The carousel of the »generation«

by "Unkown"

When a few years ago the Catholic Church abolished some saints in its calendar of saints because their real existence was doubtful, the Watchtower Society regretted the poor Catholics, who were insecure in their faith because they no longer knew for sure what they should still believe. Such a thing, of course, cannot occur with Jehovah's Witnesses; there are no errors or mistakes that must (and must) be corrected, but changes are always praised as new light; the leadership is not to blame either, for after all it had the old light from God who »gradually« reveals the truth.

It is true that God is gradually revealing some of His intentions. Thus he first announced the Messiah as the female seed, then as Abraham's seed, as Shiloh of the tribe of Judah, as the son of David, etc. Or he first said that in Abraham all nations and families of the earth would be blessed; then he chose the people of Israel, but already the prophets announced that people from other nations would also be able to come to God one day.

This mystery of God was then revealed after Jesus' glorification, beginning with Cornelius. But whenever God gave new light to a question, the old did not go wrong; what he said before was still right; the new only clarified. Like when the morning is dawning and you see the shadow of a jug, little by little the outlines, then the form, then the colours, then the engravings, etc. But the former remains true.

If, on the other hand, the slave proclaims new light, the old light has usually been erroneous, wrong. Every witness will be able to give examples of this.

But God gave and gives no false light! Never! False light is never from the Spirit of God, and if someone then calls himself a »spirit-led organization« then he should check by which spirit he is being led. And if one recognizes such errors and mistakes, one should not excuse them with imperfection and fallibility, as long as one lets oneself be treated day after day as perfect and infallible, even disciplined critics up to the deprivation of community with all its sad consequences.

Back to the generation after Matthew 24:34, the generation that is not to pass away until all these things happen, the generation of 1914, as Jehovah's Witnesses have long proclaimed decades ago, a doctrine that was a duty of faith (there were still elders in 1990 to whom doubts came in this matter who were released from their ministries).

Some witnesses called the generation of 1914 – behind closed doors – the rubber generation.

In the opening credits of every issue of Erwachet magazine, it was stated that God had promised to bring about all the events announced, including Armageddon, during the lifetime of the generation of 1914. The first people to be mentioned were those who could still remember the events of 1914 with understanding.

When the years went by and time became scarce – because a generation was calculated according to Psalm 90:10 to last a maximum of 70 – 80 years – it was thought that the generation comprised those people who could still remember the time of 1914, albeit not with understanding.

But again time was short and it was decided to see in the generation the people who were born in 1914 and who would still exist as a generation if everything had happened. But 1994/95 was also no longer a flower pot to win. One was in a tight spot, and one had only just overcome the bankruptcy of 1975.

Something had to be done.


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