Watchtower Secret Cult


For the reason that the author of this page (Watchtower Secret Cult), who moves with the synonym "+" on the Internet, accuses us of lying, I would like to correct something here:

  1. At no time did the removal of the images and graphics have the reason that any of us would lie or have lied.
  2. The pictures and graphics were only removed for copyright reasons. This is a precautionary measure to avoid exposure to the arbitrariness of the Watchtower Society.
  3. I deleted the contributions in the forum myself, Ruediger Hentschel, personally. The explanation to it wrote someone else. It didn't matter to me whether the deletion of the Watchtower's own sitemape was explained or not. However, I would have liked to get in touch with "+". But the oversized namelessness of this person scared me off. Why should I research for hours, only to give him an explanation!
  4. All assertions which this "+" spreads about us lack any foundation and are pure speculation. For me personally his false assertions play rather no role, since I know how lying the whole world is. Truth is found only in Jesus Christ.
  5. If you, "+" ever read this here, I ask you to believe us that we are not liars and that the deletion of all pictures and graphics and your contributions in the forum, which consisted almost exclusively of pictures, graphics and films, has taken place exclusively for copyright reasons.
  6. There is no point in offering the Watchtower Society an unnecessary target.


This page has been deleted because its author requests this under threat of legal action.

While I (not reluctantly) comply with this demand, I refuse to fulfill the further demands of this gentleman to remove my criticism of him from the Forum. (The forum has been deleted for a long time.) In this discussion thread you will also find the message in which the man threatens me.

In my opinion, it is not acceptable for someone to take massive action against us to damage our reputation and demand that we accept his behaviour unreflected.

Ruediger Hentschel

Muehlhausen, 20. October 2008


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