Lucifer brings new light

Jehovahism is a religion that is always dependent on new light. This is how the human leadership of the Watchtower Society expresses it, making error the most natural event to occur in the Watchtower doctrine. The normal case in the history of the only true religion is error, the way out of which is considered to be receiving new light. The reception of new light is, of course, intimately linked to the Light Bringer, who provides the Watchtower propagandists with ever new ways out of the errors spread as incontestable doctrines. The feeding source of the teaching of Jehovah's kingdom, which will annihilate all who oppress others, is one called Lucifer, who basically has only one desire, the annihilation of mankind. There is no one on earth who oppresses no one. So the message of Jehovah's kingdom is identical to Lucifer's wish: to destroy all men.

Watchtower 1 March 2011

Last cover page

The light that the Watchtower Society recognizes as true in the long run is the Watchtower Doctrine, which portrays Jesus as man and as the greatest Freemason of all time. This classification was made by Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Watchtower Society. Jesus must not be God in Jehovah's Witnesses, although the Bible clearly states that Jesus is God (John 1:1). In order for this secondary God thesis of Jehovah's Witnesses to find support, new light must be received again and again, which the true origin of the Watchtower Society, Lucifer, also supplies again and again. The fact that Jehovahism descends to a multi-god religion (Jehovah = main God, Watchtower-Jesus = secondary God) does not bother the recipients of the one who always brings new light.

The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses is existentially convinced that the denial of the deity of Christ must be sustained at all costs. And the manipulated infantry must at all costs remain faithful to the one who always brings new light.

They don't realize that the one who forbids information from other sources must be a liar. They do not realize that God has never worked, works, and will never work through spiritual unification. They do not realize that the Watchtower Society is nothing less than a spawn of all totalitarian systems that have ever exercised their power on earth. And they do not realize that no one but Satan would forbid prayer to Jesus.

Who is susceptible to the light of Satan?

Once you have taken the step of concretely expressing your trust in Jesus, you can never be taken by the arts of Satan, even when he is testing theories like the Watchtower system to their limits. New light cannot touch people who trust Jesus, because the knowledge they continually have all points to the light that has once appeared to the world. That is Jesus.

This light once appeared and this appearance of light was then as perfect as it is today. Each individual who has ever been enlightened by this light in the course of history has the same knowledge as we who live today and trust Jesus. There is no difference between old and new light. The light is always the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Who needs the new light of Lucifer?

Only those who are not in Jesus need new light. New light is needed by those whose thirst could not be quenched because it was not living water that they received. New light is needed by those who trust people and imagine that a human organization could save them. New light is balm for those who have already jumped on the question "Should God have said". Those who travel without Jesus will always jump at this question. Those who trust in Jesus have taken an answerer to the question into their lives, who decides all these questions. He also decides if you will be saved. He has committed himself to it.

The New Light within the Watchtower Doctrine, along with all the other blasphemies of Jehovah's Witnesses, is clear evidence that the Watchtower Society is fed by the devil.

Ask Jehovah's Witnesses questions on the street and at the front door: Who keeps bringing new light? Isn't it the lightbringer?


Basic to finding purpose in life is first realizing the source of life. All comments are not published because a demonizing of a target religion is the program here. History shows that if you take down one religion then it makes it that much easier to take down the next one. Clearly Christian belief of whatever forms are being slandered in this format.

avery Michelle [May 09, 2019]

The source of life is Jesus Christ. All religions do not save. Only Jesus saves. And the Watchtower religion is one of the worst lying religions there is. This must be denounced. [RH]


Hello, good evening,

I have looked again more exactly at the picture which shows Jesus with the mocking penis. One sees on this picture, between the feet of Jesus, a grinning grimace and on the right foot side one also sees demons.

I will get tracts from Jehovah's Witnesses and look at them carefully. Many years ago I had a few of these booklets. But at that time I never noticed anything. I thought the booklets were beautifully drawn. I still can't get my head around the whole thing somehow. It really, really upset me and I won't trust any religion, ever again, they are really just diabolical! I remain alone with my only true friend Jesus!

Thank you for the truth!

LG E. [October 24, 2021]



I am thankful, so thankful to Jesus Christ that he is with me, that he is looking at all of us. For a year now I have been freed from my demon fears, which I had to endure for a whole 12 years. It was so horrible that I got 1000 fears in addition. I didn't want to go to a clinic, I did it alone with Jesus! I didn't even dare to look for the witnesses on the internet again, where my mother has been in for 50 years and doesn't even want to know what cruel pictures are hidden or even openly seen in their literature.

I found Tobias Ain on Youtube, an ex-witness who reveals and explains the witnesses normally and factually with Bible passages. It was like a miracle, when even the last remnant of the inner fear was suddenly gone ... and has not come back until today.

It was like a healing, the evil demons can no longer harm me, they are gone! I can watch any movie without thinking, Satan put that in there.

I couldn't do anything anymore, didn't meet any friends, lay on the sofa, watched TV, chain smoked, drank champagne and beer next to the pills, they kept looking at me, these horror creatures that the WTG created perfectly. I could no longer look at a normal photo, I was hallucinating, it is also written in the findings. That is long gone ... I don't look like a drug addict anymore, I don't drink alcohol anymore and I also gave up smoking 10 years ago.

Thank you Jesus for letting me live so well, for being with me. I always thought of you in my worst times, you had to go through much more than I did, you were killed like an animal. You let it happen and that was a good thing because it only strengthened my faith in you. THANK YOU!

All the love to all, God bless you 🙂

Anita [October 05, 2023]

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