The Catholic fraud and the Eucharist

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When Jesus died for us on the cross, he accomplished a unique work which he himself had declared during his time on earth to be universally valid. In this one act of redemption lies man's access to God. Again and again and without breaking off patience Jesus declared: Whoever believes in me will be saved. This way to God, who is called Jesus, consists of this unique sacrifice and the faith that must take place in man if he wants to come to God.

Thus an access to God has been created which is irrevocably valid for all people and cannot be reversed or improved or worsened or changed in any way. This unique thing of God, this step that he has taken to give all people without distinction salvation in faith in Jesus Christ, is the centre and the unshakable rock that alone is capable of establishing the connection between God and human beings, without people perishing before the face of God because of their injustice.

The perfect God – perfect justice and perfect love – this perfect God must kill all injustice simply because of his own perfection. But because of his perfect love, he has turned his consistently deadly justice against himself, so that his perfect love may work. For without his perfect love God is not God, not perfect.

The path to God can only go via this God-determined faith in Jesus Christ, because the sacrificial death of Christ is the node where God in his perfection meets man without having to kill him because of his perfection. The one who believes in Jesus receives a new garment in the perfect power of Jesus, which makes him pleasing in the eyes of God, which protects him from the perfect righteousness of God, because he has accepted the perfect righteousness in Jesus Christ.

This event, which is valid for itself and out of itself and functions only in itself, can never be modified by a human being or a demon or an angel or a devil or an earthly priest without it immediately becoming absurd. Any attempt to imitate or repeat this unique act of God must end in its being put out of action, because only God himself is capable of performing this act.

Faith alone in this miracle of God is the key that man has at his disposal to come to God, to receive his grace to the full and to enter into his love without dying of human sinfulness.

Catholic priests have disfigured Jesus' sacrifice into a magical act!

The Catholic Church has not only filled itself with all kinds of pagan rites and cults, but it has exposed the core of the Gospel, the core of the Good News of the salvation of mankind through Jesus Christ, to rot through pagan magic. They have transformed the unique, the only true provision of the perfect atonement into a rite over which they rule. They arouse the thought that that Jesus is no longer effective, but that the magical Eucharistic act must be repeated again and again by Catholic priests in order to be able to apply the sacrifice to the respective participant.

This thesis contradicts the Bible in all its fibers. There is no magic in the Bible, even when it is disguised as Christian magic. The Bible speaks with clear language of faith in Jesus Christ, who saves, and not of a new construction of a sacrificial provision that must be repeated constantly and at all times. The blasphemy of the Catholic Church consists precisely in this rejection of the full validity of the sacrifice of Jesus, which applies to all human beings. The Catholic Church has reduced and transformed the sacrifice of Christ into a rite dependent on human beings. It has done this in order to concentrate the power in this world on itself.

The reversal of the unique and eternally valid achievement of Jesus into a transitory rite subject to constant repetition is the most sinful act of mankind par excellence. It is the capture of Jesus and the capture of the Holy Spirit in the hands of power-hungry magicians, greedy for recognition. It is one of the most refined conversions of the gospel of Jesus into pagan ritual for the purpose of accumulating power.

The Catholic Church must therefore be seen as the mother of all heresies, because everything else in the world that tramples on Jesus can only halfway imitate this refined debilitation of the Word of God. The record-holder of the lie, the supreme seat of blasphemy, is in Rome and is working diligently to expand its own power.

What does the pope say?

Unforgettable words of John Paul II: »The Holy Mass is absolutely the center of my life and of each of my days«
(Address on October 27, 1995)Reference

Isn't it bad when power-hungry old men deny Jesus in such a way and block the way to Jesus? – Not the Lord's Supper, but Jesus must be the centre of every believing Christian. The Lord's Supper is a reminder of him. It is the reminder that he – Jesus – is our centre. But no! The Catholic Church raises its powerful magic to its centre. And the appeal to all people not to remain in Jesus follows promptly:

And it would have to be a word that each of us can make our own: Holy Mass is unreservedly the center of my life and of every day.Reference

Here we recognize the evocative empty phrases of the Watchtower Society. It too postulates absolute obedience to everything and everyone, except Jesus, but then towards the end it always formulates the whole thing so harmlessly and rather as a calendar saying that it is no longer taken so seriously. This has the meaning that the people who are so concerned about such things do not wake up from their religious coma.

Angelus at Castelgandolfo, September 18, 2005

For this reason, the priest must above all adore and contemplate the Eucharist, and this from the moment he celebrates it.Reference

The priests worship all kinds of things in the Catholic Church. Including the Eucharist. They make no secret of using magic and idolatry to drive people astray. They wrap it all up in such a beautiful and harmless atmosphere that people think that they really are God on earth.

Address to the Bishops of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands on the occasion of their visit to Ad-limina, June 25, 2005

At the centre of priestly ministry is the daily, devout celebration of Holy Mass. In this Year of the Eucharist, I call upon your priests: Remain faithful to this commitment which is the center of each of your life and mission.Reference

Unbelievable! Quite openly, God, who is the real centre of life, is dethroned. Completely unrestrained, Catholic priests praise their magic and call their tireless crucifixion repetition ceremony the center of life. Not even Pharaoh was bolder than these blasphemers, who belong to a worldwide web of power and blindness. But Jesus Christ was and is the center of life. He says: Stay in me. He does not say: Remain in the Eucharist or remain in the guild of the magicians who replace me.

He instructs us to stay in it. This means that he himself must be the center of our lives and nothing else. Jesus has nothing to do with magic or sorcery. Jesus is clear and open and communicates to us through His Holy Spirit. The Lord's Supper is an important reminder of his way and of his work and of him. But salvation is only in Jesus Christ alone and not in the Eucharist or in the Catholic Church.

Address to the bishops of South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia and Lesotho on the occasion of their visit to Ad-limina, 10 June 2005

Priests are called to leave everything behind and to show ever deeper devotion to the Blessed Sacrament in order to lead people to this mystery and its peace.Reference

The magical act of the priest who exercises authority over Jesus and forces him into the cardboard cracker is the cultic institution in the Catholic system of world domination to which all members of the Catholic Church must submit. The old covenant, which Jesus replaced through his unique sacrifice and with a covenant of faith, is continued in the Catholic Church with another cult in order to distract people from Jesus. With this occult distraction the Catholic Church is in "best" society. It is similar to the Watchtower Society in its objectives: domination of people and blocking the way to Jesus.

The Lord's Supper in the Eucharist has become a Catholic magical tool that should impress people. After realizing that every person always had direct access to Jesus in faith, one had to come up with something to establish one's own importance once and for all. It's a good thing that the carnal man is so fond of magical rites. So it was obvious what the Catholic Church had to do.

Sermon at the Chrisam Mass on Maundy Thursday, April 13, 2006

In place of the Paschal Lamb and all the sacrifices of the Old Covenant, there is the gift of his body and blood, the gift of himself. Thus the new cult is founded on the fact that God above all gives us a gift and we, filled with this gift, become His own: Creation returns to its Creator.Reference

Impossible! How can the Catholic Church take it upon itself to classify the deed of Christ as the victims of the Old Covenant? The sacrifice of Christ is the reconciliation of all people with God at all times! And much worse! How can the Catholic Church grant itself the right to repeat this sacrifice of Christ again and again? The summit of blasphemy happens in the assertion that in the Eucharist creator and creation are reconciled with one another. This says nothing other than that Jesus died in vain, and that he needs the Catholic Church, which offers a much more effective sacrifice. Not Jesus is now the Savior, but the powerful priest who celebrates his magic.

If this aberration was just a misunderstanding, it would no longer exist today. But the Catholic Church has quite deliberately misunderstood Jesus. For without this misinterpretation of the Bible it would not have been able to install its worldly power. Without the perversion of the Word of God, no one can gain power over people from the Gospel. This is the nature of the Antichrist! He must distort the Bible so that he can put himself in the position of power he desires.

Sermon at the priestly ordination on May 7, 2006

He gives himself, and not only in a distant past. In the Holy Eucharist he makes this a reality every day, he gives himself through our hands, he gives himself to us. For this reason, the Holy Eucharist is rightly at the center of priestly life, in which Jesus' gift on the cross remains ever truly present among us.Reference

Not Jesus himself, but the ritual "reality" of the Catholic magician is the basis on which the Catholic Church promises life and salvation. No longer faith in Jesus saves, but participation in the Eucharist. How easy it is to give up going to the cinema and take part in the Catholic salvation. This does not require a decision, this does not require faith, this does not require discipleship. It's just a magical act that you can do on the side, just like the daily toilet.

The Catholic use of power must logically undo the cross of Christ. Jesus is degraded and abused in the Catholic Church as a ritual. This is the toll that the interpretation demands from pagans for pagans. Magicians and sorcerers meet the pagan people in pagan rites. The Eucharist is the summit of the blasphemous abuse of Jesus. It is the practical repression of all the words that Jesus addressed to us. It is the repression of faith in Jesus. It is only an instrumentalization of Jesus for the Catholic accumulation of power.

Sermon at the priestly ordination on May 7, 2006

The daily Eucharist is very important for the priest, in which he exposes himself again and again to this mystery; he gives himself again and again into the hands of the Lord and at the same time experiences the joy that HE is there, accepts me, lifts me up again and again and carries me, gives me his hand, even himself.Reference

Unbelievable! The Pope recommends the Eucharist as a daily substitute for faith. He claims to provoke the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ by the mere rite of magic. What blasphemy. This daily invocation of God by the magical power of Catholic worship cannot be reconciled with the experiences of true Christians. For the presence of Jesus does not depend on a rite, but on Jesus himself and on the attitude of the hearts of those who gather for his worship and in his name. To sell the Eucharist as a magical means of forcing Jesus' presence is pure druidism, sorcery, totally broken magic cult of broken people. It is the great deception that must be called fornication. Because the Catholic priests use pagan practices and imagine themselves to serve God. But they only serve themselves and their power.

No one in this world is destined to experience Jesus through a superstitious act of cult. Jesus does not engage in pagan practices. The Catholic Church is without insight on this point. It has forced upon Jesus once and for all the abusiveness of magic and will defend this error until his return. The greater the error, the more important the papal pomp to impress people.

All super pious sounding sayings of the Pope have only one aim: to instrumentalize Jesus for the increase of power of the Catholic Church. One likes to argue:

"Apostolic succession or apostolic following is a proof of the true Catholic Church of Christ. It is the continuity, the chain of the laying on of hands from the apostles, or apostle Peter, to the present bishop/bishops. The chain of the laying on of hands can be historically proven with the chain of the bishops of Rome. Is there any other church that can look back on a history of over 2000 years? Is there another Church that can look back on an apostolic succession up to the time of Peter?"

Thereby man overlooks that exactly this closed chain is the chain of error and apostasy. What the predecessor did wrong was followed by his successor and not checked. This is the chain of error popes and the chain of error apostles. So the Catholic Church presents itself as the spiritual tower of Babel, because it does not revise or correct anything backwards. All falsifications of the Word and all errors are considered right and good and form the foundation on which the Pope stands, thinking that he is already reaching for heaven with his head.

So the church stands to all its mistakes – but just not understanding!

From "What matters is the truth" by Walter Veith, pages 98/99:

The well-known Catholic Thomas Aquinas believed that convicted heretics deserved to die just as much as other criminals, since they were only counterfeiters. In a Catholic magazine he wrote:

  • You cannot generate piety in our hearts by pathetic reports of Catholic atrocities... We have never written a line to whitewash or soften the Inquisition. We never thought it needed a defense.

The church historian Philip Schaff says:

  • As far as we know, the Pope has never uttered a word of protest against the inhuman acts committed during the Spanish interrogations.

The historian Leky says:

  • That the Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed in human history cannot be denied by any Protestant expert in history.

The Catholic Church considers its history to be correct in all points to this day. This alone puts it on the sidelines. It has stopped at the stand that Peter embodied when he refused to let Jesus wash his feet. When Jesus threatened him that he could have no part in it if he did not let wash his feet, Peter reacted immediately and asked the Lord to wash him completely and not only his feet.

The Catholic Church has never let itself be purified by Jesus. It prefers to present its own dirt as being right and good.


If you accept Jesus and believe him to have saved you with his unique work, and believe him to have reconciled us with God through his deed, then you will quickly recognize the corrupting power of the Roman Catholic Church. When you contact Jesus, not only will you experience His power and be led by the Holy Spirit into all truth, but you will realize that it is blasphemy to dwell in a church that claims that there is no salvation outside of it.

Come out of it and open your heart to Jesus. Leave the dark cave of human rites and human magic actions. Let Jesus free you and bless you. Flee the cult of the dead, flee blasphemy, flee this worldly power!


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