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My name is Ruediger Hentschel and I would like to tell you how it came to the idea and the implementation of the website

I came to Jesus when I was 17. Together with my sister I read the 1st chapter of the 1st Corinthians. There was a jolt going through me at that time, which I still can't quite explain to myself today. But I took this "feeling" as an opportunity to say to Jesus: If you really are who you pretend to be, then I want to be yours. For it was clear to me that I could not be happy in this world with its performance mania and its inhumanity. It was clear to me that I was nothing different from other people, but at that moment I saw a chance to get out of this random life and try something else.

My belonging to Jesus had begun at that moment and from today's point of view I must say: It must have been fully valid right at that moment. Because all my further steps in faith, all developments, all insights did not come from me. Only various braking manoeuvres came out of me, where I sometimes did not want to take part in the alienation from the filthy world anymore.

So it came to the fact that I tried with approx. 38 years to brake the thing completely and to fade it out of my life. This manoeuvre on my part lasted for many years, during which I quite consciously distanced myself more and more from Jesus. By the way, with this I also fulfilled the statistics about the "religiosity" of the different ethnic groups. I even knew that and yet I did not want to let the evangelistic vein out in front of the world any more and also no longer bow myself to the moral restrictions of religion.

I had gone through too many situations of distress of conscience and in the end I took on a defiant attitude, which only confronted Jesus with accusations and cheeky questions.

In these decades of confession and later of consciously omitted confession I made unspeakably many mistakes, which today still sometimes "remind" me. From today's point of view I can and must say that my life has run suboptimally by all human and ethical standards. My self-reproaches always concern the human mistakes I have made. But never before have I seen Christ's rejection torture me with self-reproaches. He seems to be patiently and graciously accepting that we cannot or will not stand by what we have promised him.

In the year 2003 I started a training job with my cousin. Finally a real job, even if without training. The Landesversicherungsanstalt Rheinprovinz had refused me training in IT. After I had become relatively firm in the web page production, I began to develop a political Meckerseite, which possesses today actually more truth content, than I dared to accept it in former times me. So the "life plan" or better the "departure plan" grew in me, to continue writing on this page with as much professionalism as possible, only to leave the world satisfied at some point. That was a comforting thought and so I gained a certain substitute satisfaction in my life. Because I never had the opportunity to satisfy myself with material goods. "Unfortunately" I was never destined to build a material home for myself in this world.

In May 2005 I met a Catholic who was in the Rose War – divorced from her husband. For decades, this Catholic had been determined to pray only to her ancestors, because as a young woman she had lost a leg in a motorcycle accident. She resented God for that. In her Rose War she showed "cheeky to harmful" peculiarities, which in her situation were to be regarded as normal, but could only become something that would only harm her in the end.

When we answered together the letters of the opposing lawyer (which by the way embarrassed themselves by their spelling), I explained to her some behaviors from my old point of view learned from Jesus and probably in this way unconsciously brought her to a certain rethinking. Anyway, at some point she snowed into the house with the message that she believed in Jesus and I would have made her do it. I myself just looked like a wrongly parked car and couldn't really understand it.

Although I had already been on the political whining side in recent months to get myself to confess Jesus, I did not want to accept that this should be so crucial. And this although I had already experienced at the age of 17-18 that the miracles began exactly where I began to confess Jesus before the people.

In any case, the whole development resulted in this former ancestor worshipper dragging me along into a free church congregation. There I had my big breakdown. Because my Catholic is too vain to wear her glasses, we always had to sit in front. And I burst into tears again and again, touched by a strange, indescribable happiness. I had never experienced anything like it before. I had never been an "Emotional Christian". But here, when I realized that I could come home again, I howled like an idiot in the crowded hall. At some point I sat down consistently in the back, so that I could simply howl without further ado. Suppressing did not work. It simply did not go.

In September 2006 I met my girlfriend, who is still a Jehovah's Witness today. In December 2006 I went to my boss and asked him about a domain order called If my boss wasn't such a self-controlled guy, he would probably have hit his forehead with his flat hand, because even my political whining side wasn't subject to undivided approval.

Now I began to apply criticism to the Watchtower lies, as I had already learned on the political whining side. I had already learned to overcome this feeling of powerlessness and incapacity on the political side, when one knows something for sure but is not able to sell it, so that I could now go quite openly and directly into medias res in questions of faith. Since then, my most beautiful hobby has been confessing Jesus on

For a while I thought I was wondering what I was doing for Jesus. But at some point it became clear to me that when I had the opportunity to receive my reward from Jesus, Jesus would say to me, You have already received your reward. Then I will ask, And what? And then he says to me: You had the

Workers for Jesus! Don't overestimate your position! We may be glad to be able to fulfill our duty to our Lord.


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