Is Jehovah God a dog?

Cay Staack asks this question and has no idea that the Watchtower Society has long since answered this question.

The Watchtower Jehovah is, in the Watchtower Society's view, indeed the dog it uses for its purposes. Already in the Watchtower of April 15, 1996, page 31, the only true organization of God depicts its God as a dog. This was the answer to the question Cay Staack asked in early 2020, 24 years earlier. What a prophetic achievement!

Preaching about the false god Jehovah

Have you ever heard of child abuse by Jehovah's Witnesses? Or don't you want to hear about it? You know they're covering it up? Do you know it was investigated by the government in Australia?

Among 60,000 Jehovah's Witnesses there were 1,006 pedophiles who abused 1,800 children. That's not mine. That's from the Australian Royal Organization. And they've checked all the churches. And guess who had the most child abuses? The Catholics? The Anglicans? Nope. Jehovah's Witnesses! The ones that point the finger at people and say, "Look, the Catholic Church! There's child abuse."

No, you're much worse! You stand up and say: "We are the good guys! You are the bad world people! You will all be destroyed for Armageddon!"

What kind of weird God do you have? Does he listen to you? Is that a dog? You could say that: "There! Get them! There are worldlings! Kill them, will you?!"

What a doctrine you have! Do you follow the Christ who said that you should be his witnesses? Or did Jesus Christ tell you to become Jehovah's Witnesses?

Have you ever looked at the Bible? You should be careful to look inside to see who you are following! You're not following God. That's not God. That's not the father of Jesus Christ. That's a different God. An idol!

In John 6:53 Jesus Christ said: "He who does not drink of my blood and does not eat of my flesh will not be saved."

Do you take of his blood, of his flesh? You do not want to be saved. You want to save yourselves by going from house to house preaching the wrong message. You are not preaching the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus died for us on the cross. For our sins.

He died in vain for you. You want to save yourselves.

Preaching about Baptism

You call yourselves Christians. Do you then baptize as Christ commanded us? In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

And you baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? Or do you baptize in the name of an organization!

Your rules are human rules. It's not from God. And Jesus never spoke of the overlapping generation. This is from you. Jesus never put the word Jehovah in the mouth. That's from you. That's not from God!

Background information

Cay Staack does not like it when people are lied to and lie to others themselves. Increasingly we have a society where everyone is their own neighbor and where people prefer to silently accept obvious injustice. There are only a few people who break through this diabolical silence mechanism and thereby free many from the sheer lie.


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