Order of summary punishment for video recording and insult

Watchtower Society strikes

The order of punishment

22 January 2019: Convicted on all counts of indictment

On Sunday, 18.11.2018 I found a yellow envelope in my mailbox. An official delivery. I can darkly remember that I had been questioned in writing by the Walldorf police authority about a video that I had posted on the Internet, without the charges being brought up. The result was probably a procedure that led to an order for punishment without any further questioning. This was in the yellow envelope. No small shock.

The objection

I objected immediately. I faxed it immediately and sent it the next day by mail to the district court Wiesloch to be on the safe side. The following days were a great emotional roller coaster ride for me. Would the proceedings be fair or would they be more like what you hear again and again? With what means could the court so easily issue this order of punishment? Did people watch the whole video? If so, how could they have come up with the idea that I had insulted the so-called injured party? The video clearly shows that I called out on the run in shock: "A thugs guy!" Had the Watchtower Society prosecutors only shown the judge a certain part of the video? Did the court even have the whole uncut video? And why was the video not classified as evidence, but merely as an eye-opening object?

It was clear that the four witnesses who were supposed to testify against me could not compete against the video if it was classified as evidence. Four witnesses against one are already a certain house number. Especially since one of them is a police officer.

The question of whether everything was right was always before my eyes. To what extent can German courts be influenced by Jehovah's Witnesses? What kind of sympathetic relationships play a role here? Is there an advantage bonus for the Watchtower Society through ties and collars and through recognition as a public corporation? Do German courts protect and support the Watchtower religion in a similar way to the Bundesbahn?

The subpoena

It's a good thing that such an objection is possible. So I took the summons rather as a blessing. But the headache only really began with the subpoena. How would I even be able to stand up to such a possibly manipulative superiority? First the trivialities had to be separated from the legal core facts. Then the legal points had to be represented as validly as possible. Many secondary thoughts were only an additional burden and therefore had to be sorted out and put aside. That was not a small mental strength act.

The mental work on such a thing amounts to something that can be compared to a mental pregnancy. One ponders and ponders and it is a bit like labour pains. During this time I had so many sleepless nights that I couldn't get along with the holiday I had planned for this date anyway. A good, concentrated work was in large parts no longer possible. Fortunately, the overall situation was so favourable that I was able to take the necessary vacation. I promptly became very ill for three days. But the good old Sauerland saying came to the fore:

"Grandpa was sick for three days! Now he is drinking again. Thank God!"

Request for the video as evidence

The first action to be tidied up was to request that the video be used as evidence. This would also prevent four witnesses from unnecessarily getting into trouble. It cannot be the task of a court to mislead four witnesses into making false statements.

Is it okay to film and publish Jehovah's Witnesses?

Are Jehovah's Witnesses in sermon service as private individuals?

For many decades, the Watchtower Society has been cultivating with all its strength the advantage that the ministry of preaching is very private and, on top of that, the only true worship. With this label she wants to achieve that the Watchtower advertising is completely under the carte blanche of religious freedom. Especially in Germany freedom of religion is taken as a carte blanche for many disgraceful acts. This goes so far that even the death of children by bleeding to death with reference to freedom of religion is accepted. That is sick. That is perverse. That is left-green Gutmensch drunk.

A factual line of argument had to be presented to the court as unemotionally as possible so that it could recognize that Jehovah's Witnesses, who are in the public eye, have given up the right to their own image, even if they are repeatedly told the opposite by the Watchtower Society. The legal and common sense situation is as follows:

The outlook [as of 19 January 2019]

What can we expect? From a short circuit reaction of the court which can hardly be justified up to the suppression of the penalty order all is possible. Are there factors that only the Watchtower Society and the Court know about? How freely does the judge decide? What backgrounds exist in our republic, which has long been governed by open socialism and is facing its downfall? Has the court succumbed to a special truth, as is still to be found in the majority of our good-man society? How important are the parallels between the multiculturalism of the Germans and the multiculturalism of the Watchtower Society? Both are corpses. With impunity and very similar resistance to criticism.

Result on January 22, 2019

The Wiesloch District Court found me guilty on all counts of indictment. It follows that Jehovah's Witnesses may not be photographed or filmed. The old taboo that protects the lie has been re-established by the Wiesloch District Court. The police will therefore be called upon as before: He photographed me! He photographed me!

The prosecutor even said that he had reacted earlier and worse than Jehovah's Witness. So the prosecutor advocated the use of force. The prosecutor advocated vigilante justice! And the judge agreed with him.

More details on teh page Main hearing at Wiesloch Local Court – Are Jehovah's Witnesses allowed to be photographed?


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