Suspicious case – Angela Merkel has a demon

The time has come. The demon takes its toll.

Finally it's time! The powers that have supported Merkel for so long are taking their toll. With people who entrust themselves to demons and thereby gain much power, honor and wealth, the time of success runs out sometime and the demon slowly and pleasurably begins to destroy this person very slowly. This now seems to work for Mrs. Merkel. First she made her march through to power and before her, other politicians were despicably ousted and removed. Now her personal decline begins. Those who gain advantages through dark powers experience exactly this. Mrs Merkel is now experiencing this bit by bit in public. Because her triumphal march was completely bound to her rise in public.

Note how Angela Merkel's obsession with the sound of the German national anthem slowly develops. After the command "Eyes right" this obsession remains for a few more seconds and then Mrs. Merkel turns to her state guest as if nothing were. You can still feel that Mrs. Merkel is still a little upset by her experience, but she has the old self-control again. With every step towards the end of the ceremony her constitution becomes stronger again and at the end you can see how she confidently and almost amusedly points her thumb over her shoulder at the soldiers and makes a remark.

Which factors speak for a demon?

If you want to understand German history, you have to ask yourself a few questions that, despite all kinds of manipulative distractions, lead to points that can no longer be denied.

  • How could Angela Merkel become German Chancellor against all existing powers?
  • How could Angela Merkel establish Marxist socialism not only in its basic features in Germany?
  • How could Angela Merkel establish the socialist informer and censorship state without resistance?
  • How can a man against all cheap reason stay in power for so long? Everyone knows that a social system cannot survive if the boundaries are uncontrolled and open.
  • What power is in play when an Angela Merkel stirs the main three parties (CDU-CSU/Green/SPD) so that they appear to be a single party?
  • How can these destructive party powers become so permanently involved in their game of decline without the people recognizing it?
  • Why does Angela Merkel refuse to pull the rip cord after all the knife murders?
  • How can a Federal Chancellor stand in front of the camera and tell people that one has to get used to the increased crime of migrants?
  • How can Angela Merkel advise concerned citizens to simply sing more hymns in response to their questions?
  • Who carries this person through all this time of moral and spiritual decline?
  • Who's going to give this woman power?

These questions leave little room for answers that a sociologist or a psychologist could give. The improbability that someone could be so successful with the program of destroying Germany shows that both Mrs. Merkel and the Greens worship something that can only be demonic in nature. The Greens' hot love of child sex is reminiscent of the Watchtower Society. The destruction of German industry and the sabotage of German energy supplies are signs of suicide at the state level, which Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate by rejecting blood transfusions. Every factor of the Merkel government is strongly reminiscent of the demonically driven Watchtower-Experiment.

Both the Watchtower rulers and the German political elite show an insatiable addiction to securing their power. Any means is right for them. The lie is the haze that almost suffocates people in Germany. And in spite of all this, this broken idiocy of absolute unreason is not only in vogue in Germany, but it has the people so mercilessly in its stranglehold that the whole world shakes its head at us. Who can do such a thing? Is that still in the realm of the here and now?

Experiences that indicate demonic influence

The German mass psychosis, which arises by itself from the questions posed above, already contains enough madness not to be able to draw on an explanation by simple stupidity. Whoever knows the experiences of esotericists and Satanists has to ask himself whether there is something behind all these seemingly impossible developments and careers that has to do with the faith of esotericists and Satanists.

At a certain point in their lives, esoterics and Satanists engage with powers that they only begin to take seriously when seemingly impossible advantages arise from this connection. First the whole thing starts as an experiment or gimmick. Or you have been recommended something by an experienced esoteric or Satanist and just want to do a test. At a certain point in the game, a seriousness begins to develop that immediately becomes addictive. And the odd thing is that after the phase of success and happiness a decline slowly develops, which is then recognized as demonic and under which the people involved suffer very much.

The testimonies tell of the worst demonic afflictions, and these people are slowly dying if they do not manage to be freed from these things through Jesus Christ. – But this would also entail the renunciation of success and the supposed happiness.

Those who have committed themselves to such a power will be slowly destroyed by this power sometime later with extreme pleasure. This destruction has perfidious traits that make you realize that the darkest thing in the universe is in you. Angela Merkel seems to have entered this phase.

The destruction of Angela Merkel

The gently increasing symptoms of Angela Merkel point to her demonic pre-programmed decline. She has collected her advantages, been allowed to live her supposed happiness, made her promised profit. Now the tribute comes to her, which she must now pay without having known it beforehand. The power that reigns over her, the power to which she has devoted herself, successively turns into humiliating and destroying her in everything she was allowed to gain.

Angela Merkel has chosen fame and power over many people and is now being dismantled step by step in the most painful way, especially in these areas. She is humiliated before the whole world and the unworthiness of her demonic contract is unfurled with pleasure before all people. This is actually the clearest sign that her career was not made possible by earthly powers, but by something that is most self-evidently applied in free masonry. Lucifer is worshipped as God and these people make use of his power. These people are all trapped in this destiny of their own choosing. But in due course they will be destroyed in the most pleasurable way. Unfortunately, most of them are simply no longer able to repent.

This impossibility to stop destroying people also characterizes Angela Merkel's career. Who really dares this woman not notice the death she brings and has brought over Germany? Can someone be so unconscious that he does not at least recognize in the long run what he is doing? No one can trust the Chancellor to do that. And yet hardly anyone wonders how a person can continue his destructive deeds in such a merciless and long-term manner.

Angela Merkel's balance sheet

If you draw a line under the works of Angela Merkel, you can see in Germany a huge number of followers and profiteers who have made it possible for this woman to live out her demonic destructive rage in this way. Will these flexible power-hungry and money-loving people one day be destroyed in the way that Angela Merkel is now showing? When will the stabbed be avenged? Will Islam take Europe?

The slow destruction of Angela Merkel by her own demon has apparently begun. If there is no God, there are no demons, and Angela Merkel has no personal leading demon she could have dedicated herself to. We are now allowed to observe how things develop.


And these are supposed to be RIGHT-WING HITTERS? Shame on you, you left-green nutcases, who believe a lying, deluded satanist ANGELA MERKEL more than these honest people.

Johannes K. [August 27, 2021]

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