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Federal Chancellor Dr. Merkel

Muehlhausen, June 15, 2018

Subject: Black Muslims in my flat-sharing community

Dear Dr. Merkel,

I have been observing your politics for a long time and have always been glad that your politics did not affect me so much. But since November 2017, a woman who has one or more black Muslims on permanent visit has rented herself into my flat.

Over time, confessing this religion becomes more and more important for these people and puts me under more and more pressure. So these people stand and walk for hours in the kitchen and make disturbingly loud phone calls. Salamaleikum, Salamaleikum!

My fear for my safety is still within certain limits. But the noose is obviously tightening and the increasing concern is accompanied by insomnia and displeasure. I owe this to you who, like a puppet, are whipping through all the humanist decisions that are being put to you from some side.

Thus you cause and support population shifts with ice-cold and absolute tunnel vision, which in concrete terms bring to our attention the security risk inherent in Islam. I would never have thought that Islam would limit me so much once in a while and cause me concern on a daily basis.

Nobody here knows the real names of the black Muslims who come and go here. These people are certainly not properly registered. They are only visitors.

Dear Chancellor, should I move out here now that I have found the most beautiful place to live? And if I move away here, how long will it take for other black or white Muslims to frighten me with their sheer audacity?

The negative effects of your chancellorship now reach into my life in a sensitive way. You have practically made my life insecure and added a daily burden.


Ruediger Hentschel


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