A look into the book of revelations

When I visited my friend, Jehovah's Witness, I saw the book of revelations in large print. I opened it about in the middle and read a short paragraph that made me speechless. Of course I tried to explain to my girlfriend what blatant nonsense was written in this little paragraph alone. But in good old Witness Jehovah's manner she immediately switched her brain to pull through, so that I had only a very small chance to end up with her with my concerns.

It is a mystery to me which technique the Watchtower Society uses to persuade its people to believe the obvious nonsense of the faithful and intelligent slave and not to listen to any reservations about it at all. The good Jehovah's Witness behaves like a being from another star and closes himself off to all legitimate concerns and objections that contain the strange omissions of the Brooklyn Newspaper Society. Perhaps it is an equivalent of the vow of silence used in other unbiblical religions. Perhaps it is an analogy to sexual abstinence that monks and priests impose on themselves until they abuse children or otherwise become conspicuous.

In any case, it is an unnatural process, a deviant behaviour, which produces a certain basic certainty of one's own pure conservation. Like a child who can claim never to have lied or stolen, Jehovah's Witness reserves for himself a certain correctness in behavior with this behavior, which he can always uphold against the biblical statement of the sinfulness of all human beings.

As if Paul had written everything in vain, indicating that all men have failed before God! Just as the Catholic Church with its magical Eucharistic action conveys to people the idea that one can erase one's sins from God by practical rites, so religions such as the Watchtower Society distract from the fact that it is God Himself who does not ascribe sins because of faith in Jesus Christ by sticking rigidly to certain patterns of behavior demanded by others.

The one who has not found faith in Jesus finds comfort in these substitute rites and a pseudo forgiveness of sins that distracts him from the real forgiveness of sins. Instead of going to Jesus and trustingly asking him, rules of conduct are invented and observed for better or for worse that de facto replace the forgiveness of sins by Jesus Christ. This is the most perfect way to keep people away from Jesus and eternal life. In all the broken religions of this world we find the mechanism which, in the firm attachment to certain rites, fuels man's imagination that he is not so dependent on the forgiveness of Jesus.

The nonsense from the book of revelations

As John contemplates this strong angel, he is distracted by himself: "And he [the angel] cried with a loud voice, as if a lion were roaring. And when he cried, the seven thunders raised their own voices" (Revelation 10:3). This loud cry certainly attracts John's attention and is for him the confirmation that Jesus really is 'the lion of the tribe of Judah' (Revelation 5:5).
Book of Revelations, large print edition, page 393

So John looks at this angel thoughtfully. Nobody knows where the Watchtower Society gets this funny thought from. How can anyone think that a John who has such a vision, like the one who wrote Revelation, could fall into thoughtfulness in view of the events taking place there! Surely someone can fall into a state of reflection in a boring film or in an empty lecture. But in such an exciting situation as that of John, it cannot be.

What is Johannes thinking about? Does he look at the angel's knees? Does he wonder thoughtfully at the muscles of this strong angel? Does John think about this angel's washboard belly or about his clothes?

And – oh miracle! John, who contemplates this angel thoughtfully, is torn from his spiritual absence by this angel himself. Although John is thoughtfully attentive, he is torn from a spiritual absence, just his thoughtfulness. And this also by the object of his attention itself. This is about as brain-burning as if one wanted to change from the train to Frankfurt to the train to Frankfurt. That's about as wrong as buying a new car and making yourself an offer to sell and then saying to yourself: Okay. That's what I do! The car is bought!

The Watchtower writers' whispering is so hollow that it puts the faithfulness of Jehovah's Witnesses to the acid test at times like these, as they have to swallow such bullshit without thinking about it. One reads this and leafs on. The thinking is switched off and the witness only swallows what he can swallow.

The next nonsense is in the sentence fragment: "This loud cry quite certainly attracts John's attention". As if John were drugged or distracted from television, the faithful and circumspect slave here implies that John's attention must first be drawn to the angel. And this after it has already been mentioned that John would look at the angel thoughtfully. What spiritual slime is spread here! The faithful and understanding slave only writes for the sake of writing and can even be sure that his believers do not recognize one word as the sheer nonsense it is.

Next comes the climax of the slime spray, an outpouring of the complete fogging of the human mind: "This loud cry ... is for him the confirmation that Jesus is really 'the lion of the tribe of Judah'. Here the Watchtower Society manages to introduce the thesis that knowledge comes through volume. The volume becomes here after the Insight of this writer club from Brooklyn a parameter of knowledge! Johannes, who probably had the greatest and most violent vision a person could ever have, allegedly learns something through volume here.

How must Jehovah's Witnesses have been hollowed out by the Watchtower Society to swallow such blatant nonsense? They only swallow this nonsense. They cannot comprehend all this, otherwise they would have to cry out in disgust at the inconsistencies of the respective text!

The faithful and understanding slave has his Jehovah's Witnesses firmly under control by brainwashing. This devilish festival artist has already been granted public corporation status in the state of Berlin. To what extent will the lowliness of thought still prevail when parts of the German judiciary have already been lulled in by these brain-deancers?

Dear judges! I'm sure you've been badly advised. – The Jehovah's Witnesses are just as betrayed and sold.


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