The right Jesus, not the one from Watchtower

Tea is the most drunk drink in the world. The name most lies, twists, slander and falsifications circulate about in the world is Jesus Christ! Small and large organizations, light circles, enlightenment circles, the Watchtower Society and the Catholic Church outdo each other in lying the blue to people from heaven. They all want to take action in their special domain of lies against people being saved by believing in Jesus.

In order to give a little help to those who do not want to be led astray by people, the right Jesus is described here. The right Jesus is the Jesus of the Bible. He is verifiable in all his qualities by means of the Bible. He tells everyone who asks him what to do with childlike faith. The list shown here does not claim to be complete, but it does claim to exclude false doctrine and human imagination.

The order of the points is random.

  • Jesus is accessible and valid for every human being without any human institution.
  • Jesus saves solely by believing in him.
    For Salvation through Jesus you need:
    1. no special knowledge
    2. no secret science
    3. no association with any particular human clique
    4. no rite and no magic
    5. no special effort
  • Jesus rescues alone from his strength
  • No human performance can complete its rescue,
    improve, speed up or optimize
  • Jesus leads us into all truth
  • Jesus completely eliminates sin
  • By believing in Jesus we are free before God from every blemish
  • No performance of his own can improve or elevate our salvation gained through him
  • Through Jesus we do not become better people, but saved people

These points are all too often forgotten or talked away by people. The aim is usually to expand one's own power in church or religious groups. For this Jesus is instrumentalized and only those qualities are ascribed to him that serve the human institution. In addition, people love to attach to Jesus other self-invented characteristics that only serve to increase the power of the respective institution.

That is why we should once again explicitly point out here that no one can claim to have received a special authority to teach through Jesus. If someone actually has special insights, then these are always directed only at certain fellow believers and play a personal role here in a very small context. This is about the admonition among brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. No institution in the world can exercise a power of faith over others. Only Jesus Christ alone is given this privilege. He sends his Holy Spirit to each of his disciples. The Holy Spirit leads every person who trusts in Jesus into the truth. In doing so, the Holy Spirit takes great care of what the disciple of Jesus can cope with. Therefore, it is also important to know that we sometimes have to wait for knowledge. – Jesus decides when we should know what.

There is no human factor that can control God. All human tradition is nothing to Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Supreme. God Himself made Himself visible in Jesus Christ so that we might be saved. All human teachings that are not confirmed by the Bible are lies.

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