Serious questions to Jehovah's Witnesses

Why does the Watchtower Society propagate the annihilation of Christianity, but not the annihilation of Islam?

Jehovah's Witnesses know the word godliness very well. Islam means devotion to God. Islam is the devotion to God.

Where piety is written in the Bible, the Watchtower Society writes in the New World translation God devotion. But this word does not even exist in the original texts of the Bible.

The publications of Jehovah's Witnesses use the word "devotion to God" very often.

Why is the Watchtower Society fighting exclusively against Christians? Why do the publications of the Watchtower Society often depict people from biblical times with turban?

Is there a difference for Jehovah's Witnesses between Jehovah "God" and Allah? Both Allah and Jehovah were installed long after Jesus. Both reject the divinity of Jesus. Both propagate a performance religion. Both do not promise salvation, but only speak of a can-do solution. There is no guaranteed salvation with Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims.

Question to Jehovah's Witnesses: Why are you so Muslim and why is Christianity the target of all your anger and not Islam?


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