How broadcasters trample on people

Georg Thiel has been in prison since february 25, because the WDR wants it that way

Hello Mr. Thiel,

congratulations on your decision not to bow to the scandalous behavior of our state, broadcasters and the judiciary. I envy you because you manage to serve humanity and justice. Unfortunately, I am too cowardly to do so and still allow myself to be oppressed and exploited.

Mr. Thiel, you give hope to an incredible number of people.

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More info: Because of not paid contributions: GEZ refuser Georg Thiel picked up by police at home

Further concerns written to WDR

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Subject: Georg Thiel and your inhumanity

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After the public media have succumbed to the madness of Angela Merkel and are only left-wing extremists, people are now being incarcerated as in the Middle Ages for the purpose of breaking their will. How does it feel to educate people to one's own leftist views? Isn't this will to manipulate religious ideological fascism?

The German public media suppress a balanced formation of opinion in a fascistoid manner and, in addition, also resort to means of coercion such as imprisonment. The destruction of livelihoods has apparently been practiced by you for some time now through devastating reporting. The left-wing radical extreme has penetrated deeply into you. It turns people into brutes. You enjoy power and money, as if you were the only ones with right to live.

Can you still remember what you once learned about Hitler? Have you ever asked yourself what parallels there are between your behavior and the Third Reich?

One parallel, for example, is the massive oppression of part of the people. You are guilty of imposing exclusively your radical leftist view of things. The crowning of this radical leftist approach is now also the imprisonment of people who do not want to support your work for the ideological madness financially or cannot support it for reasons of conscience. Don't you recognize this obvious correspondence of your behavior with the Third Reich?

Once today's developments are described in the history books, it will be too late for you to come to your senses. You have that in common with Mrs. Merkel.

Give in, turn around! Free Georg Thiel from the imprisonment for which you are responsible and promise publicly that you will not put anyone else behind bars for your own purposes. You have already done enough damage in Germany.

The answer of the WDR

As usual from Angela Merkel, I did not expect an answer from the WDR. On 19.04.2021 a letter from the WDR was in my mailbox after all. This letter documents in a shocking way that nobody from WDR had even read my letter. This is indeed the attitude of the WDR. Critical people are not paid attention to and are only dispatched. This is also wonderfully reflected in the programs that come from the broadcasters. In it it is not about facts, but only about the ideology of the powerful. And the stupid German does not notice it.

Unfortunately the letter of the WDR cannot be published here, because thereby a high cost risk would exist. Nobody needs warnings and before the delivery to our often left courts comes the security by non-publication. Therefore only some contents are recounted here, in order to represent the absurdity of this pre-cut slap in the face. The profiteers and installers of the Merkel dictatorship work almost only with such pre-cut slap letters.

First, WDR's reply says that I wrote to Tom Buhrow and that Tom Buhrow asked the employee to reply to me. None of this is true. My letter was addressed to the ladies and gentlemen and not to Tom Buhrow. People only read the name Georg Thiel in the subject line and ran their slime-response machine even faster.

The letter from WDR goes on to say that in certain cases WDR seeks help from the enforcement authorities. What is this but the incarceration of people for the purposes of broadcasting? Ultimately, this behavior is simply threatening the population with jail.

Besides, WDR writes, he always finds out about it later. What kind of argument is that? If someone plants bombs and then at some point learns that one of them has blown up, then of course he bears no responsibility for it. He only learned about it later.


We live in an oppressive state. The free basic order is lost and the media are the garden gnomes of Mrs. Merkel.


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