The lie about the star of Bethlehem

by Ernst 02

Der Watchtower 15 December 2002, page 32:

Who were the "Three Wise Men from the Orient"? ... What these men had learned led to nothing good. It aroused jealousy and anger in the evil king Herod. As a result, Joseph, Mary and Jesus had to flee to Egypt because in Bethlehem all the boys were "murdered at the age of two years and under. Herod carefully determined the time of Jesus' birth based on what he had learned from the astrologers (Matthew 2:16). Given all the serious consequences of this visit, it is reasonable to conclude that both behind the star and behind the news of the "born king of the Jews" was God's enemy, Satan, the devil who wanted to destroy Jesus (Matthew 2:1, 2).

Now I would like to quote Matthew 2:2 from the New World translation of the Holy Scriptures (Bible translation of Jehovah's Witnesses):

... and spoke: "Where is he born king of the Jews? For when we were in the East, we saw his star, and we came to worship him."

They said "his star", so God's star and not Satan's star.

And would God allow Satan to make use of the stars?

In the book "The prophecy of Isaiah – Light for all men I," chapter 30, page 410, paragraph 24, "Comfort my people," the Watchtower Society writes the following:

24 The Holy One of Israel speaks of himself here. To show that he is without equal, Jehovah draws attention to the stars. Just as a military commander can command his troops, so Jehovah commands the stars.

So how then does the Watchtower Society know that the star of Bethlehem was directed by the devil when Jehovah commands the stars?


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