Pope Benedict XVI warns against free churches

You hear the devil speak

In all Catholic-dominated areas one meets an attitude of the people that says: We do not need to worry about anything. We simply let ourselves be guided by the feeling of belonging to the established (only true) church. One blindly accepts all the magical teachings of the Catholic Church and then goes to his daily work, takes care of his business, continues to defraud the state, looks after his advantage and cultivates his wealth. If that is not enough for you, you hang a crucifix on the wall here or there, or buy magically effective pictures of the Virgin Mary and think that this has brought you even closer to God.

But the Catholic Church is full of heresies, all of which serve only one purpose: to destroy the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The most prominent false doctrines are the Eucharist, which supposedly applies magical magic directly to Jesus Christ, turning him into a paper biscuit that can then be locked away in the tabernacle. And it is the Catholic heresy that employs a person for Jesus Christ in order to banish Jesus from the everyday life of faith of people by replacing him with the substitute deity Pope. For the Catholic Church the pope is God.

The magazine »Catholic National«, July 1895 reports as follows:

The pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ himself, hidden under the veil of the flesh.

The people of the modern world no longer ask what background and motives are valid for the Catholic Prince of the Church. They let themselves be guided by his charisma and let themselves be sprinkled with his statements and rejoice that there is still someone in the world who represents any basic values. But the fact that the basic values of the Catholic Church end up deviating one hundred percent from the Bible is of no concern to anyone.

Today it is no longer about content and truth!

Just as an Obama, because of his charisma, pockets his profit, which is paid to him by the whole world, so today's papacy is not based on biblical church doctrine, but on charisma, charisma, mood, feelings and enthusiasm. The way has been prepared for a new phase of demagogy and the new rulers of the world are entering it and taking advantage of their unexpectedly received opportunity. In this sphere of ignorance and lack of criticism, in this rarely occurring century chance of an Adolf Hitler, the Pope warns against free churches! This man of depiction of the most public deception in the world, this figure of bible twisting and blasphemy, this Roman icon of paganism warns against free churches.

Pope Benedict XVI warns against free churches

With this warning, the Pope is turning the free churches into a general danger! As one warns against prostitution, drugs and gluttony, so the Pope warns against the free churches. But the Free Churches are the closest candidates for the 1-to-1 implementation of faith in Jesus Christ. Free Churches are and will remain the factor of resistance in a world that swallows everything and anything, if it only appears charismatic. Free Churches are the clearly determined representatives of faith in Jesus, as Jesus wants his message to be understood.

By warning against the free churches, the Pope also warns against taking Jesus' message seriously. He warns against faith in Jesus, he warns against relying on Jesus. Behind this is the direct admonition that the Catholic magic of the Eucharist is necessary for the salvation of people. In the middle of the round of consequences of such a warning is the demand that the Catholic Church is the only true church in the world.

But the other way around, a shoe is made of it!

While the Catholic Church does not correspond to all the other counter-religions that Christianity has had to and must endure, the Catholic Church is thousands of times more cunning in its effectiveness of aberration than Islam or the Jehovah religion. The Catholic Church, it is said, remains partly within Christian doctrine, but deviates from it, among other things by establishing a counter-Christ, namely the Pope.

The Pope himself is the reversal of the Catholic Church. The Pope is the head of all heresies.

With his warning against the free churches, the pope has announced the next persecution of Christians. Free Churches are those Christian groups that build solely on the Word of God, on Jesus Christ, and that continually orient their faith anew to the living God. Free Churches are the institutions consisting of people who again and again seek obedience to the Holy Spirit and do not listen to human powers or power mongers. It is certainly possible that among them individual groups or parts join charismatic market criers. But such irritations are handled by the Holy Spirit himself.

With his warning against the free churches, the Pope once again raises blasphemy to the guideline of his actions. Apostasy from the Gospel of Jesus and apostasy from the Word of God are the real rules of the Catholic Church, which is the largest and most successful organization under the sun when it comes to heresy and the undoing of the cross of Christ.

The Pope's declaration of war against the true Christians heralds a phase that is already written in the Bible. The most blasphemous power of all blasphemies will persecute and seek to destroy genuine Christianity. In order to make the consequences of this warning clear even to those who are not informed, here are a few words from "The truth matters" quoted by Prof. Walter Veith (pages 196 / 197) Whoever recognizes Catholic blasphemy should understand what kind of teaching the Pope stands for.

In clear contrast to Holy Scripture, the Catholic Church has elevated Mary to the status of Mediatrix, Advocate and Coredemptrix of man. In 1854, Pope Pius IX declared Mary to be »Immaculata« (»the Immaculate«). In 1950, Pius XII defined and enforced the dogma of the bodily reception of Mary into heaven, thus elevating her to the rank of Mediatrix. He thus supported the claims made by Catholic saints of all times.

  • The sinner who dares to go directly to Christ may come with fear and anxiety of his wrath; but let him merely avail himself of the Virgin's mediation with her Son. She need only show her Son the breasts that have suckled him, and his wrath is instantly quenched.

Statements of catholic saints about Mary:

  • ... Whoever does not take refuge with Mary falls and is lost. Mary is called the gate of heaven, because without her no one can enter the kingdom. The path to salvation is open only through Mary. The salvation of all depends on whether they are blessed and sheltered by Mary. Whoever is protected by her will also be saved; whoever is not, will be lost ... »Our salvation depends on you« ... God will not save us without the intercession of Mary...

In Catholic teaching, Mary takes the place of Jesus. Instead of looking up to Jesus, the author and perfecter of the faith, we look up to Mary. In Mary, the Catholic finds access to God and learns to obey him; in her the whole Church is sanctified. ... Sacred Scripture does not support any of these teachings, but is in clear contradiction to them. If we study modern statements on this subject, we see that the Catholic Church is not averse to putting Mary in the place of God and treating her as a goddess. In section 829 of the »Catechism of the Catholic Church« it says:

  • 829. But while the Church has already reached perfection in the Blessed Virgin Mary, where she is without blemish and wrinkles, the faithful are still striving to conquer sin completely and thus to grow in holiness; and that is why they raise their eyes to Mary (LG 65): in her the Church is already the most holy.

Nothing is more shameful than to transfer the unique characteristics of Jesus Christ to other individuals. With the institution of the Mother of God as a mediator, apostasy from the Word of God is sealed forever, and the Catholic Church commits the same sacrilege as the Watchtower Society, which has a certain Jehovah worshiped instead of Jesus. All turning away from God lies in turning away from the name Jesus given to us, in which we must be saved. The Pope's permission to be called the Christ is the seal under the worst blasphemy the world has ever seen and yet not recognized.

In order to make all this clear before the eyes of the world and to prove it clearly to every single person, Jesus Christ will have to come down to earth. For without His power, heresy and blasphemy will be as blood in the veins of men. And the pope himself is the pump that pumps blasphemy into the world.


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