Demons in the Watchtower of January 2019

What do Jehovah's Witnesses and Left-Green have in common?

The Watchtower of January 2019 comes with beautiful pictures. Of course, the delighted Jehovah's Witness does not look closely. Jehovah's Witness does not notice the messages hidden in the pictures in the Watchtower. The Watchtower Society with its freemasonically lied religion feeds on these messages. It tells the whole world how stupid Jehovah's Witnesses are.

Thus one recognizes in the back of the man on the cliff a completely coincidental formation of wrinkles. His shirt shows a face that can't look any dumber. The stupid face pressed on the back of Jehovah's Witness can already be seen without visual emphasis.

God is dead

In answer to the question "Who is God?" in the water lies an already heavily decomposed corpse with its head turned sideways. A bright demon jumps into the dead God's body's face. The contents of the Watchtower Doctrine speak all sorts of lies about God. The depiction of the corpse of God with a demon clapping his face wonderfully embraces everything the Watchtower Society says about God.

The Watchtower Society loves to ask questions in writing and to answer them graphically. The body of God below the question "Who is God?" is a fine example of this Watchtower technique. But also the three Romans, who look at a modern Bible and squinch their faces because they have never seen a book before, answer very impressively the question: "What does it mean to be a Christian?" Here the Jehovah's Witness is told that he must believe every nonsense that the Watchtower Society serves him up.

In the Eye of the Jehovah's Witness

The eye, the window of the soul, is accordingly disturbed in Jehovah's Witnesses. They have a demon in their pupil, who pleasurably sticks out his tongue. The sick result of the Watchtower Doctrine is the result of the Masonic Watchtower Experiment. For some time now, the Watchtower Society's research results on the manipulability of humans have also been applied in the policies forced by the UN and the EU. Green-left do-gooder people don't even know that they've been sitting on ice cold lies similar to those of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The imminent end of the world and the rigid gaze of Greta Thunberg, which corresponds to the rigid gaze of the founder of the Watchtower Society, Charles Taze Russell, as photographed, and artificial racial experiments, doctrinated from above, are only few examples that have been transferred directly from the Watchtower Laboratory into politics. All this bears the signature of Freemasonry, which hates the God of the Bible. Satan is the God they worship and thus it is the God of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Proscription and exclusion

Perhaps the most important parallel between the Watchtower Laboratory and politics is social ostracism in the event of disagreement. As soon as the do-gooder questions the green-left mainstream, he loses recognition and reputation. This can go so far that a journalist loses his job as soon as he expresses critical thoughts. For decades, the Watchtower Society has excessively tested exclusion from the community. The most unjust actions were deliberately carried out step by step in order to sound out the limits that should not be crossed when people were ostracized.

The government, that is Angela Merkel and her court, behaves just as vacuumed and withdrawn as the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. But there is a ray of hope. The Watchtower popes in Warwick have been sued. They will be legally prosecuted. Rumor has it that they are liquidating masses of kingdom halls. Is this the preparation for a calculated quick exit?

Who knows it! Perhaps the German government will soon build a moat around the Reichstag. Or it sells the German industry.


Do you have a copy of the JW book that has a picture supposed to be teh contents of a human head – brain, tongues, vocal cords etc – which is actually a subliminal of a reptile/snake?

And the snake is the same image as seen in that new hall, conference centre the pope has?

And what about popes chair with satan and demons rising from he pit with a demon in the hair?

Anonymous [17, December 2019]

No, I'm afraid not. If you can send me the picture, I would be very grateful. [RH]



That brain picture is in the little grey book that I think has Creation in the title. Printed first in 1995 I heard but I picked a copy off a JW cart in about 2014/5.

The snake/reptile/serpent Satan was hidden in the folds of the brain etc but unmistakable when first spotted.

I can't find any mention or pix of it online so you need to find someone who has a collection of the books.

Kim and Mikey on Youtube have a copy but I lost their email and pix of the book. Do you know them to ask them?

Rose White [June 20, 2020]


Hi Rüdiger,

check out this video:

"Warning To All Governing Body Of Jehovahs Witnesses, JW Publishers/Members" Get Out Now!!

Tony [October 06, 2020]


Hello Rüdiger,

please watch these videos:

Tony [February 05, 2021]

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