Is the Pope anti-Semitic?

If the pope has an inner bastard, then that bastard is infallible.

Finally the Pope takes his mask off his face. In doing so, he tries to distort his anti-Semitic grimace in such a way that a bashful smile can be seen. Piety and mercy!

The Pope has withdrawn the excommunication of priests, at least one of whom is a practicing anti-Semite. How nice that the Pope, like Satan, is forced to expose his true motivation to the world from time to time. Just as the Watchtower Society confesses its satanic origins with people who have bled to death and with depictions of demons, so the head of the Church repeatedly lets it be known that he still approves of the Catholic Church's centuries-long anti-Semitism today.

This is an excellent tradition!

The Catholic Church is always defended by its fanatical followers with the seamless tradition. But they do not look at what this tradition really means! They gloss over the worst organization in the world. How beautiful it is that the Pope himself with his gracious actions opens people's eyes to which stable he comes from.

Before I wanted to belong to such an organization, I would leave it with all possible consequence and as soon as possible. Even those blinded by the Eucharist should now realize that the Catholic Church is one of Satan's greatest and most successful tricks to keep people away from Jesus. This world power is no home for true Christians. This satanically motivated piety factory is the greatest illusion in the world. The Watchtower Society is only a little brother of this world organization of religious abuse.

Just in time for his self-exposure in the matter of anti-Semitism, the Pope launches his own You-Tube channel on the Internet to draw as many people as possible into the error. Nothing is holy to him, but he pretends he can sanctify! The Watchtower Society will sit on the same dock with the Catholic Church and receive its judgment.

Praise the Lord!

We have to thank God that His Majesty the Pope has to get rid of his mask from time to time. How will the other heads of state react to this new freedom of anti-Semitism? Will they take account of the new trend of open hatred of Jews? Will they reward the Pope's game of hide-and-seek with a hug and a joint photograph?

The pope remains true to himself.

The Pope, in any case, has nothing to reproach himself for. The Catholic Church has always been anti-Semitic and has firmly established in its teaching that it is the chosen people instead of the Jews. What a surprise it will be when the breath of Jesus' mouth will teach them all about the truth in a single second! They will implore the mountains to fall upon them and slay them, that they may not see the truth.

Infallible (inner) bastard
If the pope has an inner bastard, then that bastard is infallible.

Is the Pope anti-Semitic?

But we know that the Pope is a German, and that when he became Pope, German media were playing up: We are Pope. What is developing there? Why are the anti-Semites allowed to openly stir up hatred against the Jews again? Why is the hatred of Jews being dug up again in all corners and ends? Should the infallible pope not have known what his priests are saying on long days? Is all this a late thanks to Mussolini, who gave the Pope back the Vatican?


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