Serious questions to Jehovah's Witnesses

Court day

Watchtower doctrine: Jesus Christ and his apostles spoke of a future "court day" in which not only the living, but also those already dead are to be judged.

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

that statement is true. It is taken directly from the Bible. – But if the living and the dead are to be judged at a common date, how can this be in harmony with your thesis that man would go from physical death to absolute non-existence? You claim that man has no soul, and that your Jehovah would recreate the dead from his memory to bring about the resurrection of the dead. From this it must be concluded that the evil as well as the good dead must be recreated for judgment. What kind of God is this who recreates all these scoundrels and criminals from nothing and then judges them?

So when the criminals and villains have finally gone to nothing, does your Jehovah re-create the heavy boys so that he can take revenge on them? What kind of God is your Jehovah who creates something from memory and then destroys it again?

In addition, you always advertise that all evil will soon be stopped. And when it comes to resurrection, is it suddenly the other way around? Then evil will be produced anew so that it can be punished justly?


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