You can't beat arbitrariness: The Priestly Fraternity of Pius X

For some time now, one "holy of holies" has been sending me the newsletter of the Priestly Fraternity of Pius X. The pomp and the cult shown in this newsletter is so hair-raising that even those who are unaware of the blatant heresies of the Catholic Church are reluctant. The Brotherhood of Pius Priests stands for the tradition by which, as we know, the Catholic Church is legitimized as the Body of Christ. Less than tradition is the Word of God. Jesus is overrun by tradition and Catholicism not only welcomes this, but builds on it. Not Jesus is the rocky ground on which the brotherhood is built, but tradition.

Jehovah's Witnesses build on the faithful and understanding slave, the Catholic Church builds on tradition. Both organizations have 2 or more deities in their program. Next to the Watchtower main god Jehovah sits the Watchtower Jesus, whom the main god carved for himself because he was so lonely (Pinocchio). Next to the Christ of the Catholic Church sits the deity Mary, of whom, of course, it must not be said openly that she is a deity. But Catholics pray to her and some "especially beloved children of Mary" also receive messages and visions, all of which deviate from the Bible.

Both organizations have in common that each is the only true one and simply ignore facts and data that prove their lies.


The images also revolve around the Eucharist, whose kitsch is unsurpassed. The depiction of the wine, which through the action of the Catholic priest becomes a relic to be consumed, lacks nothing of the artificial piety that can also be found in the illustrations of the Watchtower Society. This agreement implies that it is highly probable that these great dazzles of religions originate from the same author.

All pictures and quotations are taken from the newsletter of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, year 2012 No. 10, including the Eucharist supplement.

Some commented quotations

Remarkable are the many spelling mistakes in this magazine. It also omits important detail information, such as the name of the speaker, as it refers to a talk given in Fulda on September 2 during this year's pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle of Germany (page 2). On page 2 we then find the following passage:

Page 2: "Above all, two errors must be avoided: 1. salvation can be obtained directly without the mediation of the holy Church. 2. the Church is only a tiresome collection of dogmas, a system that suppresses freedom. I can also be pious without it. Christ yes. Church no. Such views are in stark contrast to the whole of Holy Scripture."

Just as with Jehovah's Witnesses, corresponding Bible passages are either not given at all or are given incorrectly. The Pius priests simply omit the relevant Bible passages. People have no interest in the Word of God unless they can philosophize about it freely in their own minds.

Just like the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Catholic Church says: "Without us nothing will work! This is so unbelievably dirty towards Jesus who says: Come here to me everybody! Except Jesus is not a mediator of salvation. No modern sect, no heavenly Mary and no earthly organization. The claim of the Catholic Church to assume the role of Christ is blasphemy of the most audacious kind.

Whoever believes the rites of the Catholic Church accepts a Jesus who is daily reliquarily materially produced by the priests. The Catholic priests actually produce their God from oblates and red wine, and then store it in secured rooms. At the same time they deny the salvation that a person has through Jesus as long as they do not have their fingers in the pie. Exactly this denial of Jesus also exists in the Watchtower doctrine, which also stands above Jesus, because without it salvation in Jesus is not valid.

A thought suggests itself: This design comes from one and the same author. Where human power structures, in the midst of evil violations of the Bible words, present their own system as absolutely necessary for salvation, the God of the Bible cannot be decisive. The signs are so clear that one has to be blinded by the pseudo-piety of the respective brotherhoods to believe these fantasies. Whoever reads the Bible and makes contact with Jesus will quickly understand and reject the depravity of these human power constructions.

The term brotherhood comes from the desire of man to realize things collectively. That is Freemasonry. Both the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Pius Fraternity have the status of Brotherhood. Such brotherhoods do not place their hope in God, but in their victorious campaign for unrestricted dominance. While they still allow their God as an aid, they strive to assert their worldview through the guidelines of their brotherhood.

Page 2: "This the whole of Sacred Scripture [RH] presents us with the goal of the whole human race in the building of the mystical master body, and this mystical master body on earth is the preparation for the marriage of the divine Bridegroom to his beloved Bride, the Holy Church."

Again no indication of biblical passages. The self-glorification approach of the Catholic Church, which embraces the whole humanity, is simply asserted in passing. The construction of a mystical master body on earth is the masonic construct of the worldwide perfection of mankind. The vision of a worldwide unity organization can also be found in the Jehovah's Witnesses, who, while not glorifying Mary, do not, like Catholicism, claim Jesus as their own.

Catholicism as well as Jehovahism haggle over world domination and give nothing to Jesus. The Jehovahists exclude him as God and impose prohibitions on him, such as those concerning idols. Catholicism bakes its own material God in ritual, which in the end must be locked away safely. Both long for the earthly all-embracing rule. Both use the Bible without having really accepted it. Both pretend that their salvation depends on membership in their organization.

Page 3: "All the works that we undertake, all the toil and sorrows, all the sweat and even the odd tear is for nothing other than the building up of the mysterious Body of Christ, and this in turn is built up for the glory of the Triune God. That is why we have seminaries, priory, schools and retreat houses, that is why we have small religious communities. That is why four Dominican sisters from Fanjeaux settled in Rheinhausen on August 8th with their newly founded St. Dominic's primary school."

Because of the all-encompassing claim to power of the Catholic Church, the work must of course become a self-praise. Whoever relies on Jesus without consulting ritualistic people quickly and surely learns that he cannot do any good unless Jesus does it in him. The extreme Catholicism of the Pius-Brotherhood does not know this connection. The Pius Brotherhood, on the other hand, believes that it can build up the mysterious Body of Christ through human works. The mysteriousness of this Catholic Body of Christ can only be the invisible miracle of transubstantiation, which is diametrically opposed to all the miracles that Jesus did, because all miracles of Jesus had visible consequences.

And because the priests, all of whom let themselves be called, in spite of the clear prohibition of Jesus Father (Father), "the one or other tear" shed full-time, they must of course be supported financially. This is the mysterious body of Christ on earth: an abuse of Christ for the purpose of an earthly organization that dominates the people and deprives them of Jesus by making itself a condition for salvation.

What God referred to each individual human being, earthly power organizations try to systematize, so that no longer the individual human being can comprehensively get in touch with God, but only the mass of human beings with the sign of belonging to one of these power organizations. Jesus saves every single human being in absolute power and glory. Catholicism saves only the Catholics and of those only those who also deposit a lot of money. For the less rich Catholic, the system of the materially reproducible God has devised the suffering in purgatory.

...the goal of the whole human race... build the mystical master body... on earth... the holy Church

If we leave out the embellishments, the above quotation gives rise to a statement that is also found among Jehovah's Witnesses as an earthly hope for the Kingdom. For an earthly realization of human kingdom hopes, the Pius Brotherhood uses the Bible, just as the Watchtower Brotherhood does. They use it to construct a visionary purpose that Jesus said could not be earthly. – My kingdom is not of this world. – The parallel between the fraternities of traditional Catholics and Jehovah's organization is shown by the following quotation (found in "Der Gewissenskonflikt" by Raymond Franz, page 220):

...will, in a sense, form the core of the new kingdom on Earth. One of the first things to happen will be to make Jerusalem the capital of the world. It will be a great work, but there will also be many willing workers. ... A considerable work has already been done by building better roads and cultivating fields. If Jerusalem is to be the capital of the world, there must be a fast connection from there to all directions. The Kingdom of Christ is to remove all evil in 1000 years.
The road to paradise, page 215

From this one can see the Masonic coloured motivation of the religions to bring the earth as a Kingdom of God under their own influence. The Watchtower Society openly pursues this goal. Although the so-called "Heavenly Jerusalem" has been in place with the Jehovah's Witnesses for a long time in New York, the earthly objective has remained the same. Whether Christ really reigns royally at this time is then a mere secondary matter, for the worldwide Jehovah's Witnesses' propaganda will continue at will even under the Kingdom Rule of the Watchtower Society. Then it will be important to avoid the idea that no God need be involved in this world domination.

Likewise, all other world brotherhood visions work. The vision of the Pius Brotherhood is: ... the goal of the whole human race ... To build the mystical master body... on earth... the holy Church. The marriage of the divine Bridegroom to his beloved Bride" need only then be celebrated as a new solemn event. Whether or not Jesus then actually did his thing is irrelevant.

Antichristian brotherhoods can be recognized among other things by the fact that their utopian visions could function under the following two conditions:

  • with God
  • and without God

They ignore that the kingdom of Christ cannot be of this world. They ignore that Christian hope is directed towards communion with God, which has no carnal form of existence. They cannot believe that they must give up their worldly material glories. They cannot part with the glorious landscapes they possess. They indulge in the dream delusion of bringing their organization so far forward that in the end only they are the masters of the world.

Then it is easy to pretend that they were only the executive organ of the Lord. Just as easy as that is already the case today. Both the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society make ample use of this by belittling the power of God and making salvation dependent on their organization instead of God.

Dear Catholics (1-5/5)

Page 3: "Do not forget, dear faithful, to pray the Rosary daily in your family during the month of October, so that the Queen of the Rosary may listen to us in our needs and come to our aid, leading the Church out of her long crisis and giving her a new springtime of virtues and holiness."

The prayer to the deceased person Mary is the prayer to Satan. By holding another God up to the people, who is supposed to consist of Mary Mother of God, who is supposedly not dead and who has physically ascended into the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church is reversing piety and turning it into the worship of the devil.

For whoever worships someone other than God in Jesus Christ rejects Jesus as the only mediator between God and men. This happens half unconsciously with most Catholics, because they rely on the reliability of the Roman sect. The cult of Mary and the cult of the Rosary are deadly traps in the concept that Satan has extensively enforced in the Catholic Church.

The priests in this organization of Our Lady receive power and prestige for confronting Jesus with an anti-God and telling the people that they may pray to this anti-God in peace. Catholicism has thereby completely surrendered to paganism and has placed Jesus in the second row as a mere background figure. The fact that Jesus still plays a certain role in the Catholic Church at all is due to the necessity not to remove him completely. For the Catholic Church still calls itself Christian.

To this end, they have made Jesus into a magical instrument that must be used daily in the Eucharist in order to force a certain amount of forgiveness of sins down on the faithful. This is their daily bread and they claim to have the power to forgive sins and to actually make the flesh and blood of Christ from the bread and wine. They sacrifice a fictitious Jesus every day anew.

In this way they repeat the crucifixion every day, which according to the Bible is clearly meaningless and shows only contempt for the unique sacrifice of Jesus. The contempt of Jesus is expressed in the Pope's naming of him as God (Holy Father) and in the ritualistically packaged new sacrifice of freshly made relics that exist only in the imagination of the believers. When it comes to ridiculing Jesus, the Catholic Church is the absolute world champion.

Page 4: "When our Lord and Saviour descends from heaven and takes on a human nature in order to restore the destroyed order, he chooses disciples and from them in a special way twelve apostles, who after his suffering and death, after his resurrection, his ascension into heaven and the sending of the Spirit are to continue his work as his representatives ..."

The demand of the Catholic Church in German is: We have the power! With the fictitious disappearance of Jesus (= "after his suffering and death, after his resurrection, his ascension and the sending of the spirit") and neglecting his word that he would be with us until the end, the Catholic Church constructs power as a mandate to realize what Jesus supposedly initiated.

But Jesus did not begin a work, but he completed it. His exclamation "It is finished!" bears witness that nothing can be added to his work. Jesus also says that his kingdom is not of this world. This means that people can by no means continue his work. Jesus works the continuation of His work in the true church, which consists of each and every disciple of Jesus. No devotee of Mary can belong to this Church of Christ, because devotees of Mary are necromancers.

The so-called "destroyed order", which Jesus supposedly restores, is not explained in detail, so that the Catholic-inspired reader can think of nothing else but the earthly rule of their Roman cult. At this point, Catholicism and Jehovahood are in the same boat. They pursue the goal of an earthly society that rules the world in absolute terms. These people do not realize how close this interpretation of the Bible is to the Koran. They are so obsessed with their own claim to power that they do not realize that all religions deviating from Jesus pursue this goal of earthly power.

The one who classifies himself as the representative of Christ is already presuming to the pure being God. No person mentioned in the Bible has ever made this claim. And yet there is a God called the Holy Father in Catholicism, who claims the title of the Vicar of Christ for himself. For centuries, millions of people have followed this unbiblical fantasy being into the distance from Jesus and thus into separation from God.

Pages 4-5: "They shall... celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a bloodless renewal of the bloody sacrifice of the Cross of Calvary..."

Here the error is already firmly built in. They say they're celebrating the Sacrifice of the Mass. At the same time it is claimed that the sacrifice of the Mass brings about a certain amount of forgiveness of sins. But the facts are as follows: Celebrating something doesn't accomplish anything. If you want to accomplish something, you do not have to celebrate it, but you have to perform it as a rite, celebrate it as a rite, apply it in a rite.

But all this is pagan magic. When magic is used, Satan is present, at least through his representatives. The sacrifice of the Mass is thus a satanic rite, of which people are made to believe that by regularly taking part in it, they can always receive a portion of forgiveness of sins.

In the Bible, however, the portioned redemption of sin has been completely replaced by the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Whoever entrusts himself to Jesus is automatically part of his body and never again needs a religious cult to improve the relationship between himself and God. Whoever entrusts himself to Jesus is no longer dependent on a single person, and certainly not on a human organization. His relationship with God is settled once and for all. Nothing and no one can change that. No one can snatch a person who has accepted Jesus out of his hand.

The Catholic Church, however, develops the impression that one can be torn from the hand of Jesus if one does not regularly participate in the magic rite of the Eucharist. Similarly, the Watchtower Society claims separation from Jesus when it excludes people from its community for unspecified reasons. This is a common feature of both Catholicism and Jehovahism. They assumed the power to take Jesus' sheep out of his hand.

They trample the Word of God underfoot and worship their own surrogate gods. Both institutions are united by the claim to the absolute representation of Christ on earth. Both lay claim to the power of Christ by practising exactly the opposite of what Jesus promised. They rip his sheep from his hand. They make the whereabouts of his sheep in his hand dependent on themselves and their magical means. The cult of the Eucharist is, along with the cult of Our Lady, the most audacious blasphemy under heaven.

Grace is not in the hands of people!

Only after one has made a personal connection with Jesus in faith can one realize that his grace is not dependent on people and cannot be administered by people. If one has made a personal connection with Jesus in faith, however, this realization inevitably arises, so that the conclusion is not only allowed but becomes compelling: Whoever has his relationship with God administered by people cannot be connected with Jesus.

Therefore, every temptation that emanates from Catholicism is a ticket to ruin. Every attempt by a human organization to grant or withhold God's grace from people is the sign of the devilishly conceived substitute God who is supposed to displace Jesus. This is the real Antichrist.

Page 5: "He gives them a mandate to let go of sins"

The biblical passage John 20:23 (To whomever you forgive your sins ...) invites the brazen person to abuse it. This word of Christ can be wonderfully used to exercise power over other people. This exercise of power is found in all sects. Genuine Christians know that the forgiveness of sins belongs only to Jesus and that the promised remission of sins of others is a promise that applies to every Christian.

Whoever constructs a monopoly of power for himself out of this word of Christ is the Antichrist. This Antichrist, on the one hand, misuses this Word of Christ and at all times and throughout disregards Jesus' instruction that no one should allow himself to be called Father (Father) or even Holy Father. Catholicism is consistently disobedient in the most obvious trivialities. All priests are called Father or Father. The leader of this sect even calls himself Holy Father, which is the most original title of God.

When we look at this unbreakable disobedience of those who establish their monopoly of power with John 20:23, the arbitrariness that is applied to the words of Jesus is striking. This arbitrariness has also managed to make Mary, the human being, a kind of Queen of Heaven, who supposedly mediates between Jesus and the people. The Watchtower Society also establishes another mediator between man and God by appointing itself as this mediator. Catholicism and Jehovahism have both made Jesus one mediator among several. They gain power on earth by interpreting the Bible arbitrarily and selfishly.

Can anyone belong to the apostles if he disobeys Jesus all the time? Jehovah's Witnesses and the Roman Catholic Church are supposed to be able to do this smoothly.

1. Timotheus 2,5 For it is one God and one mediator between God and men, namely the man Christ Jesus.

The Antichrist is easily recognized by the fact that he installs other bearers of salvation besides Jesus. For Jehovah's Witnesses it is the organization itself (the channel of God), for the Catholic Church it is the Queen of the Rosary Mary, it is some dead, relics, the sacraments, the priests and the God who lets himself be called Holy Father, and yet is only a human being. However, whoever relies on something other than God should not be surprised when he has to hear Satan's great laughter at the end.

Anyone who derives a monopoly of power for himself from a promise of Jesus Christ must be tested to see whether he is obedient to everything Jesus demands. The Roman Catholic Church violates almost everything that Jesus demands. But even if there were no preprogrammed disobedience to be found in the Catholic Church, even then the construction of a monopoly of power would be sin and a sign of apostasy. That's why the priest also says: "" But whoever loves an earthly organization has no advantage over communists and fascists.


Hello Rudi!

Why is Jesus not the rocky bottom on your page, but the Bible?

Gruezi from somewhere!

Simsel Pinsel [February 04, 2023]

My name is Rüdiger and not Rudolf. People are just as indifferent to just about everything. If you had looked more closely, you would have noticed that Catholicism ditches Jesus as the foundation. Read the paragraph again. [RH]

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