Lies, with which people are suppressed

Watchtower Society, Catholicism, Greens, Leftists, Mrs. Merkel and many more lie to the people. They have the people under control.

Watchtower Society – the masonic conceived religion

Jehovah's Witnesses and their organized serial murder by bleeding to death

The Watchtower Society is unique in the world for its organized serial murder. It uses a freely invented cannibal law, which is not to be found in the Bible. No public prosecutor's office in the world investigates the serial murder of Jehovah's Witnesses. How long can the Watchtower Serial Murder Org continue to murder unchallenged? Is the blindness of the public prosecutor's offices accidental?

The Watchtower "Truth" brings organized death and safe separation from God!

The intention of this page lies in the confrontation of the Watchtower theologians and those who deal with their organization with facts that are indissolubly connected with Jesus, but are withheld from people by the faithful and intelligent slave with much fluency of speech and refinement.

Baphomet in the sermon service of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower doctrine has decided that Jesus is only an angelic spirit creature and has offered only a human sacrifice. Jesus, who saves us by believing in him, is in the Watchtower-Kingdom-Philosophy only a kind of assistant – a side figure to be accepted.

Children of Jehovah's Witnesses full of fear

Witness Jehovah's children full of demon anxiety

The Shares of the Watchtower Company

The Jehovah's Witnesses willingly allow themselves to be stretched before the watchtower society's carts and in this way infect as many people as possible with the "watchtower truth" that Jesus is not even able to save people completely.

The Watchtower Society is a highly earthly and carnal association. They want to give Jesus the status of a powerless Jehovah's delegate and thereby rob him of his truth and life. They put the request next to his work of redemption that man should establish himself against Jehovah by the Watchtower technique in order to participate in the earthly Paradise, the kingdom of Jehovah. They reintroduce the carnal spirit behind them. Thus they lead salvation ad absurdum by believing in Jesus. – Just as the devil likes it.

Research carefully!

Research carefully!

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" Jesus of Nazareth

No one but God can be life and truth!

The Watchtower Society invests huge sums of money and maintains a global infiltration work to knock Jesus out of his saving function and take his place.

But Jesus says, For this is the will of my Father, that whoever sees the Son and believes in him may have eternal life; and I will awaken him on the last day.

The slaves of the Watchtower Society are as dependent on the law as the Pharisees and scribes are. They place Jesus in the second row as Saviour. This is done in such a sophisticated way that it is worth analyzing sentence by sentence in the Watchtower scriptures.

The analysis of the Kingdom doctrine of the WTS is intended to show the reader the traps and tricks of these religious false teachers. The Watchtower Society's refined speech is to be countered here with something that comes from the heart and is based really on the Bible.

But whoever seduces one of those little ones who believe in me to rubbish, it would be better for him to hang a millstone on his neck and drown him in the sea where it is deepest. Woe to the world of seduction! Seductions must come; but alas to the man who seduces to rubbish! – Jesus Christ

And what does the faithful and understanding slave do?

Faithful and understanding slave

The faithful and understanding slave replaces Jesus Christ with new laws.

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