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As is the case today, the Watchtower Society wrote a hair-raising nonsense 23 years ago. The statements of the Jehovah's Witnesses today are, as always, self-explanatory. An example can be found in the following letter to a Jehovah's Witness who was probably the eldest in the Mettmann-South congregation.

Letter to Mr. Schulz about Babylon, page 1

Mettmann, 10.09.1986

Dear Mr. Schulz!

John 1, 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Since the last conversation we had over the phone, when you seemed impatient, I have been very insecure and have been thinking about all this ever since. It struck me that I forgot to tell you that I don't care which of us is right or wrong. You believe in being saved in the name of Jehovah, I believe in being saved in the name of Jesus.

They believe that Jesus is an angelic spirit creature of Jehovah, I believe that He is the Son of God.

What strikes me now are all the primitive contradictions and the crude twists that the Watchtower spreads. One of them, for example, is the thesis that the Holy Spirit no longer works today. If we accept this thesis as true, we must immediately think of the presence of Satan in the absence of this Godpower. If Satan really had a free hand in this world, it would look much worse down here. They have no idea what danger Satan poses. If he had a free hand, for example, there would not be a single Christian under the sun. Because no man can resist it by his own strength, as mankind has proved for thousands of years.

If Jesus as an angelic spirit creature, which as the work of God like all His works has no claim to the glory of the Father, took the earth under His rule in 1914, then Satan should no longer have these chances at all in this world, which he constantly perceives.

The thought of the flowing transition from the old to the new world is an old all too human dream. People who want nothing to do with God also dream of it.

Jesus is not a world do-gooder, but a man do-gooder!

Charles T. Russell in "Anbruch" Volume 1: For God has apparently intended the admission of evil for six thousand years ...

Mr. Schultz! Note the word apparently! Is that prophecy? How do you know the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is better than Mr. Russell?

Everything the Watchtower Society says is self-rhyming. The writings of this heap of religious seducers abound with formulations such as, "apparently", "definitely", "we can conclude" and so on. One fictitious assumption chases the other windy assumption. Some of the Watchtower Society's tricks, however, can prove directly for all people that the Watchtower Society is at best only a publishing house with economic interests.

Letter to Mr. Schulz about Babylon, page 2

In the book: "Babylon the Great has fallen"" page 8/9: "What relationship to Babylon must he break off to be free from him and no longer share his responsibility in any way before God?"

The age-old attempt to steal from the responsibility by own initiative, here by the self-decided and accomplished separation from Babylon the Great, has not succeeded until today to any human being. God Himself testifies to this by putting the forgiveness of sins and justification through faith in Jesus Christ first, in order to let the fruit of faith, which is, among other things, the separation from the world, follow. The fact that the HErr gives this active side of faith the absolute liberation from judgment beforehand to the believer because of his faith in Jesus already has a reason! We must recognize from this decision of God, who saves what believes in the sacrificial death of His Son, that He, who knows us through and through, knows of us that we cannot do anything without Jesus. – But if I have already found faith in Jesus, then it is right and proper to estimate His power in me far higher than my common sense. But Jesus sharpens our consciences through His Holy Spirit in such a way that after escaping from judgment (and thus also from the fall of Babylon) we also learn by faith to withdraw from the sphere of action of the world. And since all this is not our achievement, but God's, we give Him the honour! We can only do this on the basis that God offers us in Jesus.

"Even if the hour of God's judgment was not near for Babylon, would our interest in our personal well-being and our desire to be God's people and no longer Babylon's seduced slaves require us to leave? Why? Because it is a doomed organization."

This question about "why" is not pointless. It is important. But the answer that follows is saddening. – The Watchtower Society expresses with this answer that if the world did not expect judgment, it would not be a bad thing at all to remain in Babylon. So Jehovah's Witnesses should not do the will of God at all, they should not avoid serving a bad cause at all, no, they should only orient themselves to its prospects of success. And since something is doomed to destruction here, one should, as the rat leaves the sinking ship, immediately go to another one. In which direction these ships go in each case, that has "the rat" to be indifferent. This is not what the Watchtower Bible and Tractate Society's concepts of thought are about. Isn't the personal motivation to leave Babylon much more important than Babylon's chances for the future? Jesus Christ gives us the motivation to leave Babylon.

The arguments of the Watchtower Society are as disdainful as the advice a person can receive in a savings bank. The whole moral of Jehovah's Witnesses is just a facade. True Watchtower motivation is nothing more than the world's usual "bringing one's sheep to dry". She herself provides the proof for these low motives of the Watchtower Society:

Leave Babylon because it's a doomed organization.

Nothing is sacred to this society of seduction. The Watchtower Society argues biblical theses like a banker who promises the investor the blue sky. This is exactly how the Jehovah's Witness community is structured. They have one rule over everything: one hand washes the other. Beyond that there is only the exclusion, which is oriented at the arbitrariness of the faithful and intelligent slaves. The religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses is as primitive as the argument that Babylon is a declining organization, which is why it is necessary to leave Babylon.


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