A Potemkin village

by "Unknown"

And yet this whole »slave«, in front of whom the witnesses stand in homage, for whom they pray, whom they always lead in their mouths and to whom they almost blindly obey, whatever he says and whenever he says something, is a Potemkin village built up for them. Yes, I would like to say that the Russian Prince Potemkin was an orphan boy against the ability of this organization to show the witnesses things that are not there.

Prince Potemkin had only fooled his tsarina into thinking that the material prosperity of the tsarist empire did not exist through the silhouettes of large villages. The organization, however, makes the witnesses dependent on their attitude to slavery in their hopes of resurrection and life. Their understanding of the Bible is determined by the slave. Their behaviour towards their fellow human beings is regulated by the slave etc. etc. Yes, their whole life is determined by slaves. They are led to believe that everything depends on their relationship to the slave, and yet in the end the slave himself is only a fiction. – Why?

New light is being negotiated

Let us assume that the slave mentioned by Jesus is made up collectively of about 8000 anointed Jehovah's Witnesses (which is not the case, but is supposed to be an assumption here) and that he is in charge of the earthly interests of Jesus, so every witness knows that these 8000 persons, apart from a few, perhaps a good dozen, have nothing to do with the leadership of this work.

One hears then also always immediately this objection: "The slave class is represented by the leading corporation!". But in the private sphere no witness would let himself be represented by someone he had not expressly commissioned. What about the slave? Has the slave class ever commissioned, appointed or authorised the members of the governing body to represent them in any way? And if new members enter the governing body because death has torn gaps there, are they then determined by the totality of the Anointed?

Both questions must be answered in the negative. The leading body does not have its power of representation from the collective slave; the slave class does not have to determine or to lead, it has nothing to report as a class, just as little as the »large crowd« of the not anointed Christians (By the way: Christ means: anointed; are there anointed anointed?).

The faithful and understanding slave as the Lord's commissioned leader of his people is constantly cited, but is still less real than a Potemkin village. He is less than the bent reed of Egypt (Isaiah 36:6) – Jehovah's Witnesses rely on the slave; but they rely on a phantom instead of relying solely on God (Proverbs 3:5) and His anointed One, Christ, who alone is salvation (Acts 4:10-12).

How little reliable and trustworthy this »slave« is in his teaching and interpretation of the Bible, shows – once again – the »new light« which he received in the WT of I5. February 2008.


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