New videos of Cay Staack

Mr Staack denounces the heresies of the Watchtower Society

He does this in direct confrontation with Jehovah's Witnesses. The religious delusion of the can't be better explained. But Jehovah's Witnesses bravely ignore Mr. Staack.

Blood of Christ = animal blood?

Indoctrination is resistant. The human mind has been set to zero. This is fun!

Love never fails?

The behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses is diametrically opposed to love. They hate programmatically.

The baptism on an organization

The baptism of Jehovah's Witnesses does not correspond to what Christ commanded. To take the oath to the WTS is not a Christian baptism, but an invention of the Watchtower AG to better manipulate its followers.

The evening of the Lord's Supper is called "the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ" and bread and wine are rejected. In this way, Jehovah's Witnesses contradict Jesus Christ who did not say that only 144,000 should take of the symbols.

The steward successfully interrupted our conversation. Jehovah's gratitude is assured.

Jehovah's Witnesses claim Watchtower corporation is God's only organization on earth

Jehovah's Witnesses claim that the Watchtower Company is God's only organization on earth. However, the Bible says that we should be witnesses of Christ. The Father says we should listen to His Son. Jehovah's Witnesses are neither Christ's Witnesses nor do they listen to the Father. The proof that the Watchtower Company is God's organization does not exist. There is no Holy Spirit in this org.

Discussions about the Bible are only reluctantly perceived by the organization. Hence the (half-hearted) attempts of the steward to end the conversation.

Despite language problems, Jehovah's Witness has really tried to defend the teachings of the Watchtower Society. Perhaps he has already noticed something?

Life is the greatest good. JW sacrifice their lives and those of their children.

Life is the greatest good. JW sacrifice their lives and those of their children. Through their "love" to Jehovah. What kind of God is this? Their well-trained conscience does not bother them. Her "love" is only for interested people and Jehovah's Witnesses. It only applies as long as you say yes and amen to all the teachings of the Watchtower corporation. In case of doubt there is the unbiblical court committee. There are no court committees in the Bible.

Professionals in love

The JW.Org will talk about love at the current indoctrination event, the so-called congress. As competent as blind people they talk about colours. The love of Christ is not calculating, it does not calculate, it does not hurt, it does not inflate. As is usual with the JW.Org, the love of Christ is the other way round. Hate calls that they love, hate calls that they are good. In front of the Kingdom Hall, however, the otherwise pious ZJ show their true faces. Either show exaggerated disinterest or "get out of the way". Her well-educated conscience is in reality ruthless.

Jehovah's Witnesses should courageously confess

The Watchtower Company calls itself God's only Org on earth. Evidences? None!

Iron silence on request. Jesus says: "You will know them by their fruits." Good fruits? Hospitals, nursing homes, soup kitchens, kindergartens, etc.? Wrong! The Watchtower Company hoards its money rather in stock portfolios. On the other hand they have many bad fruits: the cover-up of child abuse, the unbiblical blood doctrine with disregard for life, the hate speech for renegades and the resulting suffering. The Org demands more and more donations and commitment from its followers. Redemption through works, not through grace. The sacrifice of Christ does not count.

JW-protected child abuse? Not with us!

The ARC (Australian Royal Commission) has found that Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia did not report 1006 paedophiles. They were able to continue abusing children for a total of 1800.

Jehovah's Witnesses always point to others. But what are they doing about hunger in the world? Do they donate for "Bread for the World"? Do they have their own hunger relief? Or do they prefer to build real estate, such as kingdom halls, which they can later sell for the biggest profit? The buildings were all built by volunteers. The Jehovah's return is sensational.

Why does God have to protect his name from faulty people? Is it not much more the case that they defile His name? Why don't they protect the helpless children? Is that supposed to be the protection of his name?

Jehovah's Witnesses lure with chocolate

Critics are publicly "comforted" with chocolate. Otherwise they are classified as sick. But who is really sick? The one who supports child abuse? Or the one who criticizes it? The amount of lies and their representatives is immeasurable. Jehovah's Witnesses are very annoyed and make derogatory gestures and remarks.

Jehovah's or Satan's Org

Jehovah's Witnesses attach great importance to not being filmed. They don't care about protected child abuse in their organization. But when they are filmed, they show people in rows. What hypocrisy! When people think they're good, they get snobbish. Jehovah's Witnesses do not differ from the Greens and their religious followers in that. In the case of the Greens, freedom of religion is so high that they openly declare that some children may be allowed to die for it. What a beautiful new world!

The main thing is paradise!

The paradise for pedophiles is already maintained on earth today by Jehovah's Witnesses. This paradise is also the paradise for haters and contemptuous laughs. A wonderful religious community!

Why do so many Jehovah's Witnesses kill themselves?

Mr Staack is a substitution doctor and is confronted daily with people who tell him a lie or two. This professional practice enables Mr Staack to address the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses so effectively.


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