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Today an atheist from East Germany called me and told me about her contact with a Jehovah's Witness. This Witness has been married to a Jehovah's Witness for a long time and has only been in contact with the atheist for some time. It is probably an old (school?) acquaintance, which only after decades led to the fact that now between the two a genuine, fulfilling love relationship developed. The conflict that arises for this Jehovah's Witness needs no great explanation, I think. And it is obvious that his atheist girlfriend will also be severely affected.

The key data is as follows: Love is great and consciences are great. That leads to the fact that again and again a final stroke is drawn. At the moment we have reached this point again. She has now sent him a letter, the sitemap of which I may publish here. I will say in advance that I believe that the captivity of Jehovah's Witness in the world ideology of the Watchtower Society can only be solved by Jesus. It is also interesting that the current issues of "Awake" contain articles that deal very extensively with the subject: How can I best end a relationship with a world person?

The Letter from an atheist to a Jehovah's Witness

Hello dear ...,

there was something I wanted to tell you, you know the witnesses were with me. My thoughts about it:

How I would like to be able to believe what you believe, in my fear of death and in my fear of losing loved ones. But I can't do that!

Immerse myself in an illusion that determines my entire life, where the community spirit ultimately makes me so dependent that it isolates me, that it determines my leisure time, even my dealings. It only perceives me in the community and otherwise keeps me away from life.

And all this for a hypothesis? A life after a fairy tale book is imposed. That frightens me!

I thought I knew you a little. But when that woman was with me, I thought those were words from your mouth! As if you had already taken your own personality!

If God exists, He has also given us each one his own personality, different characters, different stimuli and feelings. Why? Just to resist them? Or to savour them? Otherwise we wouldn't need them! Or has God also made mistakes?

Since one cannot explain the origin of the earth, the coincidence, one refers to a superior power, to God. But can one explain God? Is he like a great soul or is he made of matter? How did God come into being? Has he always been there? So the grains of dust that made the world come into being have always been there.

It's not as if everything had joined forces, life hasn't always come into being.

What we really know is that we have this one life! That which we aspire to be happy and make others happy!

And you want to live a happy, harmonious life with your wife for the next thousand years without worry and quarrel, and you have already become unfaithful to her after 23 years! I do not have to tell you that if you continue to conceal it, you will no longer receive your eternal life, if you confess, you will be excluded from the congregation, and your so-called friends or brothers and sisters will turn their backs on you and will be forbidden to contact you!

I stand by you without anyone having to tell me anything like that, entirely of my own free will, out of love and not out of a sense of duty!

I, too, have not yet broken the ten commandments, even of my own free will. I don't need weekly meetings to preach this to me again and again. It is in me anyway.

So I, too, could deserve eternal life?

Am I right? If you disagree, explain it to me.

Many greetings

yours ...

Our telephone call

I confess that during our telephone conversation once again the horses went through with me and I gave as comprehensive a testimony as possible concerning the faith in Jesus. At the same time I informed them about the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The doctrine of the Watchtower Society is not faith, but ideology. The simple heart-Yes to Jesus is faith, but not ideology. Jehovah's Witnesses do not hope for the salvation of the individual human being, but for a comprehensive change in world conditions. All Freemasons do this in the same way. A Christian turns to Jesus and receives strength and faith from him. A Jehovah's Witness turns to a complicated spiritual doctrine and must be intensively trained and educated throughout his life so that he does not fall away. A Christian can always fall away from Jesus, but is held by Jesus himself. I experienced this very intensively.

The important information about the current state of the relationship between the two is based on the experience I made with my girlfriend, who is also a Jehovah's Witness herself. She needs time and I need a never-ending hope. The Jehovah's Witness who now loves this atheist (it seems to be the first true love he experiences) certainly needs a lot of time. How the atheist should endure this, I cannot say. For I am aware that without Jesus I could not endure the relationship with my Jehovah's Witness.

Dear atheist, dear Jehovah's Witness

When you are together again, you, atheist, should send him the info that "your case" is on the Internet completely anonymous for consideration. Talk to him about trying to get advice. Tell him that you are sending him the link so that he at least has the opportunity to present his view of things in the comments. The chance that he will do this is very small. Equally bad is the prospect of him breaking out of the Watchtower Society Thought Prison. And if he does, he will – if no wonder happens – be trapped forever in the thought patterns of WTS.

My thesis is: Without Jesus and without a living relationship with Jesus that includes prayer, no Jehovah's Witness will be saved from the clutches of WTS bondage. Even if they have long gone out of this Babylon, they will still be inwardly slaves to this thinking that tries to explain God in a human way.

The relationship with Jesus

Jesus asks the Father that we human beings should have the same relationship with Him as He always had with the Father. (John 17, 21: "... As you, Father, are in me and I in you, so also they shall be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.") What does that mean? This means that we should have the same relationship with Father and Son as Jesus always had with the Father. This relationship is characterized by constant conversation. Jesus always spoke with the Father. So we should also speak with Jesus and the Father. That is why Jesus asks the Father in John 17, 21!

If I could make a wish, I would determine that my girlfriend and the friend of the atheist recognize the lie of the Watchtower doctrine even today and flee it. But Jesus is more patient with them. He does not skip us and does not put us under stress. He always gives us knowledge to the extent that we can cope with it, and he waits for us to grow in him. His timeless patience with us is the measure of his grace. Praise the Lord!


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