Name Jehovah naturalized

The Watchtower Society says that the name Jehovah has become established. The Watchtower Society claims to know true worship and uses a naturalized name for its true worship. It is a god name arbitrarily invented by Catholic monks in the 13th century. It is the arbitrary vocalization of the tetragram, of which no one knows how it is really pronounced.

The allegedly true worship of the Watchtower Society is directly and irrevocably paired with a sarcastic-looking lie. The lie spread by the Watchtower Society is: The name Jehovah would appear thousands of times in the original scriptures. With this lie, the Watchtower Society has actually managed to seduce millions of people to knock out the hand of Jesus and worship a man-made name.

The name Jehovah does not exist in a single biblical original script.

The name Jehovah appears for the first time in the writings of a Catholic monk. And this only in the 13th century, after the Catholic Church had for centuries fallen away from the faith in Jesus Christ and replaced it with magic and magic. These Catholic corrupt masters of lies and oppression invented the name Jehovah. – What a feat of lying that the Watchtower Society later successfully seduced millions to worship this false name! Especially since it was and is a Catholic creation and the Watchtower Society supposedly wanted to distinguish itself from the Catholic Church with this name!

The name Jehovah has become established,
arguments the faithful and sensible slave.

Just as a naughtiness, an ill-breeding, a vice, a sin can creep into a person's life, so the name Jehovah has crept into the Christian world. The Watchtower Society presents this creeping evil as a naturalized true name of God!

How audacious and crafty must someone be to set up such a far-reaching lie that the name Jehovah appears thousands of times in the original scriptures? How much support must an organization have from the dark powers to successfully maintain this lie for many decades? Yet this false statement of the faithful and circumspect slave is easily recognized by everyone as a bottomless lie. Because this name Jehovah can never be found in the original scriptures, precisely because this name Jehovah was invented by Catholics in the Middle Ages.

The Catholics, in the course of their church history, have added so much to the Bible that in general one no longer blames these imaginative godmakers when they tell of the last nonsense. One is used to the fact that some wooden figures splash blood out of their eyes, one simply accepts it when in the Eucharist the priest wants to exercise a power over God that no one can ever find in the Bible.

The lie of the Watchtower Society has developed into something that can be taken for granted – it has become naturalized.

Thus the Watchtower Society forms a natural branch of the Catholic liar octopus. Where Catholics want to flee with the overcrowding of their religion with lying bullshit, they are intercepted by the Watchtower lie appearing more sober. The Catholic Church and the Watchtower have thus successfully achieved the main goal of obstructing the way to Jesus. The sign of apostasy is written on their forehead and they forbid people to turn directly to Jesus.

Does the Jehovah lie live by itself?

The same power that made it possible for the lies of the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society to remain in people's minds for so long, this power also makes it possible for people who have once been in this lie to no longer have access to Jesus. They cannot ask like a child whether they are allowed to come to him. They are trapped in the belief that Jesus is not God, and they are trapped in the belief that man can no longer receive the Holy Spirit as he was once received by the apostles.

But in addition to the apostles, many hundreds of Christians already received the Holy Spirit in quite the same way as the apostles, so that a distinction between the anointed and the unanointed has long been refuted by the Bible. Nevertheless, these false teachings of the Watchtower Society manage to keep people away from the childlike acceptance of the Holy Spirit for the duration of their lives.

The manipulations of the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society are one thing. The real thing that is a prerequisite for the successful installation of the Jehovah lie is the power that comes when man opens himself to it. By accepting the Watchtower lies, man submits directly to the power of Satan. Without this demonic influence such a world lie would not be possible.

The phenomenon that people who have exposed themselves to the organizations of the Pope and the faithful and understanding slave can never come to Jesus again, if no miracle happens, speaks for the fact that Satan himself uses his spiritual powers to keep these people in check. His lies are too obvious to assume that people are just too stupid or too badly informed. His lies prove by their very easy transparency that there is another power behind the imprisonment of people than just this lie.

No one comes to the Father except through Jesus. If you ever want to determine the magnitude of this Jehovah problem, if you ever want to determine the lie character of all religions in the world, ask Jesus Christ. He is directly accessible to everyone. Without mediation, without provider, without fees, and around the clock.


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