Transsubstantiation – transformation of substances – transformation of essence

More important than the worship of the dead, more important than the magical effect of corpses and body parts in the Catholic Church is the power the Catholic priest has over God. When, around 321 after Christ, Roman state power was mixed with the Christian faith, an alliance of pagan rites with small remnants of Christian beliefs was formed. The Christian message of salvation through Jesus Christ was gutted, hollowed out and incorporated as a mere act of sorcery to the power of the Roman priesthood.

Catholic priesthood

The supreme component of Roman paganism soon settled under the cloak of the Lord's Supper, in which the priest – thanks to his magical power and his power over the Most High – forces Jesus Christ into the bread and wine. What was once, according to the words of Jesus, a mere memorial meal, became a magical process in the Roman mixing of state power and religion, to which the redemption was transferred, which originally lay in Jesus Christ alone. By this shifting of Jesus' promise of salvation to an artificial, freely invented promise of salvation of the Roman-Christian mixture of teachings, the great Roman religion gained access to the human world in order to redirect the Christian hope from Jesus to itself. The Roman art form of the Christian faith diverted people's gaze away from Jesus to the cult, to the rite over which it claims to have power. Thus the power of the ancient Roman holders of the pagan cult was preserved and even renewed.

The self-exaltation of the Catholic mixed religion, which goes beyond all standards and any rest of reason, shows itself in words that come from the Catholic witch's kitchen itself:

Wonderful dignity of priests: the Son of God becomes flesh in their hands, as in Mary's womb. What power the priest has! The tongue of the priest makes God out of a piece of bread, it is more than creating the world.Walter Veith, The Truth Matters, page 194

This unbelievable pretension of power, which ignores everything that Jesus said, can of course only be used meaningfully if it is enforced as legally and actually existing. Like a band of thugs, like a raiding party, like the rule of the fascists, the Roman dechristianization power took measures to enforce this goal of power over God and the world:

Anyone who says that in the highly holy sacrament of the Eucharist the substance of bread and wine continues to exist at the same time as the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and anyone who denies that wonderful and unique transformation of the entire substance of bread into the body and of the entire substance of wine into the blood, whereby only the forms of bread and wine remain – this transformation is what the Catholic Church very aptly calls transubstantiatio – is excluded.Walter Veith, The Truth Matters, page 195

Because of the assertion of the power of the Catholic Church, countless people had to lose their lives under the cruellest suffering. The entire history of the Catholic religion's Romanization is interspersed with murder, torture, servitude and oppression. What else could be Christian about this Catholic apparatus of destruction? Nothing! Even if the Roman priesthood had left even minimal remnants of Christian doctrine intact, it would be recognizable to all as a great shame at first sight. What is the Catholic Church doing in order to be perceived as the only true church of Christ?

The Catholic Church blinds millions of the faithful by binding carnally minded people to itself with the vehicle of worship and the practice of rites. It has subjugated the carnal world and rides the beast of disbelief and the magical power of sorcery. The basis of the priestly lie in Catholicism is the hope of the carnally-minded pseudo-Christian, who believes that he can actually see an effective factor in the magical action of the priest. But what does the Catholic connect with this priestly magic?

In most cases this remains in the dark. The Catholic does not even have to come out of his spiritual darkness. He pays tribute to the Catholic magic religion and then goes home with the feeling that he has done what God demands of him. But he does not ask God himself, but relies on the Roman priests, who ignore everything Jesus said bone dry. This is the parallel between the Roman Catholic faith rape and the Watchtower Society. In both institutions of human arrogance towards God, the lowest shows itself to be the basis of aberration.

In this way, no Catholic and no Jehovah's Witness will be able to be acquitted of having taken the wrong path. For it was his naïve stupidity that made the great evil of deceit possible in the first place. This sin of omission on the part of the recipient of the Catholic deception must be enough to ruin him, for he has avoided, out of convenience, informing himself, testing his faith and directing his questions directly to Jesus. He willingly allowed himself to be blinded and put his hope in things that fit so comfortably into his world. What God or Jesus want from him, he does not care. He has his earthly masters.

The responsibility of the fraudsters Watchtower Society and Catholic Church will certainly bring the worst for these people. But there can be no one who follows these deceivers and says to himself: "If they lie, they will have to answer for it ... I will not. Oh yes, there is, man who squints his eyes! You will pay the same as those who led you astray.


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