The 1995 Generation

by "Unknown"

And in a contemporary way »God gave new light« he revealed something that had long been known to other communities and that even critical witnesses had announced some years earlier. This does not mean, however, that the governing body apologized even for the unjustly imposed disciplinary measures that it had imposed on the brethren, who had not represented the then »healthy doctrine« that was now wrong. No, the slave never apologizes; for he had not given false light, but his God had only now corrected the light, and these other »evil-minded« brethren had »hurried ahead of God«.

So what was the new light on the generation of Matthew 24:34?

The watchtower of 1.11.1995 radiated it. It was the evil and bad, godless people of our time, whereby time was no longer limited (as before according to Psalm 90). The Watchtower wrote:

... about those contemporaries who have gone astray and form today's »evil and adulterous generation« ... Today, when the prophecy of Jesus is finally fulfilled, the term »this generation« therefore obviously refers to those earthlings who see the sign of Christ's presence, but do not repent from their wrong ways. On the contrary, as disciples of Christ, we do not want to be distracted from the lifestyle ... »of this generation« to be formed ... but we know that the end »of this generation« of evil men will come as soon as the testimony is given to God's satisfaction, even to the most distant part of the earth ...

In order for the new interpretation to be memorized, the Watchtower of 15.12.1995 brought another repetition:

To whom does the expression »this generation« from Matthew 24:34-39 refer in the final fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy? Jesus obviously referred to those earthlings who see the sign of Christ's presence but do not repent from their wrong ways.

Here no misunderstanding is possible and also the Watchtower of 15.02.2008 alludes to this interpretation on page 23, paragraph 10, when it speaks of »earlier once«. As was explained at that time – just 12 years ago – the new light was »obvious« to be understood according to the new interpretation at that time (experience shows that you have to look particularly closely when the Watchtower Society operates with expressions such as obvious or similar, because if something is really obvious, you don't have to say that first).

And indeed, today, just 12 years later, comes a new interpretation.

The light emitter from 1995 had (obviously) pressed the wrong light switch. Now the Watchtower explains on pages 23 to 25 that the generation discussed must be understood differently. This now different interpretation is not obvious, but »undoubtedly« (which often deserves doubt).

What is the – new – interpretation based on?

The Watchtower declares in paragraph 12 that it is based on a detailed consideration of the context! Therefore I ask myself: Shouldn't every biblical interpretation happen only after a detailed and thorough consideration of the context? Did one in 1995 and also before present interpretations without thorough consideration of the context and then demand of millions of people to believe and represent these interpretations published without thorough consideration, and this even under the threat of disciplinary measures?

Has one »sludged« to put it mildly – agreed the interpretations at a beer evening in a cheerful round? Let no one feel hurt; the conclusions of the words of the Watchtower itself reveal an extraordinary indifference in the treatment of the Bible and its texts. According to paragraph 15 of the Watchtower, now the so-called »anointed« witnesses as class form this generation, which would not pass away, and one restricted the term in the footnote to the anointed since 1914, because to count them among them from the year 33 would nevertheless strain the generation term too much.

But the oppressive problem of time has been solved, because since according to the Watchtower of 1.5.2007 the access to the Anointed was reopened (reader's question), there will probably always be some who take bread and wine from the symbols and thus declare themselves to be anointed.

Thus the end of the generation is also open to the rear.

This fact is truly »undoubtedly«. And if you look closely, there is again no contextual basis for this new interpretation; Jesus did not mean the disciples and their kind, just because He discussed the signs of the end with them, as little as He meant them when He said that those people would behave like those in the days of Noah. Truly, an acrobatic, even artistic interpretation of the Bible.

Three interpretations in just 15 years

When I think how much the old brothers and sisters hoped for their survival on the basis of the interpretation of the generation – many are now different, but some have still recognized the true originators of such deceptions – then this misinterpretation, without thorough examination of the context, has brought infinite suffering, sorrow and pain and led to many depressions; but that cannot shake a slave.

Within 15 years three different interpretations, but not only that: The interpretations are as different as they could hardly be more different. And everything has been truth to be believed. The Governing Body with its changes of doctrine is really record-breaking. An overview of the interpretation of Matthew 24:34 would look like this:

  • Decades until 1995: the 1914 living generation (wrong since 1995)
  • 1995 to 2008: the evil and godless people (wrong since 2008)
  • 2008 to ****: the anointed ones of the Lord from 1914 (since **** wrong – please insert date, it will definitely come)

In view of such facts, can anyone still speak of a conscientious, responsible and serious interpretation of the Bible? No wonder that the watchtowers published on the 15th of each month are no longer intended for the public. But the witnesses can be expected to do anything! What comes from the slave is accepted. There they can be turned like the wasp in the web of the small spider!


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