Citta del Vaticano – City of Divination

The Catholic Church is the institution that claims the title "raquo", "mother of all churches". In 1929, it was granted its own state again by fascism, which restored the secular embedding of the papacy in the powers of the world. The return of the papacy established in the world with its own state is symbolically prophesied in Revelation 13:3: "And I saw one of its heads as if it were mortally wounded, and its mortal wound was healed. Napoleon had inflicted the mortal wound on the papacy in 1798 by deposing the pope of that time. This pope died about 18 months later in France.

Fortune telling snake

The restoration of the papacy with its own state in 1929 fulfilled the prediction of Scripture. Just by Mussolini. The state of the papacy is called the Vatican.

W. Veith, The Truth Matters, p. 193:
The word »Vatican« literally means »fortune telling snake« and comes from »Vatis« = seer, fortune teller and »Can« = snake.

In Catholic piety, all cultic mysteries and, as far as possible, all effective and ineffective sorceries are summarized. The cult around the Vatican grows again and becomes a phenomenon that is recognized and reverently regarded by many secular institutions. Media spread, for example, the news of plants in Vatican gardens that have a secret meaning. Media spread reverential news about the historical condensation in the space of the many graves of famous and influential people buried there. The Vatican is spreading through all channels available to it. The media and religious infiltration emanating from the papacy cannot be stopped. The false Christ is gaining influence and power.

With the return of humanity to neo-feudalism under the yoke of socialist-communist globalization, the piety and religiousness of people dependent on magic is steadily increasing. This development is perfectly exploited by the Catholic Church. Even the most evil behaviour of the priesthood in the matter of child abuse and its toleration and encouragement cannot scratch the heroic divine image of the papacy. In the Vatican, the lustre of gold and the intensity of the red colour mate with a mysterious increase in the power of the Pope. The worldwide mystery ray from the hand of the Roman goddess Mary experiences the greatest recognition and veneration among the ritualistic pagans. With perseverance and patience, the world power of the papacy is winning a firm seat in the minds of the people.

People today use to delegate all responsibility to politics and religion. They shift everything that could disturb their circles (big car, own house) to the appropriate institutions. Personal accountability is no longer necessary. That is what politicians and priests are for. Pious people, who are actually open to self-examination and self-criticism, put their trust in Roman magicians who bless stones and then sell them. Respectable good citizens with a good education give themselves over to their stock wealth and shift their responsibility into the hands of religious grandmasters of world fraud. Through this emptying of the people, the course of the world is put anew into the hands of the one who presents himself as God.

The papal mixed system of religions gladly takes this opportunity and places itself on the throne of spiritual world domination with fundamentally renewed self-confidence.

The Pope, after his predecessor renewed and consolidated the status of the Goddess Mary, today renews the primacy of the Catholic Church over the world. He emphasizes that salvation can only be found within the Catholic mystery religion. His gaze is not directed to the Word of God, which says something quite different. The Pope seizes the power of God with renewed courage. The prophesying serpent wins the hearts of the people.

The gaze of humanity is directed towards the false Christ to an unheard-of degree. In this extremely unjust world, politicians and celebrities pay the greatest attention and homage to the papacy. Under the inevitable impression of their own egoism, they too are increasingly delegating responsibility to the Roman ruler, hoping to free themselves from their rightfully bad conscience. They choose the path of unconscious blindness and hand over the world leadership as if by chance and unintentionally more and more into the hands of the old Babylonian magician guild.

From this long foreseen development, under the guidance of the prophetic serpent, the great world religion will arise, which unites everything under itself. It will support free thinking as long as this is not under the guidance of God. Everything will be right for it except the actual discipleship of Jesus. Everything in this world will unite under the power of Vatican mysticism to destroy the thought that is directed to Jesus without detour. Jesus Christ, who promised salvation to all people in faith in him, will be declared a taboo, and his work will be allowed to take place only in the spheres of influence of the Catholic Church.

Paving the way for this are, among other things, also the already indecent growths of Christian-influenced self-rescue religions – enlightened, light-bringers, torch-bearers, spiritual healers, miracle-workers and all those drunk on self-belief. They will all confirm in the majority of people the desire that everything that is not under the Pope should be destroyed and eliminated. With this tangle of insane religious self-deception, faith in Jesus will also be eliminated, so that true Christians can only live undercover.

The Catholic madness of the Eucharist, which distorts and destroys Jesus and his work in a perfect way, will, in cooperation with the great Roman goddess Mary, control the faith in Jesus Christ in a world-dominating way and seek to destroy it in its biblically founded form. Unbelievers and those who serve money will support her in this and see in it a good service for themselves.

The Roman Christ has prepared everything:

Vatican on 18 May 1998 »AD TUENDAM FIDEM« Kan. 1436 § 1 Whoever denies a truth that is to be believed by virtue of divine and Catholic faith, or doubts it, or rejects the Christian faith altogether, and after lawful admonition fails to see his wrong, shall be punished as a heretic or apostate with the great excommunication; moreover, the cleric may be subject to other punishments, not excluding deposition.

§ 2 Apart from these cases, a person who stubbornly rejects a doctrine submitted as definitive, or adheres to a doctrine which has been rejected as erroneous by the Roman Pontiff or by the College of Bishops in the exercise of their authentic magisterium, and who, after lawful exhortation, fails to see his wrong, shall be subject to an appropriate punishment.

§ 5 We command that all that We have decided by this Apostolic Exhortation, issued as Motu Proprio, be inserted in the general legislation of the Catholic Church, in the Codex luris Canonici or in the Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium, in the manner set forth above, and that it be valid and enforceable with the repeal of all contrary.

(Established in Rome, at St. Peter's, May 18, 1998, in the twentieth year of Our Pontificate.)

In the past the "appropriate punishment" was death.

But the good news is that Jesus saves you and you and you and you and you and me completely independent of any human institution. Do not listen to the ear blowers who pretend to know everything. Go on your own search. Ask Jesus with childlike trust in your heart and you will experience that he introduces you into all truth, just as he promised.


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