Jehovah's Witnesses shocked: Satan is ruler
and lord of the Watchtower Society

In street action like Jehovah's Witnesses

Dear fellow Christians, there is a way to effectively encounter Jehovah's Witnesses and confront them with Jesus without having an excuse. Any Christian who wants to help Jehovah's Witnesses should read this page and consider what they can do. The reports are absolutely authentic and sorted by date. But first, I want to introduce you to the concept that Jehovah's Witnesses cannot handle:

The concept that Jehovah's Witnesses cannot avoid

Before you do anything at all, check whether it comes from the inside and whether you can represent it in full length and width. That's all you need to do, because the rest is done by Jesus. And even if you lose the feeling of absolute determination, he will lead you to experience miracles!

Take the thought that is most important to you in relation to the Watchtower heresy. Write it in two sentences in a Word document so that the reader immediately understands what it is all about. Print the document and stick it on a cardboard. With it, you find Jehovah's Witnesses within your reach and hold the cardboard up in front of them. Stand in front of them just as they stand in front of passers-by. The Jehovah's Witnesses are shocked by this reversal of circumstances alone. They immediately and comprehensively realize the reproachful behavior with which they defile the whole world. Then comes the blow of thought, which they must read on your cardboard. In this situation, the heart of Jehovah's Witness is open! I experienced it yesterday and today. Even high Jehovah's Witnesses remain open-mouthed. They may catch each other again quickly, they are trained in this. But I have never seen such open Jehovah's Witnesses!

When you then begin the address without leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses in between is your business. It is even enough to stand before Jehovah's Witnesses for as long as possible without any comment. When passers-by interfere, stay calm and calm. The spiritual plight of Jehovah's Witnesses is so great that the pity of passers-by is no help to them.

Pray for the Jehovah's Witnesses who stand before you. It is wonderful how your own heart opens and you suddenly understand what a completely lied little something is in front of you that desperately needs help. Then the friendliness comes by itself. And the affected Jehovah's Witness will feel that you really mean well.

My current thought

I hold up – until I can think of something better – the following cardboard:

When you stand in front of Jehovah's Witnesses and hold up the cardboard, your pulse races and you begin to understand why Jehovah's Witnesses are so proud to perform this ministry. And it is absolutely wonderful when the heartbeat returns to normal and you realize that you have given something for a misguided person. It is wonderful to serve Jesus. If you are doing something in this direction, write your reports! I will publish them here.

The reports


Dear Team,

It is shameful for Jesus and God to spread such lies as Satan.Jesus said:You are of your father the devil,according to his desires you wish to do....

He is the father of lies.He did not stand firm in the truth.John 8:44

This is how you act.

But God Jehovah holds judgment when His Son and the mighty angels

soon get the order.

Turn back, turn back, says God Jehovah

Carmen S. [May 22, 2021]

Hello Carmen, the name Jehovah was invented in the 11th or 12th century by a Catholic monk. Thrown together from the consonants YHWH and the vowels from adonai - backwards! If already the name is so hard forged and lied, who is the liar of us two? It is you who once a year participates in the Anti-Communion, where bread and wine are solemnly rejected by Jehovah's Witnesses, organized worldwide. Who among us rejects Jesus? You cannot forbid human blood to someone who is not a cannibal. You can be forbidden human blood. Who of us is following Satan's lies? I think you have fallen for the greatest deception. [RH]


Hello Carmen,

I don't know if you understand the following words of Jesus.

John 8,31-32 Then he said to the Jews who believed in him, "If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free."

John 8,43 Why do you not understand what I am saying? Because you are unable to hear my word.

John 8,47 He who is of God hears the words of God; therefore, you do not hear them because you are not of God.

John 8,24 I said to you, you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am he, you will die in your sins.

You condemn with John 8:44 with the words of Jesus that he addressed to those who would not believe in him.

I believe in Jesus that He is.

Doris [May 31, 2021]


Hello Carmen,

my mother is a Jehovah's Witness and my father was. He bled to death. He died from the Watchtower lie. Never would my father have left his life voluntarily if he had not undergone Watchtower brainwashing.

My father was no longer able to make his own decisions. This is exactly what happens to people who buy into the Watchtower lie. People lose not only their own will, but their whole life.

People who have been indoctrinated by the Watchtower Society can no longer recognize the truth and that means they cannot recognize Jesus. Jesus is not allowed to be God in the Watchtower Society and was replaced by "Jehovah". Through this trick, the Watchtower Society wants to prevent people from finding Jesus.

Ideally, the Watchtower Society would like to eliminate Jesus completely. But this is not feasible. Therefore, the W.T.G. does everything in its power to twist the truth and confuse people in such a way as to make conversion to Jesus impossible.

This makes one wonder, who is the real mastermind behind the Watchtower facade?

Jürgen [June 13, 2021]



I read almost every day in these pages and honestly, I can only agree! My mother is already 50 years with the JW, as already mentioned once.

The doorbell just rang, an older woman and a younger one were standing outside. The older one wanted to offer me a Bible study with nice words. A conversation ensued. Of course I mentioned John 1:1 where the little word "one" was inserted. She said that all other Bible translations were wrong, because that would only be correct in her translation. Since I checked several translations, her translation could only be wrong, because in Greek there was no indefinite article. Then the other one said, but Jesus prayed to the Father, so there must be two. It can't be two, I said, first he was here as a man when he prayed. Then the older one said, so surely it must be the Father in heaven. I explained that the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one, so as best I could. They took one look at me. I got my Elberfelder Bible, but they wouldn't read the verse in question. Of course, they also know my mother. It didn't take long, but then they were in a hurry. I still called out: The love of Christ never ends ... but with Jehovah's Witnesses it does when one becomes apostate. Joo ... said the older one, and they were gone.

I hope I didn't say anything wrong, but they actually said that their Bible was the right one of all. Well, since I do a lot of checking and informing myself, I know for sure that I am on the right track. I'm glad, honestly, I went through so much with my mom. Whenever I come to Jesus, I should leave her alone. Typical ... the devil never sleeps, nobody knows that better than me. Thanks, Rüdiger ... God's blessing for you and all others.

One more thing. Every Sunday at 10:30 there is an online service by a super Austrian pastor. I don't miss it, because I haven't found a better one. I'll send you the link, can be published for sure, but I'd be curious to hear your opinion. Are there also German Christians in it. Thank you, many greetings from Austria. 😄

Anita [April 17, 2023]

Hello Anita, the sermon is very good. Many greetings to you. [RH]


Hello Rüdiger,

after the incident, I naturally talked to my mother about it. Now it comes: First, I should leave the JWs alone, I had my faith, they had theirs. Why I would have started drinking again, because a sister witness close to her told her there was someone in my house who said I was drinking alcohol again. (BTW, I used to drink a bit heavily after getting sick from the Watchtower demons. Been sober for 3 years, and I did it myself. Haven't smoked in 10 years either).

What on earth is going on, I asked. Why do I always have to justify myself?? It was a tissue of lies, built up by the witnesses, because I racked my brains, nobody knows my mother in the house. Then it came out that no one is allowed to ring my doorbell anymore, no witness is allowed to talk to me at the door. Haha!!! That must have been the payback from the two women I outed myself to as Jesus' follower. Mother believed me, but that's all she would say. Great, isn't it? With that, the devil smiles to himself again.

Must also say, mother told EVERYTHING always in the meeting, so these people knew of course, how it stood around me. My mother is a first class informer! I don't want to know what they told her, because she is not to be surpassed in malice towards me. I don't care now ...

Thank you for this page, it also gives strength, all through Jesus Christ.

Servus from Austria, Anita 😄 [June 19, 2023]


Hello Anita, you write that your mother believed you. That is positive.

Through suffering and tribulation, one finds the hand of Jesus that does not let go. That is how it was with me.

In the Watchtower Society, a few old men want to claim this power of Jesus for themselves alone. They teach in the meetings that only they possess the spirit of Jesus. The spirit of God they possess from Jesus. The governing body, the understanding slave. They are the small flock. The big flock from the assembly do not get this spirit. The rest of humanity does not count.

I think what the Watchtower Society is doing through this is sinning against the Spirit.

I wish you all the best through Jesus our Lord and God.

I also wish for your mother that Jesus will set her free.

Many greetings Doris [June 21, 2023]

PS: The hand of Jesus is always there. Above everything!


Hello Doris,

I am very pleased that you have contacted me. You do not know my story, I posted it here a few months ago, Rüdiger has published it, but now no longer knows where. 😄

Well, anyway, my mother is now in the home, very vicious towards me, she always was. But well, unfortunately the JW have won again. The congress is coming up and my friend found an invitation in her mailbox. She called me right away, if I knew this woman, who told her "so dear" the invitation, of course, a good friend of my mother.

The murder ads go on, so many intrigues are spun against me that it just runs through you. I am used to it, it does nothing to me anymore. Only Jesus Christ, whom my father taught me to love as a child, is in my heart. He died in 1971, when I was still a child ... the JW came a year later, the ordeal began. but it doesn't matter.

I was just warned by her on the phone before! Well, I have since half a year the habit to see my online pastor Karl Michael Pilsl and to take in the message of Jesus even more accurately. He is a true Christian, Jesus' follower and his speeches always encourage me. Of course, he takes donations to help people, there are many videos on Youtube that he puts in. I have already sent Rüdiger a link, which is published here.

Mother warned me!!! This is a sect, I should only be very careful ... I tried to make clear to her that this is not a religion founder or the like, only the messages from the Bible he clearly and openly. There is nothing more, there is no control, everyone can go and come as he wants, there are no members in the sense, he does not demand any contribution, there are no consequences for whatever ... nevertheless, there has her again of these dung brothers the brain contaminated.

Well, she is old now, but it is always me who has to put up with everything. I can tell the difference between truth, lies, power, threats and dependence, etc. very well. She is evil through and through ... Believes this Masonic crap until she dies. I can't do anything about it. My brother says I can't remodel a JW, I know that, but I can tell them the facts. Well ... I put in a video of Karl Michael, you can see a lot on Youtube. He builds up, does not challenge, does not threaten and is wise. yes, I can really say that. Have fun.

Servus from Austria, Anita 😄

Online Pastor Karl Michael Pilsl


JesMandjosef, Doris

An online monkey? Are you serious?

Turn back, you vile woman, before Satan fucks you....

Your Pope from Speyer! [July 01, 2023]

Dear Anita, as you noticed, I did not publish your last comment. I thought it was too private and deviated too far from the topic of this page. But now a comment came from someone who regularly and always full of hate tries to put me down. The current comment is even relatively harmless. But it nicely confirms the topic of this page: Jehovah's Witnesses shocked: Satan is ruler and master of the Watchtower Society. It shows very vividly what you had to go through with your mother. Therefore, I make an exception today and publish this commentator once. [RH]


Oh my God, how terrible ... can a Jehovah's Witness really be so deep? That's why I wrote this, because many events can be viewed online!

here are books by dropouts who report only terrible things. My friend Nadia keeps telling me that a very young Jehovah's Witness took her own life because she had a relationship with a secular man, just 18 years old.

It is obvious where Satan dwells. My mother often warns me about cults, and her acquaintances often tell her so. I already know what I am doing, and to look at Karl Michael on Sundays is strength for me. That's all I do.

Rüdiger, I can already imagine what kind of mails you must receive. But Jesus gives strength, power and courage. I have that, through the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, greetings from Austria, Anita [July 02, 2023]


Jehovah's Witnesses are afraid of Satan, the Watchtower Society makes sure of that. Jehovah's Witnesses are enslaved.

Jesus takes away this fear and gives his peace. One is liberated in his spirit.

Greetings Doris [Juli 05, 2023]

PS: A foul language. When the masks fall, it becomes visible.



Jehovah's Witnesses have this fear instilled in them during Watchtower study. They are not only afraid of Satan, but especially of demons. And if someone looks bad just once, he is already demonized.

I have been for a long time, haha, because in the assembly of our small town I am even "famous" as demonized. :-)) This has been going on for 15 years and after my illness in 2010, that is, "I was possessed by the Watchtower demons", a good JW acquaintance of mine said on the street to a fellow witness: Hey look, Anita, she always sees demons in our magazines. The woman took on a look of fear and rejection. Oh, you shouldn't talk to her like that ... she is demonized. She urged my acquaintance to leave quickly and continue her service.

Honestly, is that how Jesus did it? Isn't that how it is when one is "possessed" to give help? I am sure, I was haunted by the JW demons. At that time I was sitting in front of the PC with terrible anxiety, when a brooch flew at me, which I had hung up in the front. I'm not even allowed to tell my mother that, haha. But I'm not afraid of ghosts, I never used to be.

When you realize that someone is sick, you have to help as much as you can and ask Jesus for help. There are no more miracles, so it won't happen overnight. But I can say I am healed, but not free of fear, which everyone has. There are no ghosts with me, I live peacefully and in harmony with Jesus, whom I thank every day.

Do you want to know everything about Satan and demons? Go to the JW, they know more about them than about Jesus Christ!

All love, Anita [July 08, 2023]

Hello Anita, there are still miracles. Have experienced two some time ago. Not on prayer, but just like that. [RH]


Hello Doris,

thank you for your wise words. In the estate of my deceased pagan husband, who had drunk himself to death, I once found a record with the inscription "Judas Priest" - it was apparently about breaking the laws (Breaking the Laws) - I immediately burned the record in my oven. It may have stunk and I disinfected my hands afterwards.

Judas priest, yuck, how can a man be a priest who betrays Jesus? This can only be from the devil and therefore only directly from Jehovah's Witnesses.

The shot conclusion Satan/Jehovah's Witnesses is not okay. Jehovah's Witnesses are not to be equated with Satan. [RH]

Thanks be to God and the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit for this page, thanks also Rüdiger!

Yours, Judith from the Waldviertel, who otherwise only reads along and prays a lot to the Lord Jesus. [July 09, 2023]

PS: I don't have an e-mail, it's the devil's stuff for me, I hope I can still write to you, dear Rüdiger.

No problem. However, e-mail is no more diabolical than a letter. [RH]


Judas Priest, the name comes from a ballad by Bob Dylan. The moral of this story, the moral of this song is simply that you should never be where you don't belong. So if you see your neighbor carrying something, help him with his load and don't mistake paradise for that house across the street.

When Bob Dylan found Jesus

Bob Dylan, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, is of Jewish descent and converted to Jesus Christ. His words to a friend: "You will be strong in the Lord and realize that outward appearances are often deceiving; so you will experience miracles. He has called you to be a saint, and you are accountable to Him alone". He continues: "Stay in prayer and look back no more, but chase after what is before you. I send you all the love and pray that you become stronger and stronger..."

Dylan closes the letter with a clear profession of faith: "Always in the name of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God."

What went through my mind was the word "Lord God". I still heard that word as a child. One automatically thinks of Jesus. I am afraid that the following children will no longer hear this word. Who still says Lord God in this world?

Rüdiger, I am glad that you have experienced two miracles. I am always like the unbelieving Thomas.😀

Many greetings

Doris [August 17, 2023]

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