New Masonic Light
How the Watchtower spreads its light

"The aim of Freemasonry was and still is to ennoble man »morally«. This means a higher development or »deification« which can be achieved."

The Watchtower Society was founded by Charles T. Russell, 33 Freemason. The content evidence that this Watchtower Society actually originates from the primordial human union of Masonic human improvers is the Watchtower's teaching that Jehovah's Witnesses can and should perfect themselves through their own works. This limitation of human possibilities to self-improvement runs like a red thread through the Watchtower doctrine. The result is a modification of the gospel hated by Satan, which relativizes, conceals and hides salvation through faith in Jesus and aims to make man help himself. Characteristics: Help yourself, then God will help you.

Nothing Christian can come out of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a worldwide network of powers that want to replace the pure gospel of Jesus Christ with an idealistic teaching that distracts people from Jesus. In this way Satan achieves his goal of at least partially undermining the work of Christ and preventing as many people as possible from following Jesus in faith. With every person he takes away from the saving power of Jesus, he demonstrates to Jesus that he died in vain.

While Christians openly worship Jesus in this world, Satan must be concealed and not celebrated in public. Thus he hides his insignia in the Watchtower scriptures in such a sophisticated way that only insiders and those to whom the insight of the Holy Spirit is opened can recognize these insignia. Those who have Jesus also receive the gift of spirit discernment. He can unmask the insignia of Satan in the Watchtower. In this way, God prevents Freemasonry from raging unhindered among the seekers of truth. God opens us the insight to recognize and unmask the satanic strategy of the Replacement Gospel.

Satanic sign in the Watchtower

In a book of the Watchtower Society called "THE LARGEST HUMAN, THE LIVEST", which is typical of watchtower teaching, there is a picture of the promised child (Chapter 6). Here we see four people looking into space like mannequins. The child looks like a doll with jingling eyes that jingle up and down depending on how you hold them. The dead expressionlessness of these figures marks the intention of the Watchtower Society. It is the Masonic intention to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ appear as a beautiful fairy tale and to direct people's gaze to something else.

Therefore, in the center of the picture stands the only person who has a halfway realistic appearance. The old woman raises her right hand like someone who threatens someone with something. She doesn't look at the child either, but seems to be doing something. Her raised, tense open hand signals that she will lift something out of its hinges. As one takes washed salad out of the bowl to feed it for further preparation, she holds her hand ready to change the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Satan's Hand

This hand of this woman ready for every intervention – one almost has the impression that she is raised to choking – has another characteristic. She has disproportionate fingers. All five are almost the same length. It is an unnatural, tense, strained hand.

Satans license plate

This sympathetic lady with the cramped hand must have been at a special hairdresser. She has a clear big S in her otherwise normal looking hairstyle. This letter stands for Satan and marks this nice old woman. Of course one can say that this marking is pure coincidence. But we know that Freemasonry works with the accumulation of half, two-thirds and three-quarters truths. So there is always a back door open for the viewer to follow the Masonic teachings. Only when someone has entrusted himself to Jesus can he no longer regard these coincidences as coincidences.

The strategy pursued by the Watchtower Society to leverage Jesus Christ is also the core of the Masonic message: "Therfore Masonry teaches that redemption and salvation are both the power and the responsibility of the individual Mason. Saviors like Hiram Abiff can and do show the way, but men must always follow and demonstrate, each for himself, his power to save himself, to build his own spiritual fabric in his own time and way. Every man in essence is his own savior und redeemer; for if he does not save himself, he will not be saved." (Lynn Perkins, THE MEANING OF MASONRY, P 95)

The Watchtower has transferred the basic requirement of Freemasonry to rely only on one's own strength to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and removed Jesus from his status as God, leaving only human qualities left of him. It follows from this that Jesus can only be a great human example for Jehovah's Witnesses, in whose following man saves himself through continual perfection. The Watchtower Society is thus an outstanding example of how Freemasonry successfully transforms the Word of God into human carnal references and how a hand functions that fishes lettuce out of a bowl in order to process it into something else in whatever way.

Salvation in absolute dependence on Jesus is thus distorted in the human imagination into a work in which man, through stubborn obedience and observance of human rules, thinks he can perfect himself. The saving faith in Jesus Christ, which sees to Jesus that nothing can be added to the redemption by faith from human power, degenerates in this way to a highly earthly construct. Here faith is no longer necessary. Here one no longer has to rely on Jesus. Here one can help oneself and clear the way with good deeds and particularly rigid obedience to regulations and laws.

Through this stubborn obedience Satan achieves that God can no longer write his law into our hearts through the Holy Spirit and that we have to absorb and cramm the human rules of society at regular intervals. The Spirit is not liberated, but poured into legal templates of unfree chattering. Thinking is allowed only in the prescribed ways, because otherwise the self-rescue and self-improvement propagated by Freemasonry are endangered.

This way is Masonic and can never lead to God. For according to 1 Corinthians 1, God has decided that no one can come to God by his own power and wisdom. Only faith in the nonsense of Jesus' death on the cross saves. This is the decision of God, which people try to avoid with all means!

Jehovah's Witness! You are trapped in the silken ropes of Satan. The devil spends all his time and energy to distract your spirit and the spirit of all people from Jesus. The devil ensnares you with pleasantly appearing modesty and makes you believe that these silken garments of camouflage would clothe you before God. But you will stand naked and unclothed because you have rejected Jesus' salvation. You wanted to ingratiate yourself with God with your own goodness and thought you could somehow wrangle yourself into the kingdom of God through this magnificent appearing watchtower doctrine.

But only Jesus is the door that leads to the kingdom. Whoever avoids him will receive his judgment, which says, "Get away from me! I have nothing to do with you!

Jehovah's Witness! Turn around and entrust yourself to faith in Jesus. If you let Jesus into your heart as the Supreme, you will know the truth and marvel at the wonderful grace with which He blesses us. Leave Babylon, do not trust in human theories. Trust only in Jesus!


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