hentschel

From the beginning, the Watchtower organization was designed to falsify all important points of the gospel. The good Mason takes his time. He begins his work quite harmlessly and tightens the noose more and more at the right time. At the Green Party you can follow this process closely. The Greens and their mistress Merkel are the Watchtower Society of politics.

However, the destructive effect of the Watchtower Society has so far been greater than that of the Greens and Mrs. Merkel, because the Watchtower is directly about separation from God. There is no other name given under the heavens than Jesus alone, in which we must be saved. But the destruction of the Greens and Mrs. Merkel is catching up and already has a head start. The green Merkel religion keeps people away from God by providing an ultra-religious alternative. One is so good when one worships the environment and migration. God can't have anything to complain about. Surely nobody can refuse such good people!

The good-human substitute feelings, which the green-left Merkel system puts in place of faith, put the crowds to sleep. As soon as the conversation touches on these things, the same contempt that is experienced by Jehovah's Witnesses strikes at you. Critical thoughts are dismissed with the usual condemnations.

A significant common feature of the Watchtower Society and the green-left Merkel transformation is this bending of existential core points described above. Despite these substantial turning maneuvers, both systems proclaim themselves as the only true world saviors.


Yes, people like this superficial appearance, they need this delusion for their well-being.

Creation must suffer, even die.

Hello Doris, the climate and pandemic panic is just a tool to introduce the New World Order. [RH]

I do not judge and hope for mercy. God is merciful and that is why I love The Spirit of Jesus.

Doris [August 15, 2020]


God be with you, my dear Mr Hentschel,

"Jesse my" – very important, almost catholic, as you and your dear friend Eddy put it.

Unfortunately, I lose you in your remarks to Mrs Merkel and so on. That she would have a head start here somehow. You must learn to argue more clearly.

Who is to understand that? Quote: "Unfortunately, I lose you in your remarks to Frau Merkel ..." end of quote. The New World Order, which Mrs. Merkel vehemently advocates, far outstrips the Watchtower Society in separating people from God. [RH]

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything about the Blessed Mother on your pages. Is Marian devotion not an issue for you? I must have been very wrong about you.

I'd like you to work on this.

There is no mother of God. This catholic idol is exposed on the page Pope Benedict 16 consecrates his life to the Mother of God – The supreme idolater seduces the world. [RH]

I greet you with an affectionate

Laudetur Jesus

Your Reverend Wiebald [August 15, 2020]


Yes, Rüdiger, but I see how many animals are dying out. Creation is suffering because of mankind's greed for profit.

There has always been extinction of species, that is, the extinction of animal species. Creation does not suffer from humanity's greed for profit. People suffer from the greed of the Greens and the Left. Creation regenerates itself in a very short time. But people are drowning in the left green religion and do not return. Not only that. They are separated from God by this idolatrous religion and are lost forever. Greens and leftists are not only godless, but in deepest enmity to Jesus. They love Islam because it takes the job off them against Jews and Christians. If you realize what this hostility to Jesus means, it can be very different. On the other hand, the environment regenerates itself in a very short time. An exterminated people doesn't. [RH]

It is not good how the so-called farm animals are treated. Animals also have feelings.

The policies of the Greens and Left are killing billions of insects and birds through wind turbines. The absurd slaughtering conditions in the slaughterhouse in NRW were covered and promoted by the SPD. The butchers who were or still are employed there are themselves kept almost like animals. They have no feelings? As soon as we allow ourselves to be made to weep and, for our own peace of mind, make waste separation look like a belief in God, we have already fallen for the Greens and the Left. They offer a counter-religion to keep people away from Jesus. [RH]

Every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger in this world.

That's right. And the overstretched and artificial corona measures add millions of children who can no longer be cared for by the damaged economic performance. You have to consider that every unhealthy economic development causes a lot of consequential damage. This results in an increased need in the world, which can no longer manage with a dead child in 10 seconds. The Green Left religion accepts this increase of human death seeing eye. Without feelings. [RH]

Politicians look away and prefer to do business.

That's true. But a healthy economy eliminates a lot of poverty and brings a lot of prosperity, which has a positive effect and saves many hungry people. There has never been so much prosperity in the world as there is today. Only the Green Left will reverse this positive trend by turning the economy into its opposite, doomed to ruin. What do you expect from something like this? When enough people have died, will they stop dying because there are none left? That is satanic. Left green satanic. [RH]

Jehovah's Witnesses also look away. All they have to do is donate to their association. This thing has always bothered me too.

After all, Jehovah's Witnesses have long gone through the green-left system and tested it extensively. What the Greens and the Left do is Watchtower religion in political form. Existences are arbitrarily destroyed just because someone expresses his opinion. Merkel and her green-left veil carry out exactly this satanic sect religion on a political level. [RH]

Building Kingdom Halls is more important. They look away, amuse and enrich themselves and live in their twilight.

They shun the light of Jesus. Maybe because they want to be like God. They say there's still Mars. These "chosen ones" think that they have a plan.

Doris [August 16, 2020]

The Catholic Church and the EKD are swimming along like dead fish in the green-left current. Even free church members have often forgotten to distinguish between Jesus and the green-left religion. They often do not really know which God they serve. They pray for Mrs. Merkel and then go for a delicious lunch. Beef roulades without feelings. [RH]


Dear Doris,

apart from the completely unnecessary increase in misery with the consequence that even more children starve to death even faster, the Corona policy causes inhuman selfishness. This follower egoism was also the breeding ground for Hitler's power. Look at the people. Fear makes you selfish.

Rüdiger [August 17, 2020]


Hello Rüdiger,

I have nothing to do with the Greens or the church. I became and still am a follower of Jesus. I love his creation and confess that I sometimes have problems with the love of mankind.

I saw animal transports by ship to Muslim countries.

I've been vegan since then.:)

Yes, selfishness is. Pity makes you weep.

Doris [August 17, 2020]


Hello Doris,

I knew you didn't get into the Green Left religion. One of the reasons why I reacted this way was that I had caught myself at times in the past feeling that the rites and rituals of this religion were important.

Many greetings,

Rüdiger [August 22, 2020]


Yes, Rüdiger, I know. I didn't feel offended at all.:)

I read your report on the common ground between the Watchtower Society and Green Left sects. It amazes me how much you can see into things. Well, it's only possible if you're involved and you deal with it.

You've always had me writing everything all these years. My brother once said that the Franks have their own way of writing.:)

Also many greetings

Doris [August 22, 2020]

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