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Catholic Monopoly

An organization that limits Jesus' promise of salvation to itself is Antichrist!

The intention of this page is to confront Catholics and those who deal with this sect with facts that are inextricably linked to Jesus, but which are withheld from the people by the Papacy with much eloquence and sophistication.

Catholicism teaches that he alone represents God on earth. Little by little, the Popes have assimilated God and made his power theirs. They claim to be Jesus Christ himself, priests have the power to forgive sins, they have placed themselves in the place where God should be. The popes represent God.

But there is only one mediator between God and men and this mediator is called Jesus Christ. He, Jesus, is God himself and mediator between himself and us. There can never be anything that replaces him, mediates him, represents him or represents him in any way in this world. Jesus is fully effective and calls everyone to Himself. Even you.

Jesus says: "Come to me, all you toilers and laden men! And I will give you rest." How could a person ever be excluded just because he is not in bondage to the Popes?

The Catholic Church heaps one false doctrine upon another. It thinks up things that simply aren't in the Bible. The Catholic Church exercises power in a worldly way and puts this arbitrariness and arrogance into a spiritual context. Unfortunately, with its self-invented spiritual contexts, it has distanced itself so profoundly from the Bible that it has become the Antichrist. It massacres the power of Jesus by claiming that it itself would exercise this power.

Catholics! Become aware that you are consistently separated from salvation by this church of power. Turn directly to Jesus and let nothing count but Him. Whoever mixes him with human or worldly things will never get to know him.


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