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What do gods and big corporations have in common? They make people run up against each other. Personal inquiries are not answered, individual fates are nothing, justified objections are not taken note of at all or "answered" with reference to the publications available to the public. This is exactly how the German section of the Watchtower Society reacts to letters addressed to it.

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Letter to the Watchtower Bible and Tractate Society

To the
Watchtower Bible and Tractate Society,
German branch, e.V.
Am Steinfels
6251 Selters/Taunus 1

Dear Gentlemen!

Your reply of 20 August 1985 disappointed me all along the line. The ability to open oneself to other people's thoughts, to examine them, to value them, and to accept or reject them for the benefit of all, make you miss them. Likewise the delegation of the local brothers in faith.

They were only prepared to slaughter with the usual elaborated program, which could even remotely remind us of a long-standing relationship with the living God. However, your fellow believers could only escape my objections in a polemical way. In the course of the conversation, they did not say a single word about the trains of thought that I specifically mentioned. Even when I wanted to bring the language to it, I was answered that it was uninteresting. At the same time I was accused of only sowing discord. I am still of the opinion that either my letters are interesting and worth checking or sowing discord is impossible.

From your concerted behaviour I can only conclude that you would prefer to keep me quiet. You have the right to do so. I am not offended if you throw away my letters unread. Because I am not writing to you out of a craving for recognition, but because I have something on my heart:

  • You have for too long claimed unchallenged that Jesus is only an angelic creature of God.
  • For too long they have unopposed and unchallenged bona fide people to deviate from the God-given path of total and unconditional forgiveness of sins.
  • They have persuaded too many to believe that one can make oneself pleasing to God through good works.

What I'm telling you again is, Jesus is God. By believing in Him, salvation, sanctification (transformation for good by His power), forgiveness of sins happens to us.

This I write to you so that you may have no justification before God when you are called to account.

Watchtower Bible and Tractate Society Response

I understand that you are inclined to devote yourself especially to people who are easy to seduce with their hearts and who are willing to get on your nerves. But I have no understanding for it. – Nor certainly, as you so diplomatically put it.

It seems suspicious to me if you evade any problem-based debate and are only interested in keeping the damage to a minimum.

Do you think that way you could get to the bottom of God's will? Isn't it alarming when one is no longer able to face an open conversation because of all the knowledge and interpretation of Scripture?

Do you serve Jehovah with this?

Or just yourself?

If even one Jehovah's Witness were filled with the Spirit of God, if there was even the slightest contact with God, you would not need to hide your private addresses. You are well aware that a true Christian is able to acquaint a Jehovah's Witness with the futility of his pursuit. For you do not hope for Jehovah, but in reality for your "good works". – And so do the Muslims. Ask any religion or sect that exists today, and you will find this "hope of good works" everywhere. Jehovah's Witnesses today differ only in detail from the great Antichrist movement, which tries to distract from the unlimited love and forgiveness of sins through faith.

Therefore I do not remain with kind regards, but with warning.

Even if this sounds repulsive, I would like to tell you clearly that I will write all this for your sake.

I like to fight on the side of the fittest. Because Jesus is victorious. He created the solution.

Ruediger Hentschel


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