Balancing fluctuating electricity

Wind and solar energy are force majeure – underground kinetic energy storage is the solution

The flywheel as buffer

Every child knows how a spinning top behaves. The spinning top stores energy in kinetic form and can make noises for quite a while, while the swing is enough to keep it upright. The little boy gets to know the flywheel in a playful way even before his school days. The flywheel stores energy in kinetic form in an even more effective way.

Largely dimensioned flywheels with connected motor, switchable to turbine function, can be used systematically and inexpensively to smooth the flutter power caused by wind turbines and photovoltaic fields. The construction costs are amortized in the medium term through the savings resulting from the fact that no additional electricity has to be imported and no surplus electricity has to be disposed of at high cost.

Technical drawing flutter power smoothing flywheel

How the flutter power smoothing flywheel works

The flutter power smoothing flywheel is installed underground in any size and consumes power as soon as the current peaks exceed a certain value. As soon as the sun burns and the wind whistles, the fluttering power smoothing flywheels siphon off electricity by switching to motor and accelerating themselves. When the power supply drops below a certain level, they switch to turbine operation and produce electricity. Of course, this mode of operation cannot be maintained in the long term because, as everyone knows, a flywheel will stop at some point. But that is not the plan at all. The flutter power smoothing flywheel is not intended to be a long-term battery. It fluctuates between power consumer and power producer in real time in exactly the opposite direction parallel to the pattern that the natural Merkel flutter power presents.

This means that the flutter power smoothing flywheel permanently alternates between acceleration (power consumer) and deceleration (power producer). The bandwidth in which the flutter power smoothing flywheel performs its function is maintained in the inner third. Each of these flywheels thus never turn slower than 33% and never faster than 66% of the given capacity.

Dimensioning and decentralised assembly

The nice thing about the flywheel solution is the individual realisation. Whether located directly on power lines or installed in the immediate vicinity of wind turbines or solar power plants, every single underground flywheel and flywheel roller can directly smooth out a certain rate of flutter power. The gradual growth of flutter power smoothing flywheels of any size and power output can gradually make electricity storage unnecessary, because wind and sun are more reliable than any battery. The maximum required performance of the entire system of this technology, which is to be installed everywhere in Germany, is the electricity production gap in January. As soon as this performance level is reached, Germany will have a perfect power supply from solar and wind power.

Risks and side effects

Once such a flywheel is installed underneath Grandma Betty's strawberry bed, the jam jars in the cellar may have to be stored at an angle so that the magnetized jam can be placed correctly in the jar. Positive effect: When the jam slips out of your hand, it falls up very slowly. Of course then also with the marmalade upwards. But due to the force of gravity, it falls so slowly upwards that you can grab it with ease and prevent the jam from hitting the ceiling. This saves kitchen towels.


If the flywheel is converted and used as a flutter power smoother, my copyright claims naturally apply.

Important background information

Electricity production and consumption must always be the same everywhere. With the exception of a narrow voltage range, the electricity used must always correspond to the amount of electricity produced. Conversely, the power consumption must correspond exactly to the power provided. every tenth of a second. Merkel-Germany is ignoring this physical value in her (Merkels) own unique way and is endangering the entire electricity supply in the long term through the hasty and legally very questionable energy turnaround. The dangers emanating from this "physicist" can only be thwarted by flutter power smoothing flywheels.

Of course

It is natural and more than understandable when a fourteen-year-old beats up his German girlfriend in hospital. So the tons of birds, insects and bats destroyed by windmills are also a matter of course. After all, the survival of humanity is at stake in the form of an idiotic ideology for which schoolchildren are jumping for joy. Anyone who is against this must, of course, be eliminated from our society.


Nobody needs wind turbines, solar panels, coal or nuclear power plants!


Cars can run on hydrogen; a young man already built such an engine for his moped.

In 2004, a perpetual motion machine, purely mechanical, was patented at the Munich Patent Office and even granted a PCT (European Patent, international). 8 examiners confirmed it! Unfortunately, as with all good inventions, by which one cannot exploit the man in the street enough, ask him to pay and pollute the environment, 1000s of good ideas disappear or cannot be developed to product maturity for lack of money. Only the bad ones get the credits.

No, it is about the destruction of the planet through environmental destruction, overexploitation, exploitation (nuclear, rare earths, etc.). Digitalisation, total control for power-hungry individuals, destruction of biodiversity, these are the global goals. Elon Musk was allowed to cut down huge forests, is allowed to appropriate groundwater, although a few kilometres away there are plenty of wastelands due to open-cast mining areas on a large scale. I live in Lusatia, tons of logs are cut out of the forests every day.

I estimate that more than half of our forests have disappeared in recent years - with flimsy justifications. Wood goes to China and we buy from the proceeds - I don't want to expand on that. It's all about power, about technology and satellites, about stations on Mars and the moon for a handful of people, and everything is thrown overboard for it, even our livelihoods. There is always enough money for Bitcons, CERN, pointless flights, transport by road instead of rail, wars, etc.!

Actually, one should always think positively, no I am annoyed about the whole thing.

Frau Weiß [April 19, 2022]

Hello Ms Weiß, technical progress is always good. The new generation of nuclear power plants is many times safer than before. The remaining waste can largely be used for renewed energy production. Internal combustion cars are more environmentally friendly than e-cars. Electricity from wind and sun is fun and sensible, as long as you don't want to make an entire industrial nation dependent on it. The real disease is the Greens. They are neo-Marxists and warmongers. [RH]

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