Eucharist lie summary

From the objections of that Catholic it is clear that the Catholic Church promises forgiveness of sins and salvation through the Eucharist. The argumentation focuses on the point: in the Eucharist one actually takes the flesh and blood of Christ. This is the act of the Passover meal and has the effect of forgiving sins.

At the same time the demand is made that only those who eat the flesh and blood of Christ in this way are saved. For Jesus said: He who does not eat my flesh and drink my blood cannot be saved. Only in the Eucharist is the bread not empty bread and the wine not empty wine.

The catholic rule

The transformation that Catholic priests undertake empowers bread and wine to perform the act of faith in Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. This reduction of faith to a rite is exactly the same as what the Watchtower Society propagates. It says that faith is performed in the ministry of preaching.

The Liar's Hammer!

The fact that Jesus went to the cross and sacrificed himself only after the memorial meal is ignored in the Eucharist. The fact that the bread and wine could only be symbolic elements because Jesus had not yet sacrificed himself at all does not scratch the magicians who make gods out of oblates. Jesus never ate his own flesh and drank his own blood when he celebrated the Lord's Supper with his disciples.


The Lord's Supper can only be a memorial celebration without a redemptive character, because the Lord gave himself only later to take upon himself the guilt of humanity. The Eucharist, with its sacramental characteristics, ignores this and is a distortion of the Bible and an instrumentalization of the Lord's Supper to maintain the power of the Pope. The Eucharist is a pure business idea.

Read the course of the discussion. In it the ignorance of the Catholic Church becomes even clearer.


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