Behold my mother and my brothers!

Watch your step! All clear!

The entire thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses revolves around the anxious question: How do I fulfill the will of God! In it, they really wear themselves out and allow the Watchtower Society to impose rules of conduct upon them until they slip through life on their knees and are always on the verge of collapse. They are permanently in a conflict of conscience about having to and wanting to do more for Jehovah, but simply not being able to do more.

Jehovah's Witnesses always under stress

Therefore a little food for thought should be given here!

When Jesus is on the Mount of Transfiguration, a voice comes from heaven saying: This is my chosen son, hear him! (Luke 9:35)

With this instruction of God to hear Jesus, the will of God is already fulfilled. For Jesus is the Beginner and Perfector of faith and of all good works. Whoever hears him, with Jesus' help, fulfills "automatically" the will of God. He who does not hear him cannot "automatically" fulfill the will of God.

Thus the aspiration of a Christian is not to build, tear down or store something out of his own potential, but the aspiration of a Christian can only be to hear Jesus. A prerequisite for this, of course, is the assumption that Jesus is audible in some way. This audibility of Jesus is the most personal experience of every Christian and cannot be further explained. Only in the exchange of experiences between brothers and sisters can one experience one or the other part of what one may not have experienced with Jesus before.

In that Jesus cleanses everyone who hears him and believes him from all sins and realizes his faith in the power of Jesus, the will of the Father is fulfilled. Since we humans did not recognize God in our wisdom, it pleased God to save by illogical faith in Jesus (1Co 1). Make that clear to yourself! If you fully rely on Jesus, you will be led by Him in all things. You will never have to worry again about whether you have done enough, whether you may not be saved – and so on. Jesus is security par excellence, because whoever has overcome the small hurdle of faith in what is illogical for worldly ears experiences an inner strength that will never leave him again.

The hope for the kingdom can only lie in the name of Jesus. For he who wants to be a Father must first accept Him. Whoever mogs past Jesus is at the same time mocking past the kingdom. So whoever wants to seek the kingdom must first hear Jesus.

Did you hear Jesus?

If you haven't heard Jesus yet, it's because you haven't talked to him that you've been safe. You as a Jehovah's Witness have even been explicitly forbidden to do this because the Watchtower Society sees Jesus as an angel. And angels are not to be worshiped. But if you want to hear Jesus, if you want to experience His power, you are forced to think seriously about the Watchtower logic. Because according to the Bible, Jesus is the Incarnate God. He is God who humbled Himself for our sake.

If you can't believe this because the Watchtower Society has pumped you full of its peculiar human logic, then you have a very bad hand. Then you have the worst hand of all. Then you will have to see all the promises the Watchtower makes to you exposed as lies one bad day and then realize that only a small step would have been necessary to enter the kingdom. Accept Jesus.

Jesus himself makes it clear to us dry as a bone when some people tell him: "Hey, your relatives are out there trying to reach you. Then Jesus looks around and looks at the people sitting around him. And then he says: "Look closely! These are my mother and my brothers. With this he makes a fact clear: He tells all people who gather around him, sit down with him and get involved with him and turn their attention to him, that they are his family. What else can happen? Can anyone, as a relative of Christ, not do the will of God?

And when this promise of kinship is not enough, Jesus adds: "He who does the will of God is my brother and my sister and my mother..." With this he once again says unmistakably and clearly: He who sits around me and looks at me and listens to me does the will of God!

For the determination that we are his relatives when we turn to him is his first clear announcement. The addition "Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother" only explains what is actually the case with these his relatives. They all do the will of God by sitting around him and looking at him and listening to him.

Who wanted to add something to it by his own strength and good will! The work of Jesus is so perfect and infinitely valid that only turning to Him in faith in Him means fulfilling the will of God. This cannot be doped by anything or anyone. Impossible.

So you are spoilt for choice, Jehovah's Witness, whether you want to continue crawling in the dust of your own efforts and meeting torments or whether you finally want to be liberated and redeemed forever in a clear decision for Jesus. In any case, I learned in the decision for Jesus that no human work and no human organization can hold a candle to Jesus in this matter. He is the fulfillment and realization of the will of God. If we follow him seriously.


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