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Dear reader of the Antichrist Watchtower page

Please note that comments will only be published on this page if they are reasonably suited to the respective topic. Of course, it is correct to comment on the comments of other readers. Personal criticism is also allowed.

However, please understand that since 09.08.2007 not all comments will be published.

Overlong comments, which are only constant repetitions of Watchtower texts and thus widen the irritation and only want to distract from a real orientation, do not come online.

Further exclusion criteria

Comments will not be published if they are

  • not oriented towards the topic
  • attack only other commentators personally
  • do not have any significance beyond this
  • apparently just fill the page with scrap
  • foreign quotes make up the largest part of the comment
  • repeat only the same, although this has been refuted for a long time
  • are written only in lowercase or uppercase letters

If you are not proficient in German spelling, you should work on your problem. If necessary, you can get help from others to add a comment. However, comments that are interspersed with errors will only be published if they compensate for this flaw with important statements.

Also continuous small letters and permanently repeated phrases of alleged 12- to 17-year-old girls lead to the non-publication of the commentary. (Best regards to: julia, sarah, diana, lara, tanja, tamara, anja and many others of this species)

Endless Watchtower quotes are another knockout criterion. If the alleged truths are not at least explained in one's own words, the public need not be defiled with these word clusters. This page wants to make people think and not irritate them with more half-truths.

Of course, this is not about censorship, but about avoiding and preventing obvious Watchtower spam. We do not need that. Nobody needs that.

The site operator reserves the right to reject comments without justification, to edit them partially if inappropriate content requires it, and, if necessary, to delete them later if the course of the topic drifts into meaningless or far-off chatter.

Thank you very much for your understanding,

Ruediger Hentschel [09.08.2007]


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