Jehovah's Heavenly Jerusalem – New York

Sandra gave me the tip. In the Book of Revelations, page 302, the Watchtower Society represents the new Jerusalem. And what is the tip?

The Watchtower Jerusalem is New York!

The Heavenly Watchtower Jerusalem is New York! It is unbelievable how brazen the American nation is to infiltrate the rest of the world! On the economic level, it makes many nations dependent on itself to exploit them. Wars and intrigues are exported directly from America to the world to keep the concentration of power in American hands. And now it turns out that the world is even infiltrated through religion.

The headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses to Armageddon is New York!

The least that emerges from this picture in the Book of Revelations is that the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is totally rooted in this world. The Watchtower Society is part of this world. It will rule the Jehovah's Paradise from Earth. The new Jerusalem will be New York, from where it will rule the world with an iron rod. The determination that paradise will take place on earth has its plausible reason! No one will see Jesus or Jehovah, but the Watchtower Society will only say that it is the leading arm of God, the channel of Jehovah, after the catastrophe it hopes for. The Watchtower religion is really well organized. It is well prepared for global upheaval to take power. Whether a Jehovah or Jesus appears or not, it doesn't matter! The Watchtower Society will simply assert it.

Shaping the heavenly Jerusalem after the economic and political power center of the world, New York, is a clear indication of the true origins of the Watchtower Society. This deceitful "openness" should really make it clear to many Jehovah's Witnesses that they serve a wholly worldly power! It is the world headquarters of religious deception. What economic tricks à la Paul Wolfowitz cannot subdue is done by the religious fraud centre in Brooklyn.

Why hasn't Jehovah's Witness seen this yet?

Are there Jehovah's Witnesses who have recognized the connection and are silent?

Here comes the sequence of images that the earthly heavenly Jerusalem of the Watchtower Society shows in comparison to the power centre of the United States. Click on the picture and then on the right half of the following picture ...

Book of Revelations, page 302: The Heavenly Jerusalem

When Freemasons Play Religion

The world domination and human improvement concept of Freemasons uses all means to address and reach people. Social traditions and customs, currents and trends are always integrated by Freemasonry for its own (naturally altruistically coloured) benefit. The noble goal is a New World. Just as Catholicism generously assimilates paganism for this purpose, so the Watchtower Society, as the secret assistant of the Pope, forms the antithesis that receives those who once sought the truth and could not remain in Catholicism. The Masonic game is perfect. The heavenly Jerusalem of the Watchtower Lodge clearly shows it.

Except in Jesus, no faith in God is effective. Everything that pushes Jesus out of the center must get caught up in deepest errors and forbid people like in Islam to learn to read or – as with Jehovah's Witnesses – lead them on the short knowledge line. The centuries-long tactic of Catholicism to withhold the Bible from people is repeated to this day.

And even the clear hint in the Watchtower scriptures that only an earthly world renewal under the guise of Jehovahism is strived for is drowned in general irritation. Mankind rejects Jesus. This rejection of Jesus takes place in the very finest gradations, beginning with his downgrading to a second God, followed by the introduction of Mary as the god of heaven, up to the hope for a new Jerusalem, which is located in America: New York..

Supplement (06.11.2010)
Jehovah's Witnesses See New York as the New Jerusalem
Jehovah's New York is the Power Center of the New World

Those who regard the visual representation of the New Jerusalem as New York as a coincidence will be taught a better lesson by the Watchtower Society. On the pages 98/99 of the book "The Revelation – Its Great Climax is Near", the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses gives an overview of the "Construction of Revelation. Point 16 of this statement revolves directly around the New Jerusalem:

16 VISION (21:9 – 22:5) With a glorious vision of the New Jerusalem (the Lamb's wife), the Bible Book of Revelation reaches its climax. From this city God's precautions for healing and attaining life flow to mankind.

The New Jerusalem as earthly power centre

Analogous to the theory of earthly paradise, the Watchtower Society must also construct an earthly power center. Whoever strives for a New World Order parallel to (or in agreement with?) Freemasonry must, of course, also deny that the New Jerusalem is a heavenly city. One cannot say this clearly and unambiguously to one's sheep, because they would immediately notice that something cannot be right. Thus, one is inclined to write quite diffusely about the New Jerusalem, to depict the city itself as the well-known power center of the world in the picture. Nobody notices this and so one can wonderfully prepare the Masonic world improvement and propagate it bit by bit.

Of course after Armageddon no angels will be seen and no New Jerusalem. But according to the Jehovah's Witnesses' vision, the power center in New York will be considered the New Jerusalem, and world domination will be operated from there with an iron rod. The fact that this world domination already today is just as effective on the economic track (with iron rod) does not bother the Freemasons of Jehovah. They hope for a worldwide catastrophe in order to be able to stamp all humans as Jehovah's Witnesses. And from that point on, renegades will not only be excluded, but they will be killed.

The Watchtower Society will justify this ongoing genocide with its vocation as the Bride of Christ. But they will probably have forgotten that the New Jerusalem (New York) is also the Lamb's wife. For either the Christian congregation is the bride of Christ or a large city is the wife of the Lamb. They can't get that together. As an anti-Christian organization, Jehovah's Witnesses must repeatedly succumb to such errors.

The Bride of Christ

If the New Jerusalem is the wife of the Lamb and the Christian community is the bride of Christ, it is clear that all Christianity is the New Jerusalem. It will not be a governing body and a great city at the same time. So the Bride of Christ is the New Jerusalem. This categorically excludes that the New Jerusalem could be an earthly location.

The game of hide and seek continues

Of course, no Jehovah or Jesus will appear after the disaster. Furthermore, the Watchtower Society will have to make its commission known to the people through publications and a tight organization. And there will continue to be no tangible salvation from the gods of Jehovah's Witnesses, because ...

From this city God's precautions for healing and attaining life flow to humanity.

... they are again only precautions, that flow to mankind from this city "to". Under the aspect that then – after that world catastrophe – the exclusion of the Jehovah's Witnesses will be fatal for the renegades, this claim to power of the Watchtower Society amounts to nothing other than the Masonic hoped-for government of Satan.

Book of Revelations, page 99

The New World Order of the Watchtower Society is nothing more than the religionist version of the New World Order of Freemasons. And it differs in nothing from the economic world power already installed in New York today, except in its power. When the plans of the Jehovah's Witnesses are realized, we will have the same world structure as today, only that their power will be maximized and they will transform the world into a "paradise" ruled by an iron rod.

With iron rod!

The gospel of Jehovah's Witnesses amounts to nothing more than the establishment of a New World, which they control with an iron rod. All Christian hopes in Jehovah's Witnesses are bent on Masonic hopes for this world. The Watchtower Society has arranged it so that it can act at all times without the actual appearance of its gods. It puts all strategic means and ways into its own hands. Today she works with publications, once additionally with the iron rod. A better and more meticulously arranged millennial empire will never see the world again. Because:

From this city God's precautions for healing and attaining life flow to humanity.

Even after Armageddon, people will be subject to death. They will be put off with Watchtower publications declaring that one is not yet perfect and that one must follow Jehovah's precautions to possibly survive. And the Watchtower Society will point out that it never claimed that immediately after Armageddon people would live forever.

And if you think, how is the Watchtower Society supposed to realize that? What means and ways are at its disposal to rule with an iron rod? Then please bear in mind that our data are already being transferred to the US today.


Hello dear only to information Germany is not a sovereign state also the rest of the world not to 90% these are all companies registered in USA dalloway please investigate yourself it is all company constructs

Pierre [December 27, 2021]


Let bleeding to death is the worst of all evils.

It is not a crime to fail to save someone, but to prevent someone from being saved is a serious crime.

This is exactly what happens in the Watchtower Society and unfortunately it is not prosecuted. One wonders why the public prosecutor's office is holding back.

Jürgen [January 09. 2022]


Addendum: Just to clarify this again.

It is a great sin to watch people die and do nothing about it.

Jehovah's witnesses should keep this in mind.

Jürgen [January 23, 2022]

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