Serious questions to Jehovah's Witnesses

Witnesses of Jesus

Watchtower doctrine: Future criminal courts. Apart from prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Bible clearly mentions a number of future court days in which punishment is to be carried out. Revelation refers to a time when "Babylon the Great" is completely burned with fire. This judicial punishment will come upon her because she has committed fornication with the nations and because she is drunk with the blood of the Witnesses of Jesus (Rev 17:1-6; 18:8, 20; 19:1, 2).

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

How does it feel when the Witnesses of Jesus are mentioned in the Bible and Jehovah's Witnesses are empty? I am a witness of Jesus. I am a witness of Jesus because Jesus is God and I bear witness to Him.

I don't understand how you can be in your Jehovah's mill like a hamster in a hamster wheel, imagining that you need to build up a good standing before Jehovah. And you don't realize that Jesus has long since won the victory for us. Jesus is the victor and he is the Creator God who showed himself to us as a human being. To be a witness to Jesus is easy and does not bother. A witness of Jesus is driven from within – by the Holy Spirit. You Jehovah's Witnesses are driven from outside – by the Watchtower rules.

Now if you read the true reason for the announced judgment of God (blood of the Witnesses of Jesus), isn't that a bad slap in the face for you? You are anti-witnesses to Jesus. You claim that Jesus is only a creature like you and me. How can you worship God through Jesus if you do not even pray to Jesus? Do you go through closed doors more often?


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