Is the Watchtower Society using paid aggressors now?

Threatening muscleman demonstratively lights a cigarette

Then he can't be a witness

Just as the Greens and the Left use the antifa, Jehovah's Witnesses now seem to be defended against the truth through the use of paid aggressors. The man who demonstratively lights a cigarette does not keep the normal distance and thus appears very threatening. He cannot be a Jehovah's Witness, because you are immediately excluded due to smoking. What can such a person earn with his aggression? An eternal stay in earthly paradise? He will probably get money sooner.

Threat and intimidation – the tools of the Antifa and the Watchtower Society

During the Weimar Republic, violence on the streets increased immensely. Until Hitler's takeover, various paramilitary combat units were founded, which fought to the death on the streets. The Antifa ties in with this part of history and is even supported by the left Merkel state. Not only financially, but also in speeches in the Bundestag and in personal statements of communist politicians of all old parties. There are no longer any non-communists in these parties, because they would all have lost their jobs without adapting to the Merkel ideology. We still know this from the GDR.

The Watchtower Society is creepingly adopting this violent policy. As if it wanted to perfect the parallels between itself and the Greens, it adds the part that has been missing in its repertoire so far. Bit by bit, it goes over to threatening critics with violence.

Even the Jehovah's Witnesses now use their own antifa.

Watchtower Society takes over left-wing aggression tactics

So far, the Watchtower Society has put on the mantle of pacifism. But increasingly, these people are dropping their masks. Jehovah's Witnesses call a certain number via cell phone and after a few minutes a brutal attacker appears and uses violence. The Watchtower Society can afford to make this shift from false piety to open injustice, because in recent years it has been proven beyond doubt that the public does not want to take notice. Anything that does not appear in the public media is simply lost. And in the Merkel State, the public media have fallen prey to international socialist ideology. Anyone who does not follow this line will lose his job, just as a Jehovah's Witness is excluded if he doubts the Watchtower guidelines.

The knitting pattern of leadership and the elimination of freedom of expression is clearly at the state level exactly the same as what the Watchtower Society has been practicing for decades. And the public reacts as helplessly as the Jehovah's Witnesses, who are forced to watch as one of their own is excluded without any reason. They carry on because otherwise they will be excluded as well. They even have to look down on the excluded person with condemnation and demonstrate this to the others. Because otherwise they too will be suspected.

How well this oppression of Jehovah's Witnesses fits in with what is being done to the Germans in the Merkel State! It is not only a perfect match, but a unique tactic that has crawled out of Masonic theory and has been experimentally tested and refined in the Watchtower religion. One of the most important problems to be researched was the mastery of public opinion. How must people be influenced so that they do not take offence at their own oppression and willingly bend the neck on which the scimitar can rush down.

Merkel State Arbitrary Government Watchtower Society

The Merkel government removes everything that could benefit and/or protect Germany. It ensures that Germany is completely unprotected and at the mercy of Muslim influence and terror. It makes all preparations to vaporize German industry. Mrs. Merkel is the revenge of the GDR.

It is precisely this structure of contempt for people that is found in the Watchtower Society. It's where everything has long been thoroughly researched and tested in practice.

Who makes this destruction possible?

Anyone who does not do what Mrs. Merkel wants will lose their job. However, Mrs. Merkel, for her part, does what other powerful people claim to do, otherwise she loses her job. Freemasonry with the front man George Soros ensures that several anti-German instances have been and are being installed and promoted. Mrs. Merkel has sold herself to the devil.

Prospects for a life in earthly paradise

Jehovah's Witnesses promise people the prospect of eternal life in an earthly paradise. To do this, you must do everything the Watchtower Society says. After total annihilation at death, one must later be assembled from Jehovah's memory as one was. Then you will be placed in a paradise of giant tomatoes and pumpkins.

The left-green International Communist government in Merkel Germany promises people similar nonsense. It is about a healed world under the Sharia and without Christians. At this point, Jehovah's Witnesses come back into the arena, because they represent an ideology that is perfectly adapted to Islam. But they are actually breaking through the myth of peace. Why? Because Islam does not mean peace, but submission. Submission with the help of the Sharia, with the help of violence and with the scimitar that hits the neck.


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