False Catholic soul salvation disguised by lies

Catholics also call themselves Christians. As such, they also put Jehovah's Witnesses-critical sites on the net.

But within the quite well-founded criticism of the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society, there are the usual self-deception patterns on these pages, which lie not only to their own seduced ones, but also to the rest of the world. An example:

"Whereas the Catholic Church, for instance, attaches importance to the fact that the salvation of every soul is a free act of love by God, the witnesses..."

This thesis of the free act of love of God does not correspond to the theology of the Catholic Church. This thesis of the free act of love of God is merely a modern cover to prevent people who have once taken a look at the Bible from turning against the Catholic Church. This thesis of the free act of love of God is not a component of Catholic doctrine, and serves only to hide the true wrongdoings of the Roman idolaters.

Great patron of the Marian cult

And how successfully the various sections of the Catholic Church deceive themselves and others is shown by the fact that even Catholic pseudo-Christians manage to produce reasonably conclusive arguments against the Gnostic sect of Jehovah's Witnesses. At first glance, they benefit the cause of Jesus. At second glance, they are an even more sophisticated fraud and an even more malicious alternative to the Watchtower Society.

The so-called free act of love of God (the salvation of every soul) does not exist in the Catholic Church. In the Catholic Church, the salvation of the soul depends on special services and superstition to a far greater extent than with Jehovah's Witnesses. Every Catholic may check his "church" himself for this. Only two points should be mentioned here to show the bottomless lie of the Catholic Church and to make it clear to people in a vivid way.

By the way, it should be mentioned that the false information "through a prayer of surrender (free church version)" is again such a Catholic lie. Free Church members are always Protestant and define the salvation of the soul also solely in faith in Jesus Christ. They may combine this with a prayer of surrender. However, this has no salvation meaning like the worship of the Goddess Mary in the Catholic Church.

1) In the Catholic Church, the salvation of the soul takes place in the magical practice of the priest. No matter what life situation or life-threatening situation a Catholic finds himself in, he is always caught in the dependency of the priestly rite and is thus always dependent on the ordained Catholic magicians. The Catholic does not have the slightest chance of obtaining the grace of Jesus even without the priestly "assistance". The Catholic is systematically led past a living relationship with Jesus Christ by always and without any exception relying on the magical power of the Catholic priests and calling upon them. Thus, Catholics are denied access to God in the same way as Jehovah's Witnesses. The gatekeepers of Catholic magical teaching block their way to Jesus. The Eucharist and confession itself are the artificial barriers that supposedly open the way, but in reality consistently isolate Catholics from God and hand them over to the demonic powers of magic. For they suggest the way to God via Catholic heresy. Here it is not Jesus who saves, but the application of magical practice. The Roman rite is the anchor to which a Catholic must attach himself. What a shame!

2) The even bigger lie is the thought that in the Catholic Church the salvation of the soul is a free act of love by God. The Catholic truth is rather that God has to act according to the will of Catholic priests. There are indeed centrally valid teachings in the Catholic Church which bind God to the will and the decision of Catholic priests. Here God is degraded to a kind of oracle service, which is completely subject to the Catholic priesthood. For about 1700 years there can no longer be any talk of a free act of love by God in the Catholic Church. Catholic doctrine has long since risen above God and established itself as the divine power of the world. No believer in the Catholic Church can cheat himself out of this fact, and every Catholic is dependent on the benevolence of Catholic priestly magic. To speak here of a free gift of love from God is only a cheap attempt to hide the continued and daily repeated blasphemy of the Catholic Church from critical eyes.

In any case, it is a fact that the great hiding of the grace of Jesus (which opens up itself completely freely to the believer) is the inner axis of evil both in the Watchtower Society and (even more refined) in the Catholic Church. The withholding of the freely accessible grace of Jesus is Catholic program and the program of the Watchtower Society. Both heresies give themselves nothing in this and strive their work of destroying souls meticulously and with great zeal.

Every human organization that limits salvation only to itself is Antichrist. It deliberately violates the Bible and God. It has only one goal: the destruction of salvation through Jesus. This goal is under the dominion of Satan.


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