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Don't be silent! We sue the Watchtower Society!

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Defend the honor and dignity of those excluded from the Jehovah's Witnesses community

About two months ago, many of you made a video of Flashmob under the name "Do not hush! We are suing the Watchtower Society". In a few minutes of this flash mob, we heard courageous people who had decided to defend the honor and dignity of those excluded from the Jehovah's Witnesses community. Many did not believe that the excluded could argue against the overpowering WTS machine. They could and disagreed.

Kazakhstan is the first country in the world where the excluded will defend their honour and dignity in court. In this country there will be a struggle between the lawyers of the WTS and the lawyers of those who are excluded from this community. The Burabai District Court in the town of Shukhinsk has already become a real battlefield. The plaintiffs are joined by 12 former Jehovah's Witnesses, courageous men and women from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania ... On the defendant's side there are two Jehovah's Witnesses religious societies run by Bethel and two US Jehovah's Witnesses companies from New York and Pennsylvania.

The essence of the lawsuit is that the Jehovah's Witnesses are spreading defamatory information about the former members of the community in their literature and on the Internet, destroying their reputation and imposing on society the idea of despising those excluded from the organization and comparing them with animals, criminals and the infected.

Over a million people outside the community suffered from these humiliations and insults for many years and tried to start a new life. But it's not that easy. The Watchtower Society destroys their relationships with friends, relatives, sneaks into their families, and divides men and women, parents and children. Their goal, as mentioned in the Watchtower, is to create conditions for the outcasts comparable to solitary confinement.

Now is the time for the Watchtower Society to answer for its words and deeds! On April 19, 2019, in the city of Shukhinsk, Kazakhstan, a lawsuit was filed against the Watchtower Society at the Burabay District Court. Soon the judge will set a date for the start of the trial. Everyone is welcome: Media, television, newspapers, bloggers, embassies of various countries of the European Union and America, neighboring countries, the United Nations, governmental and non-governmental organizations to monitor and publish this trial.

We will not remain silent. And we will not be indifferent. In fact, there are Jehovah's Witnesses in every country who persecute YOUR citizens – former members of the community – by destroying their reputation and ruining their lives. This is a global problem:

About one million people in more than 230 countries and territories follow this organization and push it into the clutches of loneliness and a destroyed life course. Let us take joint action against human rights violations! For more details, see the description of this video and the website in a special section. It spoke to you Ruslan Cheban, see you in the next video.

If you wish to send messages to Kazakhstan, you can do so via the website using the attached feedback form.


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