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BILD reports

At some point, I stopped trying to talk her into it. I would have loved to hang the blood directly on her drip! I tried to persuade them, saying again and again: You get my blood! But she refused. I am not a Jehovah's Witness. We often discussed blood transfusions at home. I am a nurse, for me blood is a medicine like antibiotics. That's why I never understood why Marina considered a donation a sin. My wife was the best person I ever knew, loving and helpful, never talking badly about other people. She had made the decision to live a righteous life before God. That is why at some point I stopped talking to her, accepting her will, respecting her.

I didn't want to disappoint her by doing something she didn't want. Especially not because she could not have resisted. What is bad for me is that I am now publicly attacked. That is why I described my point of view in an Internet forum. My wife is dead, the house is terribly empty. We wanted another child, to grow old together. My life lies in ruins, but I must try to function. For our daughter. She is all I have left.

Widower Andre J.


BILD reports

A little girl mourns her mother. Marina J. (29) from Wetzlar in Hesse died because she refused a rescuing blood transfusion at the hospital. She had an open, friendly laugh. Why did the mother want to die rather than stay with her daughter on earth? Marina was a member of Jehovah's Witnesses – the faith community considers blood sharing a sin. In BILD her husband, her mother and the head of the clinic, who had to witness her dying helplessly, speak.

It is the night of 5 July 2008. Marina J. is located in a hospital in Lich (Hesse). In the fourth month, the 29-year-old housewife lost her second child. She has been bleeding for hours. The doctors decide to give her a transfusion, but Marina J. refuses. She has a living will: No blood donation! Nothing can change Jehovah's Witness's conviction that this would be a sin.

The certainty that her six-year-old daughter Nadja will have to grow up without a mother, that her husband Andrej (31) will become a widower, does not change Marina J.'s mind either. She is faithful to her faith until death. Early Saturday morning at 4:04 a.m. Marina J. leaves life – and her life. What remains is a little girl standing in front of her dead mother's urn with folded hands and silently asking: "Mama, why"?


What is the biblical background?
Is there really such a thing as a blood ban?

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ... you have heard that it is said: Thou shalt not ... But I say to you ...

The appearance of Jesus was alien to the Jews and is still alien to most people today and Jesus is particularly alien to Jehovah's Witnesses. According to him, Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. In the tradition of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) Jesus appears as a terrible tightener of the law. His demands are so tough that we all recognize them immediately: Oh man, I can never fulfill that. This Jesus, who, for example, shifts adultery away from the traditional law of the deed into our heads, approaches us with statements that must make us all shudder. His guidelines are so oversized and pure that we quickly realize: I am not really one of those who could meet these demands.

How much more must Jesus' words be salvation for us when he says: It is not that which enters the body that makes us unclean, but that which emanates from us.

Matthew 5, 11 Not what goes into the mouth pollutes the person, but what goes out of the mouth pollutes the person.

This Jesus, who on the one hand approaches us with highly unfulfillable demands, completely redeems us from every Jewish traditional commandment of food selection. Suddenly everything we can eat is pure. Paul says the same thing in one place: Everything is pure to the pure. According to Jesus and Paul, there are no prohibitions for Christians concerning substances that could get into our bodies.

But this applies only to those who take Jesus seriously. Anyone who does not classify Jesus' words as the words of the Most High (after all, Jesus says: "But I say to you ...) can suck out just about anything from the Bible and sell it as a law according to which it is right in his mind. What remains to be said, however, is that Jesus cleared these things up.

Jesus becomes even more concrete!

The Watchtower Society very often and gladly speaks of the "deep things of Jehovah". You have to get to know them, internalize them, study them. Jesus speaks in Revelation 2 to the church in Thyatira:

Revelation 2:24 But I say to you, the rest of Thyatira, to all those who do not have this teaching, who have not recognized the depths of Satan, as they call it: I don't throw any other burden on you.

The term "the deep things of Satan" occurs only once in the entire Bible. These deep things of Satan are connected with a special teaching that was well received in the church in Thyatira. People who accepted this special teaching are called people by Jesus "who commit adultery with it" (Revelation 2:22).

The teachings of the Watchtower Society, which denies Christ as God and upholds the laws, which only arose because of a sexual bad of its founder Charles T. Russell, this teaching, which provokes Human Sacrifice and propagates a biblically not justifiable abstinence from politics, this teaching of the Watchtower Society is closely connected with the deep things of Jehovah. The special God, who categorically forbids people to have a direct line to Jesus, must be Satan. So the correspondence (the deep things of Satans/Jehovah) between the words of Jesus in Revelation 2 and the special religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses is closer than the leading body admits to the people.

The believers of Thyatira who did not devote themselves to this special doctrine are not provided with any further instructions. Jesus says simply and clearly: I do not cast any other burden upon you. But hold on to what you have until I come! From this we can see once again that Christians in Jesus are completely liberated from rites, rules, human laws, traditions and much more. A Christian is free.

But those who are in this special doctrine will continue to groan under the burdens of their own rules according to their own desires. The mother of the special doctrine, Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and teaches and seduces my servants to commit fornication and eat idol sacrifices, will continue to impose burdens on people that have nothing to do with the Bible. "Fornicating" corresponds in the Watchtower Society: To follow Jehovah the opposite God. "Eating idol sacrifices" corresponds in the Watchtower Society: Believing in the salvific power of preaching and obeying the many special laws. The refusal of a blood transfusion is in this way the pure idol meal. One gives one's consciousness the comfort of being closer to God through such measures. But one consistently ignores that one can only come closer to God through Jesus.

Argumentation of the Watchtower Society

The argumentation of the Watchtower Society is tied to a biblical passage in Acts of the Apostles, where the congregation holds a debate about whether or not circumcision should be ordered to Jesus believers from among the gentiles. Within this debate, after the testimony of Paul and Barnabas about the miracles and signs among the Gentiles and that God had given them the Holy Spirit, silence occurred. This silence is interrupted by James. This James says: "Therefore I judge ..." (in the Jewish New Testament of David H. Stern it is translated even more clearly) "Therefore my opinion is that ..."! So the debate culminates in the testimony of Paul and Barnabas and is ended by the opinion of James. So the judgement of a Jewish Christian leads to the fact that the rules of thumb are transmitted to the Gentile Christians, which today lead to the fact that the tacticians of Jehovah make a gigantic theater around the blood.

Not the words of Jesus play a role for the Watchtower Society in the blood question, not the words of the Holy Spirit and not the words of the Father play a role for the Watchtower Society in the blood question, but of all things the opinion of a Jewish Christian who merely proposed a compromise! As dear and dear as James may have been to the congregation, he only expressed his personal opinion! And these human words, which are no more and no less than a compromise in a debate, these opinion, a judgement of a human being, who was even so honest as to describe it really and explicitly as his own judgement, these human opinion abuses today the Watchtower Society to bring people to early death, to destroy families, to turn children into orphans, to turn women into widows and men into widowers. What a world organization it must be to put the opinion of a human being above the words of Jesus!


The shudder that comes to the reader when he reads reports that once again someone has consciously bled to death, that a young person, a child, a wife, a father, a mother, a husband has left life far too early, because the deep things of Jehovah (the Watchtower also likes to speak of Jehovah's intentions) exerted the compulsion to do so – this shudder corresponds perfectly to the situation and is more than appropriate. It is the shudder that people feel when the devil himself has fun jumping someone over the blade. It is the shudder that befalls us when the superiority of a special religion pleasurably destroys people. Whether it is documentary programmes about the Human Sacrifice of the Majas or reports about the Human Sacrifice among Jehovah's Witnesses – the shudder shakes us. God does not want such a thing! Only Satan enjoys it.

The Watchtower Society absolutely abuses and misinterprets the Bible. The summit of the open hatred of man in this society is the legislation on blood. The swift annihilation of Jehovah's Witnesses in false faith is the highest and most beautiful goal of the Watchtower Society and thus fully corresponds to its Lord.

The inner lust of the Jehovah's Witnesses' teaching of the rapid demise of human beings (imminent annihilation of all evil), for example, also manifests itself very vividly in Jehovah's suicide forums, in which a Wolfgang M. specifically argues for killing himself quickly and painlessly, especially as a Jehovah's Witness.

If there should be people who take their hats off to the self-destruction orgies of Jehovah's Witnesses, tell them: You are complicit!

Romans 14:14 I know and am certain in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; only for him who considers it unclean is it unclean.


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