"An old book" cured her

Wonder healing through Watchtower literature

Erwachet December 2008, back: "An old book" cured her – A Jehovah's Witness who was travelling from house to house in Brazil (South America) came into conversation with a woman. The woman told that her mother-in-law had been healed by a book. ... My book with biblical stories ... Her mother-in-law had suffered from depression and was so terribly afraid of death and darkness that she was lying in bed. The grandson ... read ... out of it. What she heard gave her so much strength that she got rid of her depressions and fears. ...

This book advertisement is adorned with a picture of a five-year-old reading to her grandmother.

Watchtower Book Heals the Sick

  • Wonder healing through Watchtower literature
  • Aerneal forces through Watchtower texts
  • No water from Lourde, but text from Brooklyn
  • Not the crucifix, but Watchtower literature
  • Magic effect of the Watchtower Society
  • Slave makes miracles happen through his writings
  • Watchtower book stronger than the miraculous Marien Medal
  • Despite demon images healing WT texts
  • Effect miracles with wrong Bible interpretation
  • Watchtower Society miraculously heals people
  • Watchtower Society proves supernatural power
  • Conducting corporate body miraculously successful
  • Jehovah's Witnesses experience the power of slavery

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

aren't your ears ringing, Jehovah's Witnesses? Will this Catholic blasphemy not make you sick? Do you now assume that demonic scriptures heal? Don't you care who works there, as long as it works? Do you not notice that the Watchtower Society is the appendix of the Catholic Church? Are you starting to worship relics now? Are you sure that your literature, which is full of demons, performs miracles? Weren't you the ones who postulated true worship for yourselves? Did you not want to be an antagonism of false worship? And now you believe that WTS books can work miracles?


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