Jehovah's Witnesses Crucify Jesus Again and Again

Just as the Catholic Church crucifies Jesus Christ over and over again, practicing the art sacrifice of the Eucharist daily to bring people to complete surrender to magic, so Jehovah's Witnesses crucify Jesus over and over again, telling people that Jesus is not God. As early as 1985 I wrote the letter below to the Watchtower Society, to which I naturally received no reply.

Jehovah's Witnesses Crucify Jesus Again and Again

To the Watchtower Bible and Tractate Society
Deutscher Zweig, e.V., P.O. Box 20
6251 Selters/Taunus 1

For Christ did not send me out to baptize, but to proclaim the gospel: not in the wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be destroyed (1 Corinthians 1:17).

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses!

This now third letter arises from the insight that nothing is done in vain if it is only the proclamation of the Son of God. (Matthew 26:64) Jesus was crucified by the Jewish leadership elite of that time precisely because of the fact that he was the Son of God. Although the Romans were their henchmen, the Son of God died because of the most shrewd scribes in the world at that time. – These were real Bible scholars. – That was a study community rich in tradition.

If this elite at that time thought of itself as having found the truth, how can the modern Bible scholars only come to know the truth when they do the same with Jesus as the Jewish authorities at that time? Is it possible to find the truth without Jesus?

But if Jesus is the truth, (John 14:6) can God the Father be untruth? If God the Father is the truth, Jesus would not have had to say: I know the truth? But why does Jesus say, "I am the truth?

No one but God has the right to claim that he is the truth. The one who does this is worthy of death. – Is Jesus worthy of death? In the eyes of those who knew the Scriptures at that time, yes. And today? Are there not still people today who know the Scriptures and claim that Jesus is not God? It is precisely these who make the same mistake again.


oved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God! For many prophets of lies have gone out into the world. (1 John 4, 1 and 2)

The scribes at Selters gave me no answer to this serious accusation. The faithful and understanding slave either had nothing to say or he hoped that this grave indictment would go to seed. Or both. In any case, the servants denied the Watchtower lie to any learner. Because it was and is much more about the power over his seduced ones than about the knowledge of the truth.

The incredible blasphemy of the Watchtower makes its way up. Through silence, as we know it from the Pope, the Brooklyn team builds itself up to the Antichrist. Power over people is the most important thing for them.


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